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How to Send Money Anonymously to PayPal | Send Money With Paypal

PayPal is one of the best and reliable mediums to transfer money worldwide. Even you can send them to others without revealing your real identity just for the sake of generosity and kindness. Usually, people want to help others financially to support them in a hard time; that’s why they want to hide their identity.

For this purpose, PayPal is the best option for transferring money to others anonymously. The most important question is that how to send money anonymously on Paypal? For this, you need to know about the different steps before making any transaction because you may send it.

Anonymous PayPal Funds

How to Send Money Anonymously to PayPal

Using your email address, debit card, or bank account number in the PayPal account, you can transfer money by making an anonymous payment. Funds for charity are transferred anonymously at any time, and the recipient will not recognize them. Whenever he logs in to his account, he will get the mail of your payment.

The only information about the sender they have is the email address through which this transaction is done. They cannot find any other information related to you except your email address of no worth.

How to Send Money Anonymously to PayPal?

How to Send Money Anonymously to PayPal
  • The most important question is how to send money on PayPal anonymously? For this, you need to know about the different steps before making any transaction because you may send it. So to send money anonymously, you have to follow the following steps,
  • First of all, open the PayPal website and make an account on it by entering your name, email address, home address, and password, which you should keep in mind.
  • After the signup process, upgrade your account by adding a pen name to hide your real name.
  • Then click on send money, where you have to enter your email. This option is located at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the receiver’s email address to whom you want to send the money.
  • The site also wants to know the purpose of payment and why you want to send it.
  • Submit the form and click on transfer; the recipient will receive a mail about the transaction you made shortly. 
  • To make the transaction from one account to another, the recipient must have a PayPal account to make it successful. You can transfer money from a PayPal account to those who also have an account on it; otherwise, your transaction will not be processed.

Anonymous Transactions

In the online payment methods, anonymous payment is likely to be preferable as it is more reliable and is not that revealing; it will hide your identity. According to the U.S Census Bureau, in 2019, Americans have spent approximately $137.7 billion in these transactions. It was known to be the most significant amount they spent in the last decade. Just like these, many people like to pay anonymously. 

Will It Keep You 100% Anonymous?

Yes, they will keep you 100% anonymous as it is the more reliable and authentic site with lots of users. The security level and privacy of PayPal are too much trustworthy to fulfill all of your requirements and needs by hiding your individuality and showing the basic information to the receiver that is of no use.

But there is only one way to reveal your identity is the PIN you use to log in to your account, or he/she has access to your device. If someone has access to your device, then he may reveal your identity to the receiver by checking your account and transferring money to him on his own.

Is It Free?

Yes, the transaction you make from or to your bank account or PayPal account is free of charges there are no extra charges applied to this transaction. But on the other hand, if you want to make a transaction from your debit card or credit card, then you will have to pay 2.9% as a fee.

With this fee, 30 cents are more charged and to avoid this fee, you’ll have to shift these funds to your PayPal account first and then send them to the receiver; it will be free of charge.

PayPal App

How to Send Money Anonymously to PayPal

PayPal mobile app is easier to use with simple functions and easily accessible. PayPal app has more options and is easy to understand; through this app, you can shop from the online grocery stores and other stores by paying PayPal app anonymously.

Through PayPal, you can send $10,000 individually, and it also has 25 different currencies means you can send money to different countries in their currency. But the only drawback is the fee they deduct on the transaction from the debit card. 

PayPal Benefits

PayPal Benefits
  • The PayPal transaction has many benefits as PayPal is faster to pay online. You can pay for an online store; millions of stores in the U.S allow PayPal payments. You can sign up for free on the PayPal app. There are certain benefits of PayPal;
  • PayPal allows money transactions without any hassle of converting the currency.
  • In addition to the one-time purchase, PayPal is the faster way to pay bills and other subscriptions.
  • When you are using PayPal for making transactions, paying bills, or buying anything, all your credentials will be secure.
  • Through the checkout option from PayPal, you can make fast payments and not need to log in and write everything repeatedly.
  • The best function of PayPal is to send and receive money to family and friends within the U.S.
  • Presently the most significant industry that PayPal benefits from is the Freelancing department. The apps like FIVER, UPWORK, and any freelancing site use PayPal to make transactions. The client also trusts PayPal to send money. PayPal does not deduct any fees, and it is free to use.

Services of PayPal

The services of PayPal include;

  • PayPal Cashback Mastercard
  • PayPal Cash Card
  • PayPal Extras Mastercard
  • eBay Mastercard
  • Pay With the Rewards
  • Pay With Key
  • Mobile App
  • Business Debit Card of PayPal
  • Smart Connection of PayPal
  • PayPal pools
  • PayPal Shipping

How to Send Money Anonymously to PayPal: FAQs

Can you send money on PayPal anonymously?

Yes, you can send money easily on PayPal anonymously without letting anyone know who you are. When you transfer money through PayPal, your email address will not be shown to the receiver. Instead, the email will only show you how to sign in and that you have an account.

How do I hide my name when sending money on PayPal?

If you have entered your pen name as your business name, it will be used to hide the real name when sending money on PayPal to others. If you have not entered your pen name, then it will be used to hide the real name when sending money on PayPal to others. But you have to enter your real name too, only for requirements; the receiver will not see your name.

Does PayPal show your name when you send money?

When you send money on PayPal anonymously, your name will not appear; only your business name will appear, but your registered name will appear when you send cash in the normal method.

How do I not show my name on PayPal?

If you want to hide your name on PayPal, not to see it, you have to upgrade your account to a business level. In this, only your business name will appear in the sender’s account activity, and your real name will not appear at all. 

Can I use a fake name on PayPal?

Yes, you can make an ID with a fake name; with this ID, you can’t send money to others because you have to verify your account before sending or receiving money that will reveal your real identity. But the PayPal will not reveal your identity until you want to verify the account.

Can I use a nickname on PayPal?

You can use your nickname on PayPal. For this, you have to open the setting page where your real name is shown. You will see your real name in the setting, then ask PayPal to change your name, after which you can add your nickname by changing it from the previous name.

Can you use a fake name on PayPal?

You can use the fake name, but it will not allow you to make a transaction as for this purpose, you have to connect your account with your bank account to verify your identity and account. 


Hence you can make transactions via PayPal anonymously without letting the receiver know about you. This is the best way for charity and helps the needy who need money. Without letting them know about you is the best way to help others as it is a way of prosperity and help them. So, you can use PayPal as a medium to make a transaction by keeping your identity secret and helping the needy in a most generous way that everyone loves. You can send money easily on PayPal anonymously without letting anyone know who you are. You have to sign in to your account on PayPal with your email ID and send money to your friends and family. The email you use will not be shown to the receiver when you’ll transfer money anonymously.