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Let us face it, the keyboard is an integral device in computer systems, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use it efficiently. Most of the time, the mistakes made in typing are because of a lack of understanding of the keyboard. It is like the keyboard controls you, not the other way around. In our fast lives, no one has the time to keep repeating mistakes or using uncomfortable devices. Here we present to you five effective keyboard hacks that we have gathered using the Mediacom Internet that will keep you from making mistakes and take control of your work. Here is the guide on 5 keyboard tips to make life easier.

5 Keyboard Tips to Make Life Easier

Trick 1: Befriend your keyboard

It does not matter how many years you have been sitting in front of the laptop, clicking keyboard keys. There will be many keyboard hacks that are yet to be known to you. Take some time out and get to know your keyboard. This will save you the time and energy you put into correcting your mistakes.

Trick 2: Shortcut your way into the keyboard

There are a huge number of keyboard shortcuts that will cut your work time nearly in half. That is the reason they are called, well, shortcuts. Apart from the usually used shortcuts such as CTRL+C and CTRL+V, many others can be useful to you. Using keyboard shortcuts is more efficient than using the mouse for the same things, especially if your work routine includes lots of typing. 

Save your work after every other sentence simply by saving CTRL+S and avoid the risk of losing data due to a sudden malfunction. CTRL+Z is a lifesaver with the undo function, and CTRL+D will save the webpage you are on as a bookmark. Aren’t these shortcuts time-saving? Learn more about these and make your life easier. 

Trick 3: Customize your keyboard 

The market today is full of keyboards that can be customized your way. You may think, why should I go for a customizable keyboard? Well, here is why. In a customizable keyboard, the following things can be changed according to your need: stabilizers, PCB, switches, frame, and plate. For aesthetics, you can change the design of your keyboard because you don’t want to work for hours on the same boring laptop. Therefore, this is your chance to build yourself the best possible keyboard that suits your needs.

Trick 4: Do some research to find a comfortable keyboard

You work better if the tools are comfortable and do not create lags and issues. After all, you do not want to bother yourself with a device when your job gives you enough headaches. Also, using a good keyboard will save you from sore wrists and fingers, even the elbow. This becomes even more important when your job involves sitting in front of a laptop for hours. Invest some time in finding the right keyboard, and you will save yourself from wasting time on avoidable problems.

The best place to position your keyboard is at elbow level. Also, ensure that your laptop has soft keys, so you do not have to push your fingers more than necessary. Another trick to help you avoid hand/arm pain is to type with your fingers and wrist floating over the keys and not resting on them. This way, you can use your arm to reach for distant keys. Trust us. Your fingers will thank you for this. 

Trick 5: keep your keyboard clean

We know eating while watching a movie or saving time by eating while working on the laptop may be tempting, but this can be problematic. The biggest mishap that can happen is that your drink may spill and flood the laptop with a danger of permanent sort of damage. If there are crumbs within your keys, remove them with your fingers or gently turn them over and tap them out. For clean keys, cotton swabs can be used as well. We suggest you not take the keys out to wash them as all keyboards aren’t designed this way. 


A great number of jobs today include working for hours on the computer in which the most used device is the keyboard. Correctly using the right keyboard will save you time and energy. This will improve your work performance, and your fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders will thank you. We hope you learned some useful keyboard tricks that will help you ease your work.

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