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It’s startling to learn that you may post or get a paycheck and redeem it even though it’s not in your title, if you’re being paid for your activities or establishing split payments. So, since the sum is almost the same, why go through the intricacies of posting the check and taking the money? The question arises here: is it legal to cash a business check, not in your name or another person.

Therefore, you can cash a check not in your name but to someone else if the third party makes a signature on it by the certification in full. 

So if you want to know the details of how to cash a business check, not in your name, keep on reading the article.

What is a Business Check?

What is a Business Check

A corporate check is one that may be written against a commercial bank account, meaning that it is based on the firm’s profits instead of the individual’s personal funds. A commercial check, for example, is one that you get from your employer rather than a straight bank transfer into your checking account.

Requirement of a Business Check

Requirement of a Business Check

A business check should have the signature of a person who owns the account and can draw the funds from it and the endorsement by the individual, company, or organization depositing the check. Moreover, the checks must have the issuing banks’ names and contain MICR information on the bottom of the check.

General rules for redeeming checks

The general rule to cashing a business check is that you can only cash a review when it is in your name, as it is impossible to cash a check if it is in someone else name without involving them. The reason is that the bank doesn’t just do the verification that there should be the correct name on the face of the check and accurate proof of your identity. 

To cash a check in your spouse’s name

This rule applies when the check is in your spouse’s name and you also have a joint account. The joint bank account needs the signature of both persons to go through all necessary transactions. The bank will accept it when cashing a check needs the endorsement of the check.

When you have separate bank accounts to cash checks, it won’t be easy to cash a statement in your husband or wife’s name.  

Cash a check on your business name

If your check is in your business name, then you can cash a check independently that depends on the ownership of your check. If the business is of sole proprietorship type, you can quickly cash a check on your business name without the interference of any other person. But if it is limited liability, partnership, or corporation, you will need the signatures before checking.

When the check made to another person’s name endorsed to you

Whether you are paying the principal balance or outstanding balance, you will have some money that involves the payment for check deposits into your checking account. So it is the only alternative you can cash a check that is not in your name, as it depends on the endorsement type, and you can cash a check without that person’s involvement.

There are three types of endorsement

  • A bank endorsement
  • A restrictive endorsement
  • A certification in full

The kind of endorsing that permits you to cash a check that isn’t written in your names.

If the check is not in your name, you can only redeem a statement you make the endorsing fully or a bank endorsement. You cannot cash a check with a restrained endorsement because you can only deposit these checks.

If you have the bank endorsement on the check, then this check does not require the signature of your initials because this type of check does not come with the name of the payee firstly.

Working on endorsement of checks

To assist you out in understating the working of endorsement of checks, let’s look at the steps necessary for going through the process.

  • On majority checks, there is chance on the backside of the check for endorsement. At this space, you can see some free lines and “X” for the individual seeking for the acceptance and make a signature to pass the check over to you.
  • There will be a part of endorsements here; you should not sign /stamp/ endorse under this line, as the banks use the area at the backside of the check to proceed with the check working data.
  • You should not get the endorser’s signature because it may provide your institution an excuse to refuse to cash your checks when you really need it. Moreover, your bank is not liable to accept the endorsed checks.

Where to Cash a Check?

Where to Cash a Check

You can cash a check at that company’s financial institution or a person who gave you the written check. However, the credit union and banks are not liable to cash the statements from the noncustomers, but if they do this, they will charge a fee up to $8 or up to the percentage of the check amount like 1%.

Common problems in cashing the business checks

There are certain circumstances in which you cannot cash a business check without having a bank account. To solve this problem, the best way is to open a business bank account, and the alternative methods are:

  • You have to ask the customer for a credit card number.
  • Wire transfer is acceptable, but this will be expensive for the customer.
  • Request the customer to write a new check with your bank account.
  • Search for the check cashing service option that does not need the bank account. 

Cashing checks is an essential issue for customers and businesses. Nowadays, online payments are famous, but people do not trust this way of option mostly. So due to this reason opening a business bank account can quickly solve this problem. However, few of business owners like to operate without the involvement of banks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I cash a business check made out to me? 

Only the business owner can cash a check made out to your business. If your company has an official name, you should add a running business to your business checking account. In this, you can cash checks made out to your company and in your name. 

Can I deposit a check made out to my LLC in my account?

You may lodge a check made out to yourself into a corporation checking account by signing the reverse of the check and then writing a complete authorization in which you put pay in the ordering of and the identity of your company. Following that, you’ll add business-standard certification.

Can I cash a business check made out to me personally?

Most banks do not allow deposits made out to a personal account and restrictions on checking to cash. It is impossible for tellers and bank staff to quickly and accurately determine if the business is running as a sole proprietorship.

How can I cash a check that is not in my name?

Banks allow you to cash or deposit a personal check for someone else. You should check with the person who is depositing the check if their bank will accept a statement signing over; if the case is so, make a signature of your name on the back of your review.

Can you cash a check with the wrong business name?

In most cases, you may lodge a check with an incorrect company name as provided as you can show that you will be the intended beneficiary. This implies that checks may still be deposited with slightly misspelled words, aliases, old middle names, and updated last titles.

Can I cash a check made out to my business at Walmart?

Most Walmart stores provide services for check cashing. Businesses can present their checks to the service desk or money center, although check cashing is not available in every state. In the majority of cases, Walmart does not allow cash checks for amounts greater than $5,000.

What bank has the best business account?

Chase business complete checking is best for rewards; Brick and Mortar bank has the best business accounts.  


To sum up this essay, the only method to cash a company check written in somebody else’s names to make out to others is for that individual to sign the bill over to yourself.

This is only possible through the endorsement in full or a bank endorsement, but getting the payment by check is not easy. If the third party also owns a checking account, it will be an easy process if they can do it and put your name over it. 

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