How to Sell Ad Space to Local Businesses | A Step By Step Guide


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Local businesses that want to compete and make enough sales to reach their 2021 goal will invest primarily in advertising. However, many entrepreneurs and small business owners do not have the time to research and implement a digital marketing strategy that fits their needs. Let’s break down how to sell ad space to local businesses.

That’s where a good, experienced digital marketing team comes in. That means we have a skilled team striving to take our clients’ SEO to the next level.

This can bring your local business huge revenue and growth through digital marketing. The problem is selling these services.

Some small business owners want to do the marketing themselves, while others don’t know where to start.

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There are many easy-to-use advertising products on platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook. However, the most important aspect you can do to increase your sales and revenue is to have an experienced and dedicated marketing team in place.

The best way to sell advertising to your customers is to reach them in a planned manner and understand the impact of a good advertising strategy in sales and distribution and the exponential growth of your services and products.

Don’t just try to be a salesman, and you will get there.

How to Sell Ad Space to Local Businesses

How to Sell Ad Space to Local Businesses

Small business advertisements are typically placed in the pages of newspapers, online directories, or local magazines. Depending on what type of publication they advertise in will help determine their success rate. For example, suppose an advertisement is placed in a community magazine with a high circulation number.

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In that case, chances are greater that your clients will be exposed to it and therefore become more likely to buy your product.

Many different businesses sell ad space. If you want to sell ad space for one of these companies, there are certain steps you can take towards becoming successful at your job.

First, you should learn how the company plans out its ads to understand which types of ads tend to work best with their intended audience. Next, locate prospective customers through the use of marketing and sales techniques and materials. Finally, go over the details of your business arrangement to ensure you will be compensated for your time and efforts.

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If you want to sell ad space, finding prospective customers is a crucial part of the process. The following are some marketing and sales techniques you can use:

Door-to-door selling

Ensure all materials such as brochures or other advertisements are updated at least annually, so they stay fresh in people’s minds.

Busy street signage

If you do not have much experience with door-to-door or street-level advertising, make sure you know what types of signs work best in each area. For example, certain colors may attract more attention in one area than another. Be sure to place signs where your prospective customers would be likely to see them.


The best way to find new customers is often through other people already familiar with the products or services you are selling. Don’t forget that these people should be treated well even after taking their business for themselves because it could lead to future referrals and sales.

Email blasts and newsletters

Make sure you do not blast everyone on your contact list with promotional emails, but only send out a few every month, so they do not become overwhelmed by advertisements from your company. As an alternative, consider out monthly newsletters that highlight certain deals or products.

Social media campaigns

It has become relatively easy to start a social media campaign even if you have no prior experience. Look into sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to determine which social media pages are most popular with your customers. If you do not want to go through the trouble of starting one yourself, pay someone else to do it for you. 

When you meet prospective customers, be sure that you are confident about what product or service they are buying to feel more comfortable doing business with you. Also, keep in mind that being polite is often necessary to ensure future sales.

Most importantly, make sure that people who purchase products or services from you receive adequate value for their money, so they are sure to come back for more.

As you can see, selling ad space is a great way for small businesses to get their name out there. When it comes time to start marketing your company’s ad space, follow these simple guidelines, and you will be on the road towards success!

Once you have found prospective customers through marketing or sales techniques, it is relatively painless to start an agreement with them. At this point, most companies will provide all of the necessary information about how they plan on advertising their business for you to make an informed decision whether or not to take the job.

If you know what types of advertisements tend to work best with your intended audience members and if they offer enough compensation for your time and efforts, then go ahead and finalize the agreement?  

Contact local businesses directly.

If you want to get started, you can always contact advertisers directly and ask them to buy your advertising.

This can be difficult, but you can convince some businesses to do so without much difficulty if you have an industry website and a lot of traffic.

Here are some tips to help you reach out to potential advertisers directly

Use Google Analytics

Look at competitors who advertise on your site and contact companies that sell the same or similar products or services.

Be prepared to tell potential customers why your site is interesting and what the bounce rates are. Study the “conversion rate” term too.

Average time spent on your site, page view statistics, and details about advertisers who have advertised on your site in the past.


Show advertisers how they can promote your site to those who already follow you and a wider audience.

If you can convince companies that sell quality products and services that your site visitors want to place your ad on their site, you can make a lot of money with very little effort.

Could you not sell them?

Sellers are constantly trying to sell small businesses products they don’t need.

Don’t become the next abuser. Business owners often put up high walls to protect themselves from predators and may not immediately turn on you.

They’ve heard the same challenge more times than they’ve changed their Gmail password. Make it a solution, not just a problem.

Selling ads to local businesses allows you to meet potential customers face to face.

Your organization will stand out from virtual assistants and spammers by meeting and speaking to them in person.

This gives you an edge, and your customers feel like you are listening to them when they ask about their business and marketing needs.

Create a valuable contract

Don’t just talk about how good your business is. Show it. Before you ask for a fee, frame your offer in a way that gets results.

For example, send out several offers or review your website before asking for a financial commitment.

Many small businesses are willing to spend money advertising, but you need to know if it is worth it. Don’t get carried away with the explanations. Instead, talk about how you can attract new customers, increase your market share and ensure continued business. Show them how your digital marketing knowledge can make their lives easier, not harder.

You can ask them anything.

We want to know what their business and marketing goals are.

Ask the business owner as many questions as you can to find out what they are looking for.

Then you can offer your solution. Ask them what part of the job they find most boring, especially advertising opportunities. If you have used advertising services in the past, why didn’t they work?

The ultimate goal is to find out what hasn’t worked in the past, build an honest, trusting relationship and make them feel involved in the advertising process.

Sell their efforts, not their bank accounts.

Small business owners love their work. Profit no doubt plays an important role in their lives, but what they seek most of all is freedom.

It may be easier to talk about their business goals than to present numbers. You’re probably familiar with all the services they offer, from SEO to web design templates.

However, most local clients aren’t interested in those details.

Find out what they prefer: golf, travel, or sleeping more than four hours a night. Then show them how your service can help them.

Stop being a “traditional” marketer.

Even the best-known marketers rely on international sales to attract clients. It makes the difference from a good agency to a great agency how it’s done. Cold calls, rushed efforts, and digital mass marketing doesn’t work.

People are smarter and frankly bored. Companies try to sell a package or service without knowing what the business owner wants or needs.

This can hurt your potential customers and reduce your credibility. It is not enough to sell a product or service. If you want to win a new customer, you must earn their trust, build loyalty and create a relationship beyond the buyer-seller mentality.

Use popular ad platforms

There are three main types of advertisements for companies looking to market their website and attract visitors.

Display advertising

This is advertising that you or your company buy and sell directly. They make money based on the number of impressions. This means that the more people who visit your website and the more people who see your ads, the more money you make.

Banner ads

The more visitors to your site, the more advertising space you get. You can display banner ads of different sizes.

Pop-up ads

However, they can distract site visitors and reduce the number of loyal supporters, especially if the ads are not relevant.

It would be best to try them all to see which of these three giants is most useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much ad space should I sell?

Modest companies that utilize Google Ads invest $8,000 to $11,000 monthly on internet ad campaigns on aggregate. This amounts to a yearly salary of $105,000 to $125,000.

Facebook advertising have a median cpc of $1.72. Our Facebook advertising have a median cpc of $18.68 per sharing.

Can I sell ad space on my website?

Selling ad space on your website means that you reserve one or more ad spaces. These ads are sold programmatically, through auctions, or directly to advertisers. Several different types of ads, including banners, sponsored content, and videos, are available.

How much does Google AdSense cost per 1000 impressions?

In developing countries, the average cost per 1,000 impressions can range from $4,000 to $6,000.

How do I sell advertising online?

To sell directly to advertisers, publishers need to find brands willing to work with them in their industry. You can search for similar blogs in your area and see which companies buy advertising on their sites.

You can also run a phone or email campaign to introduce yourself and your offerings, blog posts, and video ads.

How can I sell advertising space in newspapers?

  • Inform existing and potential customers. Newspapers are a unique and valuable source of information for advertisers.
  • Inform your customers.
  • Create content and newspaper advertising that attracts advertisers.
  • Use the power of feedback.
  • Maximize digital exposure.

How do you sell advertising space?

  • Find out who your current audience is.
  • Create a “solution set” for your offers.
  • Analyze your advertiser’s online presence.
  • Analyze your existing inventory.
  • Report on the effectiveness of your offers.
  • Help you sell digital advertising opportunities more effectively.

Bottom line

Publishers have a valuable opportunity to leverage their audience and generate revenue by passively selling ads on their website link.

This can be done through subscription-based ad networks, selling ads directly to brands, affiliate marketing, or creating local advertising partners.

Whatever strategy you choose, it’s important to ensure quality content, effective design, and audience engagement. Finally, make sure advertisers can join your team and purchase ad space.

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