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How to Contact Big Companies for Business | 5 Tips to Contact Quickly

How to Contact Big Companies for Business | 5 Ultra Tips to Contact Quickly


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Today, commercial prospecting stands as an essential activity for every company wishing to develop its turnover. To achieve maximum success, it is necessary to learn how to contact big companies for business. There are different methods and techniques for canvassing businesses. The canvassing and contacting of big companies for business is a practice that requires a plan of action and an upstream reflection. You have to choose the suitable means according to your objectives and your human and financial capacities. To this end, we have highlighted some steps to aid you effectively.

Why is it Essential to Contact Big Companies for Business?

Why is it Essential to Contact Big Companies for Business

Each business sector must employ different strategies to achieve its goal successfully. For example, selling a product to a final consumer is different from selling to a large company.

The level of profit you get from dealing with big companies and your relevance in the market will be much higher than just being limited to end consumers. 

It would help if you aimed to be the best. Otherwise, someone else will be in your place. You must also show yourself committed. Beyond your product or service, you are selling the assurance of trusting your small business. That is, you are selling your commitment and loyalty. 

How to Contact Big Companies for Business

How to Contact Big Companies for Business

Without a doubt, traditional methods no longer work when contacting big business companies. The first step is to forget about letters, brochures, etc. Nor is it necessary to travel to the other side of the world to have a business meeting.

Today, the most effective form of communication and the easiest to track (to draw the best conclusions) is nothing more and nothing less than online. Email and social media are the best places to contact big companies for business.

It would help if you also took advantage of all the tools that currently exist to facilitate communication. This includes Zoom for conferences, direct meetings, and for the transmission of your work team. To this end, some tips on how to contact big companies for business include:

  • Design your proposal and make it amazing
  • Strive to know the company as if he were your partner
  • Make yourself known – become a benchmark in your industry
  • Show up at crucial moments
  • Offer free trials and leave them wanting more

Design your proposal and make it amazing

Before contacting big business companies, the best thing you can do is define a potential customer. So, to not waste time or resources, it is best first to design the company’s profile to which you want to become its supplier.

Identify the type of company with which you are looking to work or be a business ally. Define which company sizes are ideal for you and not based on the number of employees, your annual turnover, type of product or service, type of customers to whom you sell, and your geographic location.

Your offer has to solve a problem or need of the company you are targeting, but you should also make them see how much money they would be saving by hiring you and how much money they lose if they do not.

Strive to know the company as if he were your partner

A widespread mistake when proposing a business strategy does not know well who you will talk to. It is not the same as talking with your junior business colleagues. Up Counsel accepts only the top 5 percent of lawyers to its site. 

In the same way, you must adapt your communication language depending on the type of client you are addressing and adjust how you send messages.

When we talk about large companies, you must take into account the internal communication protocols they have. From experience, we can recommend using email and LinkedIn.

But it is not enough to send a message by email and LinkedIn. You must also write that message in a professional style. You must further bear in mind that the decisions of large companies do not fall on a single position or a single person. Therefore, generating a good impression is essential, whether in person, by mail, or your LinkedIn profile.

Make yourself known – become a benchmark in your industry

Next, lead your market in terms of brand awareness and become the benchmark in the sector. This will further put you in the spotlight when a larger company needs something related to your value, product, or service proposition.

Connecting with the correct audiences will also make you generate better positioning opportunities.

Some of the actions you can take to make yourself known include:

  • Offer helpful content, blog, or downloadable PDF guide.
  • Attend local or virtual events related to your industry.
  • Make videos, webinars, and live sessions. 
  • Connect on LinkedIn with all the professionals in your sector 
  • Lastly, make yourself a friendly website and offer a good user experience.

Remember that no one will buy from you without first investigating you so investing in developing a professional website that describes your company and your services, with an email and contact form, is essential to selling to more prominent companies today.

It is also essential that you first be a specialist in what you do. Now, you should make yourself noticed and let everyone else know it. So share knowledge and experiences through different means. You can also position yourself in the market by contacting professional analysts.  

Participating in forums or discussion groups, attending informal talks and all kinds of events related to the product or service you offer, and making contact with them are all essential.

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Show up at crucial moments

Large companies tend to go through moments of uncertainty in the market, in which they are often more open to receiving proposals from external agents. This helps them continue to maintain their relevance and proper functioning.

Thus, it is advisable to look for key moments to be present. But, on the other hand, it may not be time to sell since it may seem that you are taking advantage of a moment of weakness. So we recommend you do the following:

Come up with solutions and tips to solve their problems. Generate leads and send emails offering your free content or just giving a hand. Follow up on emails, turn cold leads into hot ones.

Keep in mind that these companies do not know if betting on your product will work for them, but your marketing strategy can help them guarantee that it will. Thus, you must add more value in difficult times, and when everything improves, you will see that people will remember you and value your offer better.

Offer free trials and leave them wanting more

If your company solves a real problem in the market, rest assured that offering free trials or free versions will not make you lose money. On the contrary, it is a customer acquisition strategy widely used today by large brands like Spotify and Uber. 

Other similar ideas include:

  • Discount codes
  • Free shipping
  • Real offers     
  • 15-day trials and royalties. The typical royalty range tends to run from 2% to 5%. Pretty Little Thing sale: Up to 80% off site wide $10 eBay coupon for Invited users August Clearance Sale: Up to 70% off everything at Wayfair UPCOMING EVENTS. My philosophy on money is I want to be in the 75th percentile range; I don’t want to be in the 99th percentile

Keep in mind that no one will buy anything from you until they know you, least of all b2b clients. So sell yourself better as a problem solver and not a pushy salesperson, offer your help and show them why they need your product or service.

Acting in this way could lead you to think that you are wasting your resources, but in the end, every risk has its reward.

Remember that you are not the only one trying to sell them something. So, offer things that other traders or entrepreneurs do not usually provide, mark the distinction between you and them, and show why hiring you is more beneficial than hiring others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a large enterprise?

A large enterprise has at least 5,000 employees or a yearly turnover of at least $7 million.

How much revenue is considered a large company

The average payout of a major corporation is $7 million. According to the Minority Business Admin, approximately 70% of sole ownership businesses in the United States generated less than $25,000 in 2010. This might result in a revenue boost of up to 85 percent for a company. While you are thinking, you might as well think big and think of something at least 1% better, newer, or different. So, if you make a 2% royalty that means you’ll receive 2% of the wholesale price of each unit sold. 

What are the characteristics of a large business?

The characteristics of prominent business include:

  • Economic activity
  • Dynamism
  • Continuous process
  • Profit Motive
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Creativity 
  • Customer satisfaction

What is a large company called?

A large company is called a corporation

How do you present a product to a large company?

You can present a product to a large company in the following ways:

  • Give a brief introduction 
  • Display self-assurance
  • Ensure your solution solves real problems
  • Sell value, rather than price

How do I reach a large company?

You can reach a large company through the following ways:

  • Design an amazing proposal  
  • Strive to know the company as if he were your partner
  • Make yourself known – become a benchmark in your industry
  • Show up at critical moments
  • Offer free trials and leave them wanting more

How do you reach out to corporate clients?

You can reach out to corporate clients through the following tips:

  • Build good rapport through voice-mail
  • Study their sales process
  • Opt for a professional phone system
  • Collect feedback from other businesses. During the first pulse of Covid-19, the American government says it will send jurisdictions enough assessments to evaluate at least 2% of their populaces, air carriers advise commuters to wear masks, and Detroit automakers have set May 18 as restore day in the United States.


In conclusion, contacting big companies for business comes with various merits. And if you need to achieve success, the steps elaborated above would be effective for you.

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