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How to Change My Bitcoin Wallet Address | Learn With Expert

How to Change My Bitcoin Wallet Address | Learn With Expert


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Bitcoin address is necessary to receive or transfer funds from your account to the Client’s wallet. However, sometimes you feel that your wallet address needs to be changed, or you suddenly encounter a problem that seems inevitable without altering the wallet address. But, if you are a new user, you may get confused about updating the wallet address on your own. So, you try to find the answer to the query, ‘how to change my bitcoin wallet address?”.

Before moving on to your address change procedure, you have to understand many things like where you can find out your wallet address, etc., until the end of this discussion. You will surely be able to update your wallet address successfully. So, let’s move on without wasting our precious time. 

Where Can I Find My Wallet Address?

How to Change My Bitcoin Wallet Address

Mostly, new users get confused when they try to find out their wallet address within their BTC account. But it is quite easy and simple to locate the BTC address inside your BTC account. Your BTC address for receiving and transferring BTC can be found in your Bitcoin.com wallet. When you open your wallet, tap the “Receive” tab on the toolbar. Here below the QR code, you’ll see a string of numbers; this is your actual BTC wallet address. 

You have to send this code to the Client when you intend to receive some bitcoin in your wallet. Also, this is the address that will be changed when you try to change your wallet address. Keep in mind that all the bitcoin addresses will start with the numbers between 1 to 3. 

Nevertheless, just understanding that all identities begin with one of the numbers 1 to 3 may be confusing, since new purses have been released that have brief identifiers known as “cash accounts.” The characters “q” or “p” start these BTC values. For many transactions, this cash location is thought to be more safe and protected.

Can I Switch My BTC and BCH Wallets?

How to Change My Bitcoin Wallet Address

You can have many Bitcoin wallets and wish to switch the addresses of these wallets. This may be accomplished by following a few easy steps. To do so, go to the bottom of your wallets and choose Accounts from the drop-down menu. Select the account wherein you wish to receive your money by clicking or tapping on it. Alternatively, go to the ‘receive’ tab and choose the ‘address type’ alternative.

How to Change Bitcoin Wallet Address?

How to Change My Bitcoin Wallet Address

Sometimes, you want to change your wallet address to request a new payment or for any other reason. This is quite easy and simple that can be accomplished by following few simple steps. Here is how to change your wallet address easily. 

1st Step

 Fill out all of the credentials on the purse page to log in to your Bitcoin account.

2nd Step

After you’ve logged onto your account, go to the receiving tab.

3rd step

You’ll find address possibilities here. To obtain a new address, hit the ‘get a new address’ button.

You will then be given a new BTC wallet address to use for any subsequent payment processing.

Every address you create will be linked to your wallet, and you’ll be able to utilize it at any moment. You are free to create as many wallets as you want.

Every address will have its own QR code, which you can use to get more information about by tapping on the ‘detail’ tab next to the Barcode.

How to Request Bitcoin Payments?

How to Request Bitcoin Payments

If you want to receive some bitcoin from your friend, you need to share essential addresses for successful and secure transactions. These addresses are automatically generated for each turn when you request your friend to send some amount of BTC. Here is how to apply for receiving Bitcoin. 

  • Login to your wallet, go to the’request’ page, and choose ‘bitcoin’ from the currencies drop-down option.
  • Pick purse in which you wish to collect the funds from the list of options.
  • A new instance will be produced here; duplicate it and send it to a buddy to get BTC in your account.
  • Your buddy will transfer you bitcoin using that account.


Each time you request a payment, your BTC wallet will generate a new address automatically. However, you can change this address according to your will by following the steps mentioned above. 

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