Can I Buy Bitcoin Using Google Play Credit | An Expert Guide


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Many people want to know whether they can purchase bitcoin with Google Play credits. Bitcoin may be purchased using Google Play credits. Unfortunately, the Google Play Store doesn’t really accept Bitcoins or even other coins as a financial tool. Nevertheless, there are a variety of methods to buy your preferred Android applications using Bitcoins and Google Play gift cards.

In this article, we will know how you can buy Bitcoin by using Google play credit?

What is a Google Play Gift Card?

What is a Google play Gift Card

The majority of Android applications are “royal freeware,” customer is required to either pay for in-app sales or download the program directly from the Play Store. On the Appstore, Google provides a variety of payment options for users’ convenience. Based on the user’s nationality, they have varying functions.

  • Pay pal
  • Credit card
  • Mobile carrier billing

The other alternative and popular option is the gift card or voucher. The voucher is a regular amount in a credit worth in Dollars, British pounds, or euros. For instance, a coupon can be 50 Pounds from the Google play store.

The coupons may have been noticed at electrical retailers or groceries. These are typically in the shape of cards, with each one containing a unique code. To use the code, open the packaging, input the code, and afterward input it when completing an Appstore purchase.

These coupons are also called reward points, and if they are cashed and the unique code is not available to all, anyone may use it as a present.

The interesting part is that Google now provides Electronic Play Store coupons, which function identically to real cards with the exception of online sales. You will get the code through email right away. Google offers gift cards that may be bought with Bitcoin.

How can you buy Bitcoins with Google Play Credit?

Can I Buy Bitcoin Using Google Play Credit

You can purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Google play credit in the sequential process. 

Go to Cryptorefills

Enter the link,, on the mobile browser or your laptop. 

Choose a nation.

The nation you pick from the drop-down menu must be in the list of Appstore profiles on which you wish to spend the coupon. If the authority does not meet the Android Market list, the coupon will be invalid.

Choose Google Play.

After that, choose the game’s selection and then the Android Market icon.

Choose the Google Play gift card.

The whole procedure is determined by the location you choose. Then you’ll be able to pick from a variety of packages with varying prices and currencies.

Choose a currency.

Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy and pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin. You’ll see that the voucher’s price is influenced by the quantity you select.

Complete the order

Agree to the terms and provide your email address to complete the transaction. Then, before clicking on “Continue with Purchase,” double-check that all of the data, including the email address, is right.

Pay the invoice.

Follow the directions and transfer the right payout in bitcoin to the address provided. It is critical to send the exact amount shown. To expedite the process, scan the QR code on the screen to verify that the information is correct.

Take the voucher.

You will receive an email with a code when some time has passed. The transmission of the key you were provided is contingent on the purchase is confirmed. The procedure will take 10 to 15 minutes if the internet is congested, but this is not a long time.

Use the voucher.

You may choose to buy an item, an application, or a bundle on the Play Store utilizing your Google Play currency. Choose the redemption code on the checkout page, print it, and send it.


In addition to all current services, you can buy bitcoins by using google play credit very quickly. You can even buy from the offers given by vendors to sell bitcoins using Google play credit or create your request. 

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