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It’s always tempting to opt for a business with the lowest bid, but before you sign on the contact line, there are things you need to consider. One essential item is verifying if the business has insurance coverage. Why does the business need insurance? If a business has insurance, you will not be liable for damages or injuries while the business owner is working on your job. Such injuries or damages may also cost you dearly if the business owner does not have insurance. Thus, it is always necessary to check correctly. And to this end, we have highlighted some steps on how to find out if a business has insurance below. Come along!

Furthermore, in the business world, everything is considered an investment. Some give relevant and pleasant feedback. Others don’t. That’s why every entrepreneur has their back foot before investing any money. It wouldn’t be different when it comes to engaging with a business that has insurance. So what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Being protected from the unexpected is the goal in any situation. Currently, most business insurance is customizable, enabling the entrepreneur to create what he likes best and cover the company’s risks.

Whether in loss of products, electrical services, plumbing, locksmiths, mechanics, and the like, business insurance usually helps both the entrepreneur and the client. This usually works efficiently in force majeure accidents such as fires, leaks, floods, or storms. But what does this implies to me as the client? Below, we have elaborated on some benefits of working with a business that has insurance. 

Advantages of Working with a Business that has Insurance

Advantages of Working with a Business that has Insurance

Avoiding Unnecessary Disorders

Coordinating a company takes a lot of time. That’s wasting time with slight casualties, which could be invested in more profitable activities. Is this what you’re doing? It may seem like a waste of money at first but there are things that happen every day for your company – and these small expenses add up! Don’t worry about key rings or security; they’ll still get done without them if need be because insurance covers all those services too (key-ring pun not intended).

Ensure the Protection of the Company’s Assets

Established and guaranteed by specific insurance coverage, protecting the company’s assets brings incomparable tranquility to the entrepreneur while working on your job. The latter will be able to focus on the success of its operations, protected from any unforeseen events that may occur with its assets.

Maintenance of Production in Adverse Situations

Although unlikely, the accidental breakdown of machinery or serious incidents that make the company’s total or partial production unfeasible may occur. It is in these situations that Corporate Insurance can manifest one of its most significant advantages. 

This entails the maintenance of production even in adverse situations. Thus, the insurance prevents losses, applies agility in reconstruction measures, and guarantees that the company will not have its hands tied in the face of problems and delay your job.

Greater trust between employees and the company

Knowing that the business has corporate insurance that covers health and life risks for professionals is motivating and reassuring for many employees. This strengthens the ties between the professional and the company he works for, reducing the risk of labor claims arising from accidents and the non-coverage of insurance for such occurrences. In addition, it will create a competitive edge for retaining highly sought-after specialized employees who will perfectly work on your job.

You will have trained professionals at your disposal

This is one of the essential benefits of business insurance. If there is any problem, you will be assisted by highly prepared and qualified professionals to solve any specific demand. That way, you will avoid any stress.

Professionals who correspond to business insurance will support you quickly and effectively. However, to take out complete business insurance that gives you all the benefits you want, you will have to do a lot of research. Therefore, special attention is needed during the research process.

Assistance from qualified professionals in difficult times

Whenever the most problematic situations happen, it’s usually hard to avoid that this doesn’t cause stress for those involved. However, working with a business that has quality insurance can drastically reduces this feeling.

Being served quickly and seeing the clarity of the professionals who carry out the necessary procedures to solve your problem is an interesting question. At these times, it becomes even more evident that insurance choice must consider much more than the value of the installments or the size of the coverage. You will need to be careful to assess the preparation of the professionals involved in supporting you too.

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How to Find Out If a Business has Insurance

How to Find Out If a Business has Insurance

It’s good that you have been intimated on the benefits of working with a business that has insurance. Next, below are some steps on how to find out if a business is insured:

Contact the business owner and request his certificate of insurance

This is the first step on how to find out if a business has insurance. In all, this certificate will prove if the contractor/ business owner has the right insurance coverage.

Ask the prospective business owner for the name of his insurance carrier

If you are paying a business owner for his know-how, verification of his professional Indemnity Insurance is highly advisable. Rather than asking to see his certificate of insurance, you can ask for the name of his insurance carrier. 

Get the business card of the insurance firm agent 

This is another excellent step when trying to find out if a business has insurance. You can ask the business owner for the business card of his agent before engaging his services. A business card is a sure way to confirm that you have the correct information. Also, ensure you get other vital details such as the insurance agency such as the phone number.

Verify the details of the firm online

Finally, verify the insurance firm by looking up its name and phone number in the phonebook or Internet. In all, this is quite important because if their advice or work leads to loss of earnings or damage to your reputation and property, this will ensure they can adequately pay for your shortfall. It can also cover any loss or theft of your documents and data. This is a critical consideration with the increasing trust placed in IT suppliers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is business insurance mandatory in the US?

Most states in the United States require companies with employees to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Sometimes other policies are needed. Most types of commercial insurance are also optional. However, depending on the laws of the state where you do business, you may need to purchase the following:

Work injury insurance

Almost every state requires companies with employees to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. However, some states have exceptions for companies with few employees. For example, it only needs to get in Georgia if it regularly employs three or more people. Every company with employees must implement workers’ compensation in most other states, even for part-time employees.

Commercial auto insurance

You may be familiar with the legal and insurance requirements for personal vehicles. Similarly, every vehicle owned by a company must have commercial auto insurance.

If an employee has a car accident, this policy will provide protection. It can cover property damage, injuries, and legal expenses too. If you or your employees use private vehicles for business purposes, Hire and Non-Owned Car Insurance (HNOA) can provide additional protection.

Professional liability insurance

Some professionals, such as those in real estate, may require by state law to purchase professional liability insurance. This policy would protect if a client filed a lawsuit for financial losses caused by business error or negligence. It also calls error and omission insurance (E&O).

Liquor liability insurance

To obtain liquor licenses, businesses such as bars and restaurants usually need to purchase liquor liability insurance. This policy protects if your business is responsible for injury or property damage caused by over-served customers.

Does every small business need insurance?

Every small business requires general liability insurance. This usually protects against common customer incidents, including bodily injuries, advertising injuries, and property damage. An accident that involves a client can make you pay out-of-pocket for severe damages and legal claims against your firm.

Do all businesses have insurance?

From research, it has been observed that not all businesses have insurance. This is largely because many commercial insurance policies are optional. The cost of this bond is usually 1-2 percent of the contract price. On the other hand, depending on the laws of the state where your business situation, you may require to purchase the following insurance types:

  • Work injury insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Liquor Liability Insurance

 How do I ask if a contractor is insured?

You can ask if a contractor has insurance by seeking his most recent insurance certificate. If you desire to know the limits regarding his insurance, you can ask for his entire insurance policy. 

What is an insurance certificate?

An insurance certificate is a document that provides information regarding the total specifications of insurance coverage. This also stands as proof that the insurance is legitimate. 

A proper insurance certificate usually contains the following information:

  • Name of insured
  • Limits of the coverage
  • Policy number
  • Type of the coverage

How do I find out if a company is insured?

To find out if company insurance, do make use of the following tips:

  • Contact the business owner and request his certificate of insurance
  • Ask the prospective business owner for the name of his insurance carrier
  • Get the business card of the insurance firm agent 
  • Verify the details of the firm online


In conclusion, insurance comes with diverse benefits. By law, a contractor cannot ask for a down payment of more than 10% of the contract price on a home improvement project or $1,000, whichever is less. And if you desire to learn how to find out if a business has insurance, the steps highlighted above will aid you immensely.

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