How to Delete a Credit Card from Uber | Step by Step Guide


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Uber is a convenient way to move about town. Pulling out your phone, inputting a location, and ordering a ride is all it takes. That car is on its way to your place before you realize it, and you’re on your trip. Payment is also simple since all transactions take place inside the app. That means you won’t have to fiddle with cash or insert your credit card into an alien device (as you would whenever you’re taking a taxi).

Donation is also simple by using the Uber app. Nevertheless, you may wish to disconnect your credit card from the Uber service at times. This isn’t a challenging task, but it does need the completion of a few stages. We’ll look at how to erase a credit card from Uber in this article.

Causes to Delete Credit Card from Uber

How to Delete a Credit Card from Uber

What made you decide to remove your credit card details from the Uber app? There are many causes for this. Among them are:

Choosing a new payment method

To begin, consider switching to an alternative payment option. Uber takes Visa, Master, Discovery, American Express, and other significant credit and debit cards. However, they don’t only accept cards. Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay,

Contactless Payments, commuter perks, or an Uber gift card are all options. If you want to use one of these alternative options, having your credit card linked to your Uber account may be redundant.

It’s also a good idea to remove the data on your previous card for safety reasons. This is true since it implies your financial information is less vulnerable.

Getting out of the Uber service

Another motivation to erase your credit card information from Uber is if you’re no longer using the service. You don’t want your data to be left behind if you delete your account, and it might, once again, pose an unnecessary security risk.

Of course, deleting your credit card details from Uber may not be essential. Uber allows you to amend your payment details if you need to modify your payment details since you’ve gotten a new credit card with a new expiry date.

This saves you the trouble of having to erase your data and re-enter it all.

Being a victim of a hack or a con

Finally, you might have been a hack or a fraud victim, such as the famous “Uber Say My Name” hoax. If this happens to you, you’re unlikely to want to keep using the service. We’ll teach you how to change your current credit card information in the following section. If you wish to delete your credit card from Uber, keep reading to learn how.

How to Delete a Credit Card from Uber

How to Delete a Credit Card from Uber

All you must do is follow these instructions to remove your credit card from Uber. They operate on both Android and iOS devices:

Select the Payment option from the drop-down menu.

  • Launch the Uber app and touch the menu symbol in the upper-right-hand corner to get started. Then, on the left, hit the “Payment” button.
  • A list of all methods of payment presently linked with your account will now appear. Your default form of payment is the first card presented.

Go to the Delete menu.

Please select a payment option to begin removing it. This will display all of the details for the form of payment. Tap the three bars in the top right corner to open the delete menu.

Confirm by pressing “Delete.”

  • Tap “Delete” to remove the payment method. “Are you sure you like to cancel this payment option?” the Uber app will inquire. To verify, click “Delete.”
  • Congrats. Your card has gotten removed from your account.

How to Change the Information on Your Uber Credit Card

It makes no sense to erase your credit card and input all the same information if you’ve got a new card with an amended expiry date. Uber includes an “Edit” option for situations like these, and you’ll do many of the same processes as previously to get to this choice.

  • To begin, navigate to the Uber app’s “Payment” option.
  • After that, tap the form of payment you wish to change.
  • Then, in the top right-hand sidebar, press the three dots.
  • Then choose “Edit.” You may now see and modify your credit card information.
  • Uber will need you to re-enter your card’s CVV and postcode any time you modify its details for extra security.
  • To verify the change, you’ll need to enter your password.
  • To modify your card information, hit “Save” after making the appropriate changes.

How to Protect Your Uber Account

Internet privacy is crucial, be it your cellphone pin, bank details, or webmail login. It’s no different with your Uber account, which includes sensitive information and must be kept safe. We’ve put up an Uber safety checklist with helpful hints.

Data encryption is embedded right into the Uber app, so your information can’t get stolen. That implies you’re the last person to view your credit card details once you put them into the app. As a result, even if someone gains access to your account, it cannot be stolen.

Albeit with privacy, we recommend that you use caution with your funds. Even if your profile is easily retrievable, it’s always best to prevent a security flaw in the first place since it’s less of a bother. These are some elementary security precautions to consider anytime you go online:

Do not give out your login information or handheld platforms to anyone.

If you get an email from Uber or another service requesting your information, contact their customer support to explain the situation.

When typing your password in a public place, always keep it hidden.

For each account you have, attempt to use unique passwords. A password vault might be beneficial.

Instead of a password, try using a catchphrase, which is lengthier and includes symbols and blanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my credit card details deleted if I remove the Uber app?

It doesn’t work that way. Although the data gets removed from your phone, it remains on Uber’s servers. This is only a precaution if you need to install the software again. It also allows you to pay for rides ordered using a computer.

Are my credit card details deleted if I remove my Uber account?

It certainly does. If you delete your Uber account entirely, all information about you will be lost. That is, once the 30-day period has expired).

Remember that Uber gets obligated by law to keep some bank details for crime control reasons. This is in the event your profile was exploited for illicit purposes.

What these implications for credit card information are is unclear. However, as we can determine, canceling your account should also imply erasing your credit card details.

Can anyone use the Uber app to obtain my credit card details if my phone gets stolen?

This is not immediately doable. While the Uber app has your cardholder data, the whole credit card number gets obscured. Only your card’s final four numbers and expiry date would be visible to a criminal. As a result, only if the burglar already knew your credit card information and CVV might represent a security issue.

How can I delete my credit card information from Uber?

Uber can assist you if you’re experiencing problems deleting your credit card details or creating a new payment system. The Uber support center is a perfect way to start since it offers answers to the most frequent inquiries and step-by-step advice for instances like these. If none of this works, you may approach Uber customer service for help.

Is Uber a cash-only service?

No. For rides, the firm does not take cash transactions, and you must pay using one of the Uber methods of payment listed above. You can’t just remove your credit card details and pay cash for future journeys.

How long does it take for Uber to cancel a credit card?

Go to the app’s Settings and click “Remove Account” to delete your Uber account. Uber will immediately erase your profile if you do not sign in for six months.

Does Uber store credit card information?

Uber does not save credit card details on its servers, and Uber’s computers only keep the last four digits of your payment card information and identity.

Are Uber drivers capable of stealing credit card information?

Yes, but it’s a long shot. Uber drivers must accept credit card details via the Uber App, and Uber supervises them during the journey.

How do Uber charges show up on a credit card statement?

When a rider uses a credit card to pay for an Uber, the amount will display on their credit card account as “UBER.”

Is it possible to use Uber besides a credit card?

Launch the Uber app on your smartphone to create an account and utilize the cash function. Choose “Cash” as bill payment and provide your destination address.


Finally, we hope you understand how simple it is to remove your credit card details from Uber. Furthermore, deleting your credit card isn’t required in other circumstances, including when you need to amend your credit card’s expiry date.

The above tips on how to delete a credit card from Uber will also be indispensable for you.

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