Cloud Mining Vs Hardware Mining | Learn the Difference & Which Is Better!


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Cryptocurrency mining has become a versatile form of the economy nowadays, reaching popularity and acceptance in new investors. There are two ways to perform this action; utilizing cloud mining and hardware mining. Cloud mining; allows the process to be carried out using the resources of a provider through a rental. In this way, they enter the business without investing a considerable amount of money in hardware. On the other hand, hardware mining requires the necessary equipment, permits, and facilities. This requires enormous investment and ongoing expenses, such as electricity. Next, we will provide essential information to decide everything related to mining in cloud mining vs hardware mining.

Cloud Mining Vs Hardware Mining: Basic Information

Cloud Mining Vs Hardware Mining

When using cloud mining, you will rent part of the hardware and software from providers destined for this service. This method is intended for people with little investment capacity and who wish to enter the mining field. The standard process is based on registering in a platform through a service contract. Then, you start to make your operations until you reach a minimum established by the provider to make your first withdrawal. Commonly, these are made through a wallet.

Hardware mining is a higher level, which is necessary to have the hardware, software, air-conditioned facilities with stable electrical services. In addition, the hardware must be suitable for the mining process, having speed and robustness dedicated to this task. In addition to this, you must have professionals in the area; to ensure its correct and continuous operation, these processes should not stop.

Cloud Mining Vs Hardware Mining: Mining Comparison

Advantages and disadvantagesCloud MiningHardware Mining
Operational  Starting to operate is inexpensive, as you have to rent equipment and comply with a contract.It would help if you had a significant financial investment in hardware, software, facilities, and qualified personnel.
You are only limited to operate in mining and share part of your profits with the provider.It has great diversity to achieve mining and offer your hardware rental services, acting as a service provider in cloud mining.
You only have one profit option.High profits due to the diversity of options.
EconomicYour financial participation is individual. As your investment grows, it is the only option to continue generating higher profitability.Count on your initial investment, which is significant, but as you begin to offer your services, contracts will generate an income; and as your users increase, so will your profits.
You only have one profit option—high profits due to the diversity of options.As your contracts increase, you must upgrade your hardware system to stay competitive.

Types of Mining in the Cloud

Types of Mining in the Cloud

At present; there are three methods used to perform mining in the cloud, which we will name below:

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS); the method used by renting a server and installing specialized software for mining. In this way, the services required for mining are obtained remotely through the Internet.
  • Rental of computing power; based on using part of the hashing power contained in a particular provider, governed by a service contract. You can decide how many computations you will use and pay for it, basing the profit on the contracted power. Its main advantage lies in not having specialized hardware for mining, making it a prevalent method.
  • Hosted Mining; is a unique method, which is gaining many followers nowadays. It is based on paying all the expenses generated by the user’s mining hardware and software. Ideal for people who have the equipment but cannot afford the operational costs.

Types of Hardware Mining

Hardware Mining

The beginnings of cryptocurrency mining started as a hobby of a few people, which required a personal computer. As it was evolving in followers and therefore requiring developed hardware to adapt to recent changes. At present; we find the hardware used for mining, which we will show below:

  • Asics; application-specific integrated circuits, developed for bitcoin mining, fast and low power consumption. Easy to install; with software loaded, to immediately start the mining process. Its configuration is simple and basic, with only a few moments required. Standard hardware of this type are; Bitmain Antminer S5, Antminer T9, Avalon Miner 741, and bitmain Antminer D3.
  • GPUs; used and recognized as the forerunner in the early days of mining. Nowadays, they have lost some ground for being a bit inefficient and not adequately adapted to the evolutionary changes of bitcoin. They are ideal for beginners who wish to venture into and test this mining world. 
  • Fpgas; evolved mining concerning GPUs, competing on par with Asics, with the disadvantage of consuming more electricity. Robust, fast; in the development and execution of cryptocurrency mining.

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Final Words and Recommendations

We have all the relevant and concise information regarding the topic; cloud mining vs. hardware mining. In this way, the correct use of this material will decipher the doubts regarding the issue. Providing useful options; that will offer advantages around the different aspects discussed.

Cloud mining will be significantly less expensive than hardware mining since it requires less upkeep. You may start mining right away after purchasing a cloud mining contract without having to wait for the gear to become available or for delivery delays to be reduced.

As a result, cloud and hosted mining solutions are starting to emerge as viable methods to mine Bitcoin without the storage, power, and maintenance problems that come with operating mining gear on their own.

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