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Should I put my address on my checks? This is a question that many bank clients ask nowadays. As a result, we’ve written this article to assist you. We’ve recently heard that a check without an address won’t operate and that turning up such a check might land you in prison. That could not be farther from the truth.

We assure you that you won’t have any problems utilizing the checks if you’re cautious and investigate. After all, it’s the year 2021, and such a blunder doesn’t only land innocent individuals in jail. Everything is now electronic, and you can swiftly resolve any difficulty.

Stick around if you have a check with no address on it because we’ll provide you with all the information you need.

But first, let’s speak about the checks before we get into the meat of the matter. What exactly are they, what are they made out of? What makes them so crucial in the first place? To grasp what the entire buzz is about, you must first get the fundamentals.

Should I Put my Address on my Checks?

Should I Put my Address on my Checks

As you may already be aware, writing a check requires caution. You want to double-check that everything is accurate. However, the restrictions are not as rigorous in other situations, such as when you relocate and are left with checks with an old address.

This is also true if your address is not written on your checks. Banks will be able to withdraw money from your checking account if the check has the necessary account and routing number and will consequently deem it genuine. However, writing checks with an up-to-date address is still a good idea. Said, if you want to be secure, ordering checks anytime you change your permanent address is a good idea.

However, if you’re in a panic and need to use a check that doesn’t have an address, you can be sure that it will function.

What’s the Point of using a Check?

Should I Put my Address on my Checks

A check is a document that allows a person to move money from one account to another. The bearer’s name is written by the person writing it or the drawer. The bearer, who might be either a person or a company, can cash it in (exchange it for money).

It’s not the most common payment method, particularly among the younger generation. It may, however, be applicable at times. For example, you should write a check rather than pay with cash or a credit card when making a large payment. It’s a lot safer this way, and you’ll have proof that you’ve made the payment.

What does a Check Contain?

What does a Check Contain

If you aren’t acquainted with the structure, you will undoubtedly be stumped when it comes to filling it in. Every adult, in our view, should be able to do so. So, here’s a little reminder:

The first component comprises the drawer’s personal information, including their name and address, which we’ll discuss later. The drawer’s next part is the payee line, which specifies who will receive the funds.

Then there’s the dollar box, where you’ll need to put out the amount of money you’d want to send. You must put the amount in a numerical format in this field. You’ll rewrite that same number using words on the line below.

There are two more lines that you need to complete. It would help if you mentioned the reason for the payment in the memo line. The line on the right is where you, the drawer, must sign your name. This implies that you agree to the transfer in its entirety.

Of course, a check would be worthless if the drawer didn’t have a bank account. As a result, such information must also be included. You’ll also notice the following:

  • The logo and contact information for the bank
  • Number of your account
  • Routing number and ABA fractional number
  • Check number.

This material has a straightforward goal: to prevent check fraud and ensure that each check is unique.

Is it Possible to Use Checks with an Old Address?

Is it Possible to Use Checks with an Old Address

If you’re like most individuals, you’re always on the go. You are aware that you must organize your mail and paperwork every time you relocate. Aside from that, you’re stuck with checks sent to an outdated address. If the account and routing numbers are correct, you may utilize a check with an obsolete address.

Banks will deem the check usable because they can still remove money from your checking account. While ordering a new check as soon as you relocate is ideal, it isn’t always a priority. You can utilize an old check if you need to write a check quickly, but it contains an outdated address. If the check has the same account and routing number, you’re set to go.

How to Order Fresh Checks

If you need new checks due to an address change, the simplest method is to contact your bank. You may usually purchase them online, but you can go in and have a teller place your order for you if you prefer. You may have your bank change your address and any other information you need.

The checks will then arrive at your doorstep within 7-10 business days, according to our experience. If sending checks to your new address makes you uncomfortable, most banks will let you ship the checks directly to the bank. You’ll be able to pick up your new checks right there.

When you go to your bank to order checks, see if they will cover the cost of the new checks. Banks that provide excellent customer service may opt to give this as an incentive for your long-term business. You will, however, need to request it.

Best Places to Order Fresh Checks (Besides Bank)

Buying checks is a strange notion, to be honest. We’re referring to spending money on something that you already spend money on. In any case, they may be rather costly. So, if your bank refuses to cover the cost of your new checks, you should be aware that you have a few choices. This includes the following:

Checks from Walmart

According to our analysis, ordering checks from Walmart Checks is the cheapest choice. It makes sense since Walmart’s whole business strategy is based on this. They also allow you to order checks in lower numbers, which is helpful if you only write a few checks each year.

Walmart Checks offers a single pack of checks (150 checks) for roughly $8. This is our preferred method of obtaining checks. You don’t want to spend all of your money on checks. You won’t have enough for anything else if you don’t.

Mail-ordered checks

Checks in the Mail seem to be one of the major companies in online check ordering. They have a wonderful web reputation, and you have a million choices. We strongly advise “checking” them out if you require new checks. Checks in the Mail sell a pad of checks (with 25 checks) for roughly $7. They do, however, run a lot of deals. So, if you require checks, we recommend waiting until a holiday when they are likely to have a sale.

Bradford Exchange

Another excellent alternative for obtaining checks online is Bradford Exchange. They have an extensive range and reasonable costs. They also launch some rather significant Christmas deals.

So if you wait until December to purchase fresh checks, you’ll almost certainly receive a good bargain. You can obtain a single box of checks at Bradford Exchange for as little as $6.49.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I put my address on my checks?

Yes. You can write your address on your checks, but it is not required. Your account and routing numbers, as previously indicated, are the critical factors that the receiving bank needs to access the cash.

You may sometimes find yourself in a scenario where a person, a bank, or a company demands your address to be written on a check. You’d have to rely on a cashier’s check in such situations.

Since most cashier’s checks cost about $10 individually, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a pack of checks with your address printed on them if certain institutions still need it.

Is it possible to add an address label to my check?

Yes. Instead of using a pen, you may use address labels for a cleaner appearance.

On a check, where do you put your address?

You can find your personal information on the upper left side of each check. A conventional checkbook would have your name and home address in that location.

You may typically choose to leave this information out of your new checkbook these days. Many individuals want to keep their personal information private by not disclosing their names and address. In the vast majority of cases, this will not be a problem.

Is it possible to deposit a check if the address is incorrect?

Yes. You may deposit checks with the incorrect address if the identity on the check matches the name on your ID. However, depending on the policy, this will differ from bank to bank.


In conclusion, checks come with various merits. And if you desire to know if you should put your address on your checks, the tips above will aid you immensely.

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