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How to Start an Online Business in the USA | Step By Step Guide

How to Start an Online Business in the USA | Step By Step Guide


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Online companies may easily start with the brick-and-mortar need of companies without upfront costs. This relative simplicity, however, does not imply you can hop in and hang your shingle. As with any business, you need to create a firm foothold for your internet business. While the stages listed below don’t necessarily have to be performed in order, their goal is to provide you with a foundation that’s sturdy enough to carry the weight of your future business development and success. In this guide, we will discuss how to start an online business in the USA.

Small company owners might believe that typical business rules do not apply since they run an internet business. This is not true. 

While an online company requires fewer licenses and permissions than a brick-and-mortar operation, some key legal aspects still have to be sorted out. If we plan and advise ourselves correctly, we can start a business as foreigners in the US easily and quickly. The steps that we must be aware of are the following:

How to Start an Online Business in the USA

How to Start an Online Business in the USA

Make business plan

The first thing you want to do is make sure your business plan includes things like how much money you will need (start-up cost), the price of your products or services, market analysis (competition), marketing strategies, etc. If you are unsure about any of this, it would probably be best to consult somebody who knows what they’re doing when it comes to writing a sound business plan.

Sometimes having the wrong information could end up costing you more time and money than needed. In some cases, certain businesses might even have special requirements before being allowed to operate.

You need to know that some states have what are called ‘home rules’ where state laws do not apply within city limits. In these cases, the local government, typically a council or county board has the authority to make ordinances regarding business operations and zoning requirements. Suppose your business plan requires a location outside of city limits or going through a home rule area. In that case, it might be best to consult with a professional before moving forward with seeing about it yourself.

Choose an online platform

Once you’ve got your business plan in order, then it’s time to get ready for the next step, which involves choosing an online platform from which your company can operate. Many different types of online platforms/websites can accommodate just about any business model you might have.

For example, one of the most popular brands on the market today is eBay. This online platform allows entrepreneurs to buy and sell thousands of different products while allowing them to control everything from inventory to advertising in one convenient location.

Another option includes creating your digital product or service, which could be anything you want so long as there is a demand for it on the Internet. Once your product or service has been created, you will need some website where potential customers can access it, see more details, learn about its benefits, etc.

There are tons of different hosting companies that offer various features (or lack thereof) for each price point at which they operate. It’s mostly a matter of researching or asking other entrepreneurs who they use and how much it cost them to get started.

Once you’ve seen which hosting company works best for your needs, then comes the task of creating your website where customers can find all sorts of information necessary before making their purchase decision. For example, you could include pictures, videos, customer testimonials, case studies, etc. These elements help build trust between your business and potential customers, so this is an important step that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Create online product/service

Now before moving forward with seeing about creating your online product/service. You will want to make sure that somebody hasn’t already created the same thing as yours because if somebody has, then there might not be enough demand for it to do a good business. Creating a product or service similar to another is perfectly fine as long as you can explore different approaches and verticals within the same market.

Once your website has been created, the task is to add your product or service into its database to begin purchasing it without any initial hiccups. Although this step isn’t necessarily all that important, nobody expects everything to go smoothly 100% of the time. You still want to give potential customers every reason not to look for other options before making their purchase decision.

They will be more than likely buying from somebody online already and might not want to return if there are problems during checkout (which we discussed earlier). It’s those that lose potential customers that end up losing money over the long run, so it’s best to address any concerns at the beginning before they have a chance to spread around.

Set your prices and design

Now comes time for you to set your prices and design your payment system, which will allow customers to make their purchase decision. Like creating a website, there are tons of different companies out there that offer various features (or lack thereof) for each price point at which they operate. It’s mostly a matter of researching or asking other entrepreneurs who they use and how much it cost them to get started. 

When it comes to creating your payment system, just as important as getting one that allows your business to operate smoothly is making sure. It is secure from hackers who can easily steal your customers’ personal information if you don’t have enough expertise in the field. So it’s best to quire other entrepreneurs who have experience with this sort of thing and how much it cost them before contracting somebody.

Start advertising

Now comes the time for you to begin marketing your product or service. Most online businesses don’t necessarily do well when they first start because they believe their products/services will market themselves without outside help. 

Like writing a book, creating seminars, speaking at business conferences, etc., marketing your products/services takes time and effort with little immediate results. This is why many entrepreneurs outsource this step altogether or pay somebody else to take care of it. At the same time, they focus on the other aspects of their business. Regardless, it’s an important step, so don’t ignore or forget about it because your competitors surely won’t.

Manage financial situation

Finally comes time to review your financial situation and how things are going so far, which can be done by looking at revenue, expenses, etc. If you’re doing well, you might consider hiring additional employees who will help automate certain tasks. Still, if not, then you go back to step 1 and start over again with a different payment processor website host/builder until you find one that works best for your needs.

Once found, then repeat steps 3-5 all over again, but this time on a larger scale in hopes of generating greater returns every time you complete one cycle through each of these steps.

Hire Authorized agent

In the case of residents abroad who are interested in starting a business in the US, they need to hire the services of an authorized agent. Said contract will be carried out when the company is constituted and said agent will take the legal and tax documents on behalf of the company.

Register the business

According to the selected state, you will make this registry with the requested forms and requirements. This will constitute a commercial entity.

The requirements are:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Appoint the person who will receive the legal documents of the business.
  • It will be required to fill out a certificate of incorporation to the Department of State. Or perhaps to the Corporation Division of the respective State. This will carry the information of the company, its shareholders, and its members.

When registering the business, you must obtain an employer identification number (EIN) by applying in different ways, including online from the IRS website, which is essential to hire employees in the United States, cancel taxes, get a business license and open a bank account.

Remember that the advice of a professional is always necessary, even if the process is simple.

If you want to open a business in the United States, ask a local expert. In this way, you will receive more security while successfully meeting the requirements.

For example, in this process, H&CO can provide you with its accounting, corporate, and tax advisory services for multinational companies located abroad or in the US.

Online business

To open your business online, you can use the Shopify platform. It is a reliable company that 1,700,000 companies worldwide trust to sell their products.

You can do the test on this platform for free for two weeks. For this, you will not need to enter your credit card.

The process is very simple, and you start by entering your email and password, then the name of the store, and you will create the store. Lastly, do the free trial. Shopify has custom templates, and they take care of everything: marketing, secure transactions, shipping, and payments.

Another way to start your business online is through SITE123, where you can create your website without any design and coding experience. This platform is specially designed for private and corporate internet clients.


To create your website, you will have to perform the following steps:

  • Select the corresponding category from the different alternatives according to your website.
  • Then it would help if you gave that site a name.
  • Finally, you will modify the template and complete the details.

Now, to potentiate a brand, maximize performance and interact more with its customers, some companies are currently deciding to apply an Omnichannel strategy.

Ever think about starting an online business? It’s quick, simple, and can lead to life-changing income. With these 5 easy steps, you could be on your way to success.

Advantages of Owning an Online Business

Advantages of Owning an Online Business

We will mainly talk about 7 of them, and they are:

More fluid communication

The Internet has become an information medium for potential customers. It would help if you strengthened the interaction with the client allowed their communication. All this, since affinity and collaboration are formed by automating it. In this way, you can create accurate messages and prompt responses, allowing more trust and loyalty on the client’s part.

This will improve the impression of service provided by the company.

Budget optimization

The costs are lower, and the reach is greater on the Internet, while in the traditional channels, the costs are higher, and the reach is less than the Internet.

Expansion of sales and customers

The Internet has a greater reach, which leads to increasing potential customers. If the product or service works fine, sales will increase.


Through the Internet, our company can compete with any other, regardless of its size. Also, if we do not have an internet presence with our company, the competition will. In other words, if you do not take advantage of the benefits of the online business, the competition will take advantage.

Adaptive advertising

On the Internet, the guideline allows correcting on the fly and responding immediately.

Brand growth

For any brand, it is essential to maintain a clear digital marketing strategy because it has a presence on the Internet and therefore creates brand loyalty.

The company forms its identity through “online branding,” nurturing security and trust in consumers.

Greater effect and scope

Having a website, online ad, or presence in social networks is similar to having the business available all day throughout the year because the Internet reaches our clients where they are

Likewise, if what you want has no limitations to reaching the local market. However, if you want to cross borders, the Internet is ideal for reaching all possible customers. Still, without the use of the Internet, it would be impossible. You should note that social networks give us the ability to measure the opinion of our community.

It also gives us the opportunity for the attention we provide to our clients. They are diverse perspectives on the advantages of starting online businesses.

If we care about our clients and provide good solutions, the number of followers will increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What degree is best for business students?

Undoubtedly the best degree for a business student is an MBA as it pays the best.

There are also other very convenient disciplines: Master of Finance, Bachelor of Information Systems Management, Supply chains, Bachelor of Supply Chain Management, and Bachelor of Marketing.

What can you do with Business Minor?

A field of study in Accounting, Health, and Medical Sciences, Social Work and Advertising, Marketing major, Business Administration, and Management. It does not apply to undergraduate students.

What is a good minor for management?

When selecting a minor admission, find a business management position, see that they finish completing their specialty and are one of the best.

There are solid alternatives to finding a business management position like communication or human resources classes, both of which display the strong characteristics required in business careers. You might even think about studying in another language or international studies.

What classes should business students take?

They should take business-related classes such as business major courses. Like (business fundamentals, marketing, quality control, information systems, logistics, ethics, financial accounting, economics, and operations management.

What are the requirements for a business specialization?

A bachelor’s degree in an outstanding area of knowledge such as finance is a requirement. Business administration, specialization in marketing and human resources will last four years of full-time study in those fields of study.

Bottom Line

Starting an online business in the United States is fast and easy through different platforms that use very simple procedures. Also, they request minor requirements to create our business on the Internet.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that we will have advantages. Such as an online presence for all companies when opening an online business. All this, since they have services or products with excellent sales potential. Also, they need to attract the largest number of customers, maximizing profit.

Technology is changing exponentially, so it’s no wonder that the Internet has become a major resource. However, many may not know its benefits or how to use them properly in their everyday lives. But this article will show you some great ways!

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