How to Deal With Being Poor | 12 Tips You Must Follow Dealing Poverty


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Everyone wants to stay happy, wealthy, and wise. But sometimes, life brings you to a point where things become challenging for us. But it does not mean that we lose hope and stop trying. Instead, it would help if you stood up for yourself. Yes, as they say, “Life is not a bed of roses.” That’s very much true.

Life is another name of constant struggle. So, if you are suffering from a hard patch these days, you must keep your spirits high and keep working hard to get out of the situation. Although it is also easier said than done but then there is no way-out either. 

I will try to give a helpful piece of information about how to deal with being poor, how to look for an excellent job, the most widespread reasons for losing money, and how to save your valuable earnings. So keep on reading to get the correct information.

How to Deal With Being Poor 

How to Deal With Being Poor

Here are the top 12 tips for dealing with being poor

  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Recognize your abilities
  • Exercising self-control
  • Access your daily and weekly spending
  • Shops comparison
  • Make a shopping list before going shopping
  • Spend less on entertainment and food
  • Take advantage of local food banks
  • Apply for public housing
  • Do not cash your checks on check cash services
  • Teenagers should look for a job
  • Checkout 51 Cash Back App

Now, I will describe the tips in detail;

Spend time with friends and family

Even though you are poor, but if you feel happy with the people who care for you, you are still a rational and pleasing person who leads a valuable life. In the context of diversity, even if you are poor, you will feel less depressed, worried, and anxious when you know you have loyal friends.

Learn the tips to stop being poor.

Recognize your abilities

Poor people always underestimate themselves, and they cannot think about themselves and recognize their abilities. You should look at the positive aspects of situations and accept the things that cannot change because it’s not the end of the world. Think about the case that it is not forever, and you will get out of the crises. 

Exercising self-control

People being poor find it difficult to exercise self-control. Think over the event where you might have shown you lose your temper; to make it strong, you should engage yourself in drinking habits. These exercises will make you feel happier and help to release endorphins.  

Access your daily and weekly spending deals:

Once you look at what you are spending money on, you can cut your expensive habits.

Moreover, you should hunt for bargains, search for supermarkets, factory outlets to improve living standards.

Shops comparison

When you feel that your belt is getting tight, spare some time to compare the prices on stores where you buy regularly and for large purchases while shopping.

Make a shopping list before going shopping.

When going shopping, it is better to have a list of necessary items. Follow the roadmap when you visit the grocery store, instead of wandering about in the store, searching for such things you don’t need. Purchase the essential items and leave. 

Spend less on entertainment and food

Whether it is going to amusement parks or dining out, any entertainment might eat a big chunk of your extra money. So search for the cheapest ways to have fun.

Take advantage of local food banks.

A food bank is an organization run by a community aid institution, church, or homeless shelter that offers food to low-income people.

You can also opt for food stamps; it is a cheap voucher issued by the state’s head to billions of people living on the common income card source.

Apply for public housing

Public housing is a complete assistance program related to rental issues that offer affordable housing options to low-income people. The Department of Housing runs these opportunities. Most tenants pay 30% of their income to subsidize their rents under public housing policy. As for public housing qualification, your earning should not be less than 80% of your average local income.

Do not cash your checks on check cash services:

The check cash services give you the facility to get your cash instantly when you are in the time of need, but deduct the specific amount from the total check. This will leave you with insufficient income at that time. For example, if you cash a 100$ per week, the check-cashing services will deduct 5% of it.

Teenagers should look for a job.

If your family is facing poverty, the vital thing you can do is look for a job instead of playing and wasting time with classmates. In case, you are poor at teenagers you must look at these tips.

When you are at least 13 yr old, you can do small jobs to run out of this situation. Swagbucks are the most excellent option to earn a few bucks; their minimum age for joining is 13, but you will need your parent’s permission before entering.  

Checkout 51 Cash Back App

Check out the cash app that allows your family to get cashback from groceries and hygiene products. You have to upload the receipt and redemption of cash once you hit 20$. What a great opportunity at Checkout 51; even your family can get a cashback offer on the pas station as well. Moreover, they offer savings to about 80% on medications on digital prescription Savings cards.

Tips to Change the Thoughts about Job and Poverty

Tips to Change the Thoughts about Job and Poverty
  • Stop idealizing the rich people that they are dishonest, and you can’t be rich anymore. This is not the right approach, and it makes you see such things which you don’t have. This approach leads to stress and depression, as a survey from Gallup in 2012 found most Americans in depression due to poverty. Of these, 31% of people experienced depression, and 16 % did not live in poverty but were in a depression.
  • The rich people are active because they know they have to struggle to earn more money. But on the other hand, poor people have to wait for wealth throughout the life.
  • According to us, the most important tip is that you should read more radical business ideas to improve your standard of living.
  • Most people are more impoverished because of their thinking and attitude than rich people who had their bank accounts, as poverty is more often the wrong attitude to what you already have.
  • Past is never be changed, while future is full of opportunities. Therefore, instead of remembering the past, you should think about your plans.
  • Living in a state of poverty, you will not be able to pay your credit card bills anymore. If you continue to make miss payments, your credit card debt will be sold, and your wages will be improved.
  • Most people have tons of money, but few are living in a miserable situation yet. So I recommend poor people to shop at thrift stores for their basic needs.
  • In my opinion, I haven’t made much money in my whole life, but I earned 45 to 50 k in a year. Moreover, I had electricity to about 8%, and I get 3% of funds for car rising to about 25$.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is considered broke?

Most people don’t require any money for their name to be broken based on the research. On ordinary people, they are having 878$ available to them in cash or in a bank account to be broke, according to the survey made by founder Daniel Wesley.

How can you tell if a person is poor?

There are many signs that a person is poor, like losing your income source, cannot deal with your payments for several months. Moreover, if you spend more time getting work, struggling for bill payments, always target cheap products. If addicted to something, your car is 15 years old, and last but not least, if you depend on the government to survive.

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How can you be happy even if you are poor?

There are specific tips if you adopt, you can make yourself happy even if you are poor. That includes 

  • being optimistic, 
  • looking at the positive side of situations, 
  • being grateful for everything you have, 
  • might think poverty is not permanent, 
  • volunteering to help, 
  • thinking as rich people think, 
  • settling clear goals, 
  • developing a hobby, and 
  • Enjoying nature.

How tell if someone is rich?

If you have the two standard deviations higher than the median household income of $59,000 and the median household net worth of $100,000, you’re considered rich. At a two standard deviation, you’re richer than 97 % of all Americans.

How can I be happy without spending money?

You can be happy without spending money even if you spend a lot of time with your family and create strong bonds with your relatives and friends. By creating a gratitude journal, go for a walk, understand the definition of fun for yourself, smile even if you don’t like it, and strive for security and serenity.


To wrap up the article and deal with being poor, I would like to say that being poor is nothing to be ashamed thing. Live to start with the simple rule: don’t spend more than you earn. In this way, you can take this dark cloud away from your life and take control of your expenses. Smart shopping, staying physically and mentally healthy, and keeping an eye on your finances will help you go through the track. 

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