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How to Stop Being Poor | Best 4 Vital Tips So Far Stop Being Poor


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I don’t think that anyone will disagree that money isn’t everything, but life will be difficult when you do not have enough of it. But the question is what divides the haves from have-nots? Why do some people work hard throughout the life and some people are financially strong? As I have spent most of my years in the law enforcement company and observed deeply several aspects of society. I came across many surprising people in my surroundings. I searched that you cannot judge a book by its cover and perceived the unique changes that people have made to succeed in life to be rich and improve living standards. So if you want to know how to stop being poor, here is the right piece of information for you.

Why You Are Poor?

How to Stop Being Poor

There are several reasons you are getting poor, but three main reasons may cause failure:

Disadvantaged background

Some people live with more life benefits than others; these benefits are known as “privilege.” You might be inadequate because of the reason that you may be of those people who were born with less privilege.

Due to any unfortunate tragedy

Do you know most of the liquidations happen due to medical expenses?

Yes! It’s true.

These people are not having success due to bad health. So it’s not fair to compare disabled people with those who spent the whole of their life with good health and wealth.

Therefore, maybe you are a person who had faced any unexpected circumstances, like disease or depression, and that is why you are lacking. 

Poor financial decisions

You need to observe that you might have a sorry hand in your life in the past, so you have to make some remarkable financial decisions to upgrade your income.

How to Stop Being Poor

How to Stop Being Poor

Well! Taking the following steps will improve your standard of living and financial situations.

Start budgeting

When you start to count each penny of your earned income, you might think that you don’t have enough money to budget, but this is the wrong way.

Budget is planning expenses before saving extra money for more significant expenditures that you come across once in a year. In this way, you can cut the additional costs and save for long-term spending. But this can’t be true most of the time because an Australian can earn less than 50% of its average wage, which technically puts him on the deficiency line. 

There are many areas where you can reduce your expenses like makeup, gifts, waxes, mobile bills, mortgage repayments, and many more. So, you can quickly reduce your spending up to 30-50% where you find the considerable cost. Therefore, the key to success is to go for necessities first.

Now is the best time for saving when you planned your budget to reduce unnecessary expenses; Australians save less than 5 % of their income in the prevailing time. Still, it was found 10%. Therefore we are not doing great for defending the unexpected financial surprises. But I aim to save 50 % after paying income tax this year.

Read books instead of wasting time on TV and the internet

Thomas Corley spent five years researching the lives and habits of rich and poor people, summarized in his book “Rich Habits.” He wrote that many rich people, about 88%, have the habit of reading books to improve the standard of living for half an hour, compared to 2% of poor people. 

Another reason for being rich is to listen to the audiobooks, in which he compared 63% rich who are in this habit and 5 % poor who do not do this.

Although there are many online sources to read books like kindle, XP & vista kindle cloud readers, you should have no kindle device. So think about this you should consider vegging out in the future.

Be healthy

I have observed people working in extreme situations and for longer times. They are 30 years old but look like 70 years old people. People who work for longer times are used to drinking beer and smoking, but their bodies are not healthy. You cannot ignore the importance of hard work, but you should also think about your health care.

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Regular visits to your doctor, taking excellent and healthy food is very much essential. Suppose you are working in a company that offers your health insurance. In that case, you should avail of reliable health insurance; when you are in your early forties, you can go for an operation for your stomach even.

Get out of debt

You cannot improve your living standard and become rich until you pay more in interest than earning it. If you want to get out of this situation, you need to think about the solution to get out of debt

Firstly, you should plan for getting out of debt; make a budget for paying an obligation for each month. When you are free of your amount outstanding, you will be able to build up financial security.

The credit cards you use may ease you down for a while, but then the credit stars you get on your profile make life hard for you later. Yes, the star rating is one thing most people do not know about. So, ideally, you should stay away from the credit card debt as the banks assess your profile through breakdown by the star. 

Get Education

The most important step is to get an education. A good education will open up a world of opportunities for you and increase your chances of getting a good job.

Having a good education will open up opportunities that can help you lead an easier, more comfortable life.

Get a job

Another important step is to get a job. It is important to find a job that pays a good salary to afford to live comfortably.

Save money 

It would help if you also tried to save money whenever possible. This can be difficult, but it is important to have a savings account to have money saved up in case of an emergency.

Live below your means.

It is also important to live below your means. This means that you should not spend more than you can afford. This will help you save money and avoid debt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you be happy even if you are poor? 

You can be happy even if you are lacking by appreciating everything you have. Think positive and take it as a temporary state of affairs. Practice self-care, believe in yourself, and read books to get inspiration.

How do I know if I’m poor?

There are no hard and fast rulebooks to know you are poor, but you might be considered poor if you cannot survive for three months after losing your source of income. Other conditions include if you could not pay your bills, always target cheap products, and are dependent on the government to change the standard of living. Last but not least, is depends on loans to live are the common signs of being poor.

How can I appear poor?

There are many signs of appearing to be poor. These include; low purchase power of necessities of life, inability to pay the utility bills, always opts for the cheap things, and many more.

What kind of a life is a poor life?

Life in extreme poverty can be endured and survived, but not one that is particularly fun. Life in poverty is a life without necessities, food security, and without money, possessions we take for granted.

Do you need to be rich to be happy?

According to the new research by wealth analysts, the idea that money can’t buy happiness has been disapproved by science. In experts’ view, happiness increases with the increase in wealth, but the correlation peaks at earning 75000$ per year.

How can you tell if someone is rich?

There are some unique signs by which one can guess they are rich people. Rich people are humble in their tone, and they think that with wealth comes a realization that there are many things more than money. Rich people don’ show their wealth; they don’t need to flaunt it, talk about it, or prove it because they might be hiding it. 

Are billionaires happy?

According to the research, billionaires are happier than simple average persons, but not because they have lots of money. Because they have many choices, opportunities, and strong relationships, all three factors make them happy.

How do you survive being broke?

You can survive if you are optimistic, accept the challenges, find free activities to keep yourself busy. Another way is to skip grocery items for a week, sell extra things that you don’t use for extra cash, budget, and reduce unnecessary expenses.

What should I do if I’m poor?

You can do many things to stop being poor, like attending trade school to learn new skills and getting a college degree. However, don’t go into debt to listen and watch YouTube videos to overcome the issue.

How much money is considered broke?

Our survey showed an average of people considered a percentage of breakdowns to about 878 dollars available to them in direct cash or a bank account.


So it is concluded from the topic, how to stop being poor, that only making plans and struggling for essential utilities of life is an exhausting and terrible condition. It seems very difficult to find a way out of this situation, but it is impossible to overcome poverty conditions; you have to be positive towards life and find practical solutions. I hope so the above article will be successful in giving you the correct information.