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Can you Go to Jail for Over Drafting your Bank Account?

Can you Go to Jail for Over Drafting your Bank Account?


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An overdraft is an amazing feature the bank provides to its most valuable customers. This feature permits the consumer to consume more money than the amount they have in their bank (this also has a limit). However, interest is only charged on the amount that has been overdraft. Moreover, the bank would not send you to jail for over-drafting your bank account because most customers are allowed to overdraft a certain amount they must return on time. And sometimes, you need to inform the bank about the overdraft.

Another aspect of overdraft is that you must inform the bank beforehand before opting for an overdraft over the limit. In such scenarios, you will have to pay the penalty charges for not informing the bank, and the interest rate would be charged higher than the normal interest rate. Further, you will get a notice from the bank to clear your dues sooner.

Furthermore, the bank can freeze your account until your overdraft amount is cleared. This clearly shows that you would not be able to access any of the account processing or the money sent into your account, for instance, your salary.

Banks usually charge their customers a huge monthly fee for asking for an overdraft. Thus, it can be a really expensive way to borrow money from the bank.  

What is an Overdraft?

Can you Go to Jail for Over Drafting your Bank Account?

An overdraft happens when there isn’t sufficient cash in that frame of mind to cover an exchange or withdrawal. However, the bank permits the exchange at any rate.

It’s an expansion of credit from the monetary foundation that is conceded when a record arrives at nothing. The overdraft permits the record holder to keep pulling out cash in any event when the record has no funds in it or lacks funds to cover how much the withdrawal is.

When can you be charged with overdraft?

Overdraft expenses are caused when you spend more cash than you have accessible in your financial balance. Banks ordinarily charge around $35 per occasion, implying that you can be charged different overdraft charges in a solitary day. You can overdraw your record by composing checks, swiping charge cards, pulling out cash at ATMs, and setting up programmed charge cards or ACH installments.

How do you avoid being Charged with Overdrafts? 

Can you Go to Jail for Over Drafting your Bank Account?

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Expert Opinion

You always check your account details, as an overdraft can cause you a lot of penalties. So, try to clear your dues with your bank as soon as possible. And this will save you from facing multiple issues with your bank and in maintaining your account.

Thus, banking is a procedure in which you must take care of everything regarding your account details. So, before opting for an overdraft, be sure to be ready for the consequences, and then you have to pay the amount along with interest.

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