How to Start a Summer Lawn Mowing Business | Step By Step Guide


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A lawn trimming company might be a good fit for you if you like operating outside in the scorching summer weather and interacting with people. This is definitely the appropriate company for you if you don’t care busting a beat, working a long day (actually), and moving big machines. A significant advantage of this line of business is the low financial requirements needed to start it. It requires dedication and a willingness to work hard. If you have those things, then you are ready to start. To this end, we have highlighted some tips on how to start a summer lawn mowing business below. 

Furthermore, green business is an excellent option for those who love nature and prefer to work in the fresh air. And one of its most lucrative varieties is the summer lawn mowing business, which is generally considered a seasonal job. Still, you can turn it into a year-round source of income if desired.

How to Start a Summer Lawn Mowing Business

How to Start a Summer Lawn Mowing Business

There is no business that is not profitable. It can only be successful if you treat it like a REAL business. If you’re a freelance writer, you need to treat your business as a standalone business and give it your full attention. The same applies to starting a summer lawn mowing business. Here are the steps on how to start a summer lawn mowing business:

Gain basic knowledge of lawn care

Tell us, do you have good knowledge of gardening? If not, you need to arm yourself with lawn care and gardening in general since sound knowledge is the foundation of any business. You might be biting your fingers in the long run if you don’t have the basic knowledge. This is to learn how to recognize bad grasses, bad spots, and discolored grasses.

We advise you to begin as an apprentice or study under an established lawn care business owner or company to get started. This will give you a clear understanding of the intricacies of running a lawn maintenance business.

If you don’t desire to work with anyone, you can read books and attend seminars/workshops on running a summer lawn mowing business. You can take an online test at the end of the course and get certified as a LIC Lawn Care Training if you score 70% on the exam.

Conduct a feasibility study of your summer lawn care business 

Is a lawn care service available in your area? Is there a significant demand for such services in your region? If so, who are your potential customers, and what is their income level? How much are they willing to pay, and how do you contact them? How long will it take you to break even in lawn care? Is there room for future expansion? If so, how will the extension be done?

All of the above questions are critical questions you need to answer before starting a summer lawn mowing service. And the only way to get factual answers (not assumptions) is through a feasibility study.

Make a solid business plan

Running a mowing business is quite challenging as you have to deal with customers and employees while still providing quality service? So it takes some foresight. It would be best to have a great business plan to gather your ideas and give you strategic direction.

A business plan should include a resume, profile, mission and vision, a marketing plan, what your business does, start-up capital, and a map of how to plan your business.

If you are unsure how to write a business, we advise you to speak with a business consultant with experience in the lawn care field. As a professional, a consultant will help you calculate your financial projections and sales estimates. 

Get the name of the company

If you are on a reasonable budget, you should obtain and register a company name. But if you don’t have enough money to register, save it for another time and keep running your business as a “one-man show .” As your business expands, you can start creating and registering a company name.

When opting for a company name, it is essential to choose a company name that will be memorable and fit the brand. Your company name should also reflect your core values, and you shouldn’t forget to create a catchy slogan or slogan. You can browse the web for ideas and names of lawn care companies.

Get insurance coverage

You need to purchase liability insurance that covers you, your business, and its employees. It’s also essential that you hire a lawyer to assist you in any legal issues in the future.

Set up a business bank account

Yes, it would help if you had it. You need a business account to keep your personal and business finances separate.

Get the equipment you need

Of course, you cannot use your teeth to clean the grass. It would help if you had equipment like grass seeds, fertilizers, a grass trimmer, blowers, a large van, and other lawn care aids to keep your business running. When purchasing lawn care tools, we recommend using a standard lawnmower. But if you are starting with limited capital, you should get a semi-used lawn mower to save money.

If you get the gear for under 20% of replacement value and expect to be buying newer gear in your first three months, then secondhand gear may be alright in this instance. That’s normal. Besides, it will have been the toughest 4-6 months you’ll likely face in the business.

Here is some essential equipment that you need: Equipment Median cost per equipment Mower $600 Cutter $300 Leaf blower $300. Also, if you are going to offer a trimming service, you will need a lawnmower. If you are looking to provide tree pruning services, it would be helpful to have a full range of trimmers.

Whatever equipment you choose, never compromise on quality. The last thing you may want is to use poor-quality tools that will either give poor results or break over time.

Another essential piece of equipment that you shouldn’t forget to buy is lawn care software. This software will assist you in planning your work and will also store your clients’ data in an organized database.

Calculate your profit goals

Determine the amount you would like to earn annually and divide it by 12 to determine the desired monthly income. Divide that number by the number of hours you want to work each week to arrive at your hourly rate.

Calculate your labor, operating, and other expenses

Include the expenditures of equipment storage, personnel wages, marketing and sales, power, and the web. For competent individuals, average rates for lawn service company employees vary between $ 12 to $ 18 per hour, but it’s important to check rates at nearby firms if feasible.

Write a price guide

You may do so by calculating the area of your property. Next, get quotes from other nearby companies. Also, inquire about rates from friends and relatives who have modest lawns. Set rates in the center or at the top of your society’s pricing range.

Grooming a lawn in the summer might cost anywhere from $ 10 to $ 80. When choosing rates, consider your expenses to guarantee that your rates will enable you to fulfill your financial goals.

Buy an existing lawn care franchise

If you don’t want to face the stress of starting your own lawn care business from scratch, then you can take the easier route by purchasing an existing and successful lawn care business. This can be pretty easy if you have capital.

Another merit of buying a franchise is that many banks will lend you money because the franchisor has proven that this business will be successful. The SBA additionally insures these contracts, which implies that if you miss on repayment, the borrower will receive up to an 85percent of the loan amount.

Interview and recruit a seasoned assistant.

Post help wanted ad in your daily newspaper or on a careers website that specifies the job criteria. To recruit more qualified workers, plan to offer far more than the basic wage. Workers ask to be paid a fair wage since lawn labor is difficult.

Promote your services to your customers

Clients usually patronize the summer lawn mowing business over 55 with no children at home. Start advertising aggressively in the spring to bring summer customers together early. The most cost-effective advertising methods are door windows and business listings in your local newspaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lawn care a good business?

Yes. Lawn care is a good business, as it comes with many merits.

How much should I charge for mowing?

You can charge between $20 to $85 for mowing a lawn. Most likely, you will be well below the not-so-well-to-do in a town of 7000. Well, there doesn’t look to be any professional services doing residential services, and all of the yards are small enough that I could likely charge $25 each and still get 2.5 done an hour.

Is the lawn mowing business profitable?

The lawn mowing company has a lot of possibilities for profit and earnings. Lawn maintenance and gardening company owners may make somewhere from $6,000 to $70,000 during their first year, as per, and as much as $180,000 to $260,000 after a few seasons.

A scarcity of qualified labor was cited as a difficulty by 53 percent of those surveyed, putting it the most frequent answer. In particular, 35 percent of landscaping and exterior specialty businesses mentioned difficulties recruiting new workers and being underutilized as a key business concern in the gardening industry.”

When can I start cutting grass time?

Many professional gardeners recommend cutting the grass between 8 AM and 10 AM daily.

How do I start a part-time mowing business?

You can start a part-time mowing business through the tips highlighted above.


In conclusion, lawn mowing comes with numerous merits. And if you desire to learn how to start a summer lawn mowing business, the tips highlighted above will aid you immensely.

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