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Business cards are one of the few communication media that have survived the digitization of businesses. It’s tough to know how much to bill for business card designing when you’re establishing a new promotional design company. For that purpose, the highlights listed below will be quite beneficial.

Additionally, business cards serve as a representation of a company’s personal competence! It not only provides the company’s contact details, but also serves as a marketing tool. It does, after all, enable experts from various fields to disclose their personal details and the identification of their organization to their clientele.

Given the growing rate of digitization, the business card industry continues to develop. It may seem unexpected at first, but it’s really fairly rational in the end.

It’s a tangible media that can be trusted throughout a face-to-face conversation. Business cards too are necessary for developing one’s networking opportunities and greatly increasing the likelihood of a fresh cooperation prospering.

How Much to Charge for Business Card Design

How Much to Charge for Business Card Design

To stay in business, you need to recover the costs of creating your product and turn a profit. For example, each business card cost $1 to make with an additional 10% markup for profits.

Usually, when we talk about selling products, they must be priced at least above their manufacturing or production costs to avoid going into immediate debt (or losing money). To sell my cards, I would have needed them to be priced higher than what I paid per unit, plus adding another percentage increase called “profit.”

In this case, I would have needed my cards to cost $2 per card so that after creating 100 cards, I could sell them all and turn a profit of $100.

However, when talking about design work, the pricing method is a little bit different. Designers need to price their work based on what they are worth (or what they want to make), not necessarily the costs associated with their labor.

While you may be able to sell your business card design services for more than its production costs ($1 or $2 per unit), it doesn’t mean that you should right off the bat without first considering other factors like your experience and time spent working on client’s projects. Instead of selling our business card designs for $2, we could look to charge $40 per design.

Since you will be selling your designs for more than their production costs, it may seem like you’ll make a lot more money. But keep in mind that when pricing your work higher, clients are likely going to expect the quality of your work to increase as well.

Since your client’s projects should represent who they are as a business/personality (and reflect on them). 

It is important that you only participate in jobs that truly interest and inspire you – even if this means turning down offers that pay close to or even above what you might earn at other jobs.

For professional designers to ensure they remain profitable while providing valuable services, they need to charge enough relative to their skills and experience not to devalue their work.

Several Business Cards Costing 

Several Business Cards Costing

There are several solutions available to clients who desire to create business cards. The prices vary widely, ranging from free to some thousands of dollars. Below, we will highlight them and thus guide every designer through these options. Come along! 

Plastic business card

The thick plastic of these cards gives shine and a very modern look to this design. However, there is no doubt that your client’s choices in this area will greatly influence the overall cost of the cards!

You could end up charging between $ 1 to $ 100 per card or even more. This is also dependent on the material your clients choose. But if the effect is worth the cost to your client’s business, it’s an investment like any other.

Patterned business card

This entails the use of brightly coloured graphics to represent high-end printing technology on business cards. The Colourful cogs of this design immediately bring to mind technology and excellence. You could end up charging between $ 10 to $ 200 per card or even more.

If your client’s business generates great photos, don’t hesitate to demonstrate them on their business cards. They can’t help but get their mouth-watering after seeing one of these business cards!

Business Card with photos

The Business card with photos stands as a true work of art that many will love to keep. They are an excellent option too. You can show off your designing skills on this card if your customers are naturally curious!

A business card with your client’s face printed on it is a great way for them to be remembered. Either way, pictures are important and can get a message across instantly. Here, you can charge your clients between $ 50 to $ 500 per card.

Business card with logo as watermark

These business cards come with a design that is both beautiful and unique. There are many ways to position your client’s logo on a business card. Thus, it would help if you took the time to explore your options before making a final presentation to them. Here, you can charge your clients between $ 500 to $ 1000.

Metal business card

Everyone loves things that shine, and you can take advantage of this adage by embedding a thin metal leaf on your business cards. Embossing and metal foils usually give business cards a luxurious look. In cases like these, a successful design is likely to cost between £199 and £999. (

Why make Business Cards?

How Much to Charge for Business Card Design

Before learning about the amount to charge for business card design, you need to know why business cards are an essential piece of communication among business owners. 

Upstairs sales rates

Distributing business cards is one of the most effective tactics for anyone looking to increase their sales conversions. But how is this printable to do this?

Consider that for every 2,000 cards delivered, the sales rate increases by 2.5%. Thus, the business card becomes an extremely effective method to reach potential customers while encouraging them to purchase.

Guarantee of partnerships

Delivering business cards is an extremely viable practice for companies looking for business partners – such as potential distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and so on.

This is because this exchange of printed material makes the company make its first (positive) contact with institutions that somehow add something to it.

Best cost-benefit

The business card is a material full of benefits, and the best part: it can be printed for absurdly low prices. Remember that the greater the number of hard copies, the lower the amount charged per unit.

The lack of high costs for printing, its high distribution power, and the consequent increase in sales makes it fundamental in the strategy of companies of all sizes and segments.

Business Card Design: The Determining Factors

Business card design

Many self-publishing programs and online printing providers offer business card design, and it’s hard to compete against these free services. You can charge for your service if you offer a truly different design from what the rest of the market is doing. To begin, do make use of the following tips:

How special are you?

Determine if what you do with business card design is truly exceptional. The standard design on a business card is hardly noticeable. You have to be doing something different from what self-publishing programs and online services do to justify the expense.

It could be that your design difference depends on unusual card size, die-cut shapes, or the card material. Perhaps you produce cards in full color, use interesting fonts, or incorporate the photograph on the card.

Remember that you can only charge respectable fees for today’s business card designs if you deliver a result. With this, the customer cannot get them for free elsewhere or make them himself.

Determine if a logo design is included.

Next, determine if logo design is part of the task. Many startups and micro businesses do not have an actual logo. You can increase your design fee for a business card by including a logo design in the service. Give customers several options when it comes to custom logo design. Include permanent ownership of this custom logo on final billing. Do not under-invoice for this service. 

Most companies adopt a logo and use it for many years on many types of marketing materials. Charge a nice one-time design fee for this logo design, and then consider throwing out the business card or letterheads at no extra charge. On the other hand, if you see an ad for a $50 book cover or a $100 logo, you can be assured that you will likely be wasting your time and money. 

Research and compete

Fees for business card design services vary widely by region in the world. Thus, it is difficult to quote a standard business card “rate” for design services that pertain to all places.

Ultimately, the most accurate price to charge will be based on community demographics and competitive factors. It would help if you researched what your local competitors charge for their design work. 

Call all the other designers anonymously, and ask how they charge for their services. Set your design quota, either in the middle of the table or at the highest end. Customers are often scared to get too much “discount” from service providers, as low price often means “low quality” in their minds.

The price of your service should be slightly higher than most of your competitors. This will imply that your work is of better quality.

Include printing services in the design fee

Before designing the card, including printing the first 250, 500, or 1,000 cards, offer to hand over the finished cards after they are ready. Save the design layout files so the customer can only order the business cards from you.

This is one way to stretch the monetization of a card design service. Furthermore, don’t send your cards to publish until you’re completely satisfied with how they look.

Design for long life

Remember that most business cards are discarded after less than a couple of hours. Make your design different or so useful that the “life” of the cards is longer. You can include a helpful calendar on the back of the card to extend the card’s life.

You can also turn the card into an interesting little piece of “art” that the recipient will want to retain. If the card design promises an “extra-long life,” you can charge more for your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should graphic designers charge?

The amount should be dependent on the requirements of each client.

How much should I charge for a logo design?

You can charge between $5 to $1000. With a fair percentage, sales also increase for every 2,000 business cards handed out.

How much does it cost to make 500 business cards?

Making 500 business cards would cost between $50 and 200.

How much do 1000 business cards cost?

Making 1000 business cards would cost between $100 and 500.

How much does the average business card cost

The average business card cost between $10 to $500. 

How to do your price design work

The pricing of every design work should be based on quantity and quality. This is a major reason why Crowdspring offers a 100% money-back guarantee as well.

How much should I charge as a contractor?

As a contractor, you can charge between $50 to $100 per hour.

How much should I charge per hour?

To get a fair price, add up your overhead costs, labor, and profit you desire to earn. Next, divide the result by the number of hours you worked. 

How much do graphic designers charge for business card design?

A skilled artist with some expertise beneath their belts will probably cost in the range of $900 To $3,000. That’s with almost 88 percent of the card produced. Also, as per a new analysis.

The typical single proprietorship rate of pay with most designing services is above $73/hr. As per the 2009 demographic statistics, the median profitability for creatives is just 13 percent.

How much should I charge for a card design?

You can charge between $5 and $1500 for a card design.


In conclusion, business cards come with various merits. Also, there are several options available when creating business cards as a designer. To this end, the highlight on how much to charge for business card design above will be indispensable for you.

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