How to Start an Edibles Business in California | Follow These 11 Steps Right Now


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If you want to start your own edibles business, from bakers to chefs to make high-calibre foods to die-hard entrepreneurs ready to cultivate their cannabis, there are several options, to begin with. However, it isn’t easy to research the current and expected climate before discovering and starting your own edible business. 

Even though few new brands are working, there is a space for prepared entrepreneurs to develop a household brand to enter this field.  This article will guide how to start an edibles business in California, with all facts and steps.

How to Start an Edibles Business in California

Start an Edibles Business in California

To start an edibles business in California simply follow these steps;

  • Understand the state’s local needs
  • Set up a shop in a good location
  • Plan for your expenditure
  • Search a source for cannabis
  • Set up your infrastructure
  • Develop brand identity
  • Set the distribution channels
  • Prepare to hold cash
  • Select software for managing operations
  • Start Advertisements
  • Bring your business to sale.

Understand the state’s local needs

In 2015 Governor Jerry Brown signed the Medical Cannabis Regulation Safety Act, which comprises three bills containing rules for transportation, sales, cultivation, manufacturing, testing, licensing, and regulation of commercial cannabis cultivation.

It is necessary to note that the cultivation of cannabis is illegal and cannot cross the grounds of the state. If you live in California can sell it only in California. If you want to move it across the state, you should have a license or franchise.

Set up a shop in a good location

After searching for risks and regulations in the cannabis business, now is the best time to go for a location from where to operate. The site should have the proper amenities and be accessible to you and your personnel so that your subordinates and workers can work properly for long periods.

The new legislative development in California works with relaxed rules on asset forfeiture that plagued cannabis operators, but it does not mean you should legally complain about it.

Plan for your expenditure

The start of an edible business is costly but is less expensive than starting a dispensary. You have to calculate the fixed and currently going costs for it.

  • Infrastructure, kitchen equipment
  • Staff
  • Material sourcing
  • Brand development
  • Marketing
  • Testing
  • Packaging
  • Software

Most banks don’t dive into your business due to its risks in these circumstances, but some investors can help you with this issue.

Search a source for cannabis

The best way to find a regular source for cannabis is to join the cannabis events and conferences and get to make meetings with the cultivators and manufacturers. Make sure to find someone original to offer you the quality flower which you need. You can also go to the wholesaler marketplaces and can purchase in bulk.

Set up your infrastructure

The edible company needs the kitchen set up in a particular manner and stocked with the necessary ingredients. It depends on what type of edible product you want to produce like, butter, chocolates, beverages, and many other styles.

You also have to look for the products that need refrigeration as everything has expiry dates. If you want to go for the baking products, you have to set up a commercial kitchen.

Moreover, you can contact the companies who work for the co-packaging and ready-made infrastructure setups that can make edibles for your cannabis industry and pack them for your brand.

Development of brand identity

Nowadays, companies invest in packaging and reassembling products in the typical high-end stores by using their labels to compete in the market. 

Although logos do not appreciate the warranties, like scrutiny, one must be very careful in packaging laws due to the tricky making of cannabis-infused cookies, delectable treats, and candies. So childproof and reasonable packaging is essential in California. You should also protect the rights of your brand and product lines to create transparency in addition to packaging.

Set the distribution channels

Most brands can start their business by visiting dispensaries and persuading them to give the stocks of their products and receive feedback. When you notice that your product is gaining demand and establishing the product, the next step is distributing the product, which means how the customers can purchase your productthere are some factors that you should target.

  • Identification of your dispensaries and delivery groups where you want to stock your product. All dispensaries and delivery groups are not the same and have different types of customers, so identify your brand’s position and make a list of your ideal clients.
  • Search for the distributors who can help in expanding your brand. The aspects like how much you can provide them with your stock, ship your product which areas they can reach and can’t get, what other companies are selling, and how they can represent your brand should be kept in mind.

Preparation of holding cash

For cannabis companies, banking is complex. Federally insured banks do not accept marijuana business, but few pilot programs run under the FinCEN rules and regulations. It needs some time for the maturity of regulations, so you should be careful to plan for investing.

If you are selling Marijuana in CA, you have to pay 15% excise tax and 9.5 % country tax. People who own this facility can also own and operate Marijuana cultivation and can produce a minimum of 70% of the inventory that is in hand.

In addition to this, the patients who have medical cards are liable to pay 25% per mg of THC. As in the past, one could buy the candy or cookie bar infused with 100 mg of THC, as it contains the psychoactive chemical present in Marijuana, but now it contains only 10% of Marijuana. 

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Selection of software for managing operations

For managing the critical aspects of your edible company, you will need software for automation. Like:

  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Task management
  • Order management
  • Payroll and accounting

Whatever the tool you opt for, there should be a connection between them to automate your business, or you will waste your precious time doing the dual data entries and human errors. That’s why it is good to have software to manage your business, customers, and edible product by opting for a tool like Distru.


To grow your edible business and put efforts into the distribution process, you have to advertise your product on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other options.

Bring your business to sale.

Once you get the approval of your business to run after getting the permission and license, now you can start your business.

It is the best time to make relationships with your supply chain, bring your product, team, and brand to life, and make efforts for its sale. According to the data provided by the government, a gram of dried marijuana flower was sold at $7.50 in 2017.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you legally sell edibles in California?

California currently allows the sale and manufacturing of Cannabis products, including edibles; you cannot use industrial plant species as the source of CBD in food products as it is harmful to the health. 

What do I need to start an edible business in California?

Outline your business plan and finances. Get knowledge about California’s current regular climate. Registration with the secretary of state is essential and gets a dual license. Apply for the proper permit with suitable Governmental bodies, and start your business. 

Are CBD drinks legal in California?

In California, CBD beverages, undigested oils, or other sort of edible products are prohibited. It will remain banned to promote and market Cannabidiol foods, beverages, and pills till the FDA includes CBD on the universally acknowledged approved list.

How much is a distribution license in California?

A license fee for a distributor can cost up from $1500 to 240000$. The license and renewal fee amount depends on the gross revenue for the 12 month license period.

Do you need a license to sell edibles in CA?

They are making commercial edibles needs forst obtaining state and local licenses for edibles. The cannabis kitchens cannot run in 65% of the cities of California. So you can find the city and a place to rent for getting local and state licenses. 

How can I start a CBD business in California?

Plan your business, form a legal entity, register for taxes, open a business bank account and credit card, set up business accounts, get the necessary license and permits, and get the business insurance.

How illegal is selling edibles?

There is permission to sell and manufacture cannabis products in California, but you cannot use the industrial hemp in the food produced as a source of CBD.

How much do homemade edibles sell for? 

Edibles can take the form of gummies, cookieschocolates, and lollipops; the price for one dry gram of edibles ranges from $20 to $50, with $36 being the average price.


Starting the edible business is somewhat complicated, and you need to do more than this as you will work through the evolving and complex regulatory landscape. 

Indeed there are many essential parts to starting the edible business in California, but if you want to grow and flourish it. You should follow the steps discussed in this article; you can make truffles, brownies, gummies and other types of beverages doubted very well without any tension.

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