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Nowadays, the video game industry is gaining trend very rapidly. This business model includes video game business design, consoles, cell phones, PCs, and virtual reality devices. You can purchase these games on brick and mortar stores and as well as online. The video game business is a great tool to connect people offering enjoyment, enhancing confidence, and thus improving hand-eye coordination. Yes, it is a profitable business; if you want to know how to start a video game business, this article will be a perfect piece of information.

How to Start a Video Game Business

How to Start a Video Game Business

Finally, you came to the right place for a profitable business idea, and you have to follow some legal steps.

Plan your business

A business plan is an essential initial step and tool for a successful business, as it helps to figure out the ongoing and operational costs.

Costs involved in the video game company

The video company needs many computers, specialized computer software, computer monitors, printers, video game consoles, insurance, employees, ability to create video games. You have to calculate the costs for all these initial investments and facilities.

Ongoing expenses for a video game market

You should replace and update the hardware and software for your businesses. You should save up to $200 to 500 per month for hardware and software upgrades. Plan the investment for hundreds to thousands on utilities, high-speed internet, and office sundries for one month.

Employees working for video game businesses have a salary up to $40,000 to 100,000 or more per year. A marketing expert and manager will command a salary of $30000 to 60000, and a receptionist and beta tester’s basic salary will be %8 to 15 per hour.

Customer’s fees

As video game is a profitable business, they can cost up to $19,99 to $69.99, and high-quality brand new video game can sell for up to $49.99 to $59.99. 

Form a legal entity

Building up legal entities like LLCs or corporations saves you from personal liability when using your video game business. The most commonly used business entities and structures are sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations.

Registration for taxes

Before opening your video games business, you must register the company with various state and federal taxes. For the registration of taxes, you will apply on EIN, as it is an easy and free procedure.

Small business taxes

The amount of tax you have to pay is dependent on the structure and size of the video game business. There are special taxes for different states of America that you can apply for. 

Business bank account and credit card

For the personal protection of assets, use the dedicated business banking accounts and credit card accounts. Your assets and property, like your home, car, and other valueless are may be at risk in the use of your business when you mix your personal and business accounts. In terms of business law, rules and regulation, this is piercing your corporate veil.

Open net 30 accounts

When it is creating a business credit net, 30 vendors are a way to go through. This is the way for quality credit cards and other lines.

Obtain essential permits and licenses

For the operation of a video game company, specific state permits and licenses are essential.

For information on local licenses and permits, you can contact:

  • Get help from the local associations affiliated with the US Small Business Association directory of local business resources.
  • Contact your town city local clerk’s office.

Trademark and copyrights protection

Suppose you are opening a video game company with a unique product, design, or concept brand. In that case, it is essential to save your rights by registering with proper trademarks and copyrights. But the nature of the requirements regarding copyrights and laws is frequently changing.

Ask for business insurance.

Just like permits and insurance, to operate lawfully and safely, your business needs insurance. Business insurance will protect your business from loss and will recover it. If you are not aware of the types of insurance and their coverage, you can start with general liability insurance.

Statistics Facts for Video Game Business in the USA

Statistics Facts for Video Game Business in the USA
Global gaming market by 2025$256.97billion
Global gaming market in 2019$151.55billion
Global gaming market in 2020$90 billion
Revenue in the video game industry in 2017$78.61 billion
Expected market volume of video games in 2024$100.56 billion
Expenditure of players in 2020$4.5 billion
Pacific ga, ming revenue in 2021$174 billion
Annual revenue36.92 billion

General Video Game Industry Statistics

General Video Game Industry Statistics

When you have an overview of the latest data, now check the industry statistics chronologically.

  • The gaming industry is expecting to generate $179 .7 billion in 2020.
  • The video game market generated revenue of $162.32 billion in 2020.
  • In 2026 the expected revenue is going to increase by $295.63 billion in coming years.
  • The part of expected share in terms of profit in the video game industry in 2021 revenue 2021 will be $32.3 billion, and for console games, the global game market will be 22%.
  • The puzzle games fan club on the part of smartphones was $5.1 billion in 2020; the growth rate was 29% compared to the profit in 2019.
  • The revenue for puzzle games accounted for casual games was just 50% in 2020.
  • Due to the growing trend of the video game industry worldwide, the revenue is expected to reach $1.61 billion in 2024.
  • In 2021 the largest video game company is Activision Blizzard. It currently holds the market up to $70.74 billion; it was increased the rate up to 25% compared to May 2020.
  • The profits from ticket sales in the video game industry are expected to reach $41.7 billion.
  • 60% growth rate was in 2020 in the game playing in people aged 45 to 54.
  • More than 2.5 billion people are fond of playing video games all over the world.
  • Esports has an audience of around 456 million.
  • Mobile phone gamers are 73% of mobile users in the US, and this ratio is increasing at the rate of 9% per year.
  • 40 % of developers say that they are creating games for androids and smartphones.

But in the opinion of Holt, he is hiring 50% for his job because the competition starts from the stellar team.

The potential growth of the video game business

The video game industry is improving and growing due to advancements in technology, like the rise in online gaming, recent graphics improvements, and virtual reality technology. If you build a successful game and your business will grow at a rapid pace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does it require to start a video game company?

Preliminary company registration costs for game makers can be as low as $500, with the exception of lawyer fees, and hardware ends up costing $3,120 for every individual, including $800 for every PC. Just before users factor in economic and regulatory financial reporting fees, marketing, as well as the expense of holding meetings, the cost of operating a comparatively small video games company is a money burden.

Can you sell an idea video game company?

If you want to get your idea made into a game, you can do a few things. Inquire with the company first, ask them if they want to hear your idea, and offer to sign an NDA. Get team members together and make the game yourself. 

How much money can you make from making a video game?

Collaborating with the BLS group’s video game developers alongside other audiovisual creators and illustrators may make an income by selling skills to a firm or self-publishing videogames to pay their expenses. In May 2017, companies in this profession category paid their workers an average annual income of $76,560, or $36.81 per hour.

Is gaming a good business?

A game business can lead to a higher profit and a rewarding experience with the proper business understanding and gaming knowledge. Analyze the gaming industry and look for ways to maximize profits and market your games business.

Are gaming studios profitable?

Approximately 10 to 30% of any and all plays are profitable. It is a small number of triumphs that compensate for all of the losses. GTA V, which was created at a projected cost of $256 million and grossed upwards of $800 million within 24hrs of its debut, is one among the few that actually generate revenue.


To end the topic of how to start a video game business, making and running the video game business is a difficult task to run and a challenging endeavor. The best business owners of the video game industry have a serious interest in computer programming, design, electrical engineering, and scriptwriting. For that reason, they are growing and establishing their business. 

Therefore, if you are also interested in this business, you can enter this industry and make strong relationships to run your business. Because the relationship you form will define your business, and it will go a long way in going through your company’s success. 

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