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A student credit card will come in handy if you want to acquire credit as a student. There are a few primary stages to applying for a credit card: instructive and straightforward. Your annual income is a critical component in obtaining the application. Furthermore, it substantially impacts card approval and the credit limit set by the credit card provider. This may be an onerous duty and an obstacle if you are an average student. So, if you’re searching for what to mention for income on a credit card account, you’ve come to the right place.

The following is how a student’s earnings should be disclosed on a credit card application. With a few exclusions, all profits from full- or part-time professions such as work-study, investing gains, and many more cash transferred into your checking account should be included on the form. Checking, savings, and term deposit financing are some of the most prevalent types of banking institutions (CDs). It pays more excellent interest rates than conventional checking, but setting up an account and making deposits takes time. You will benefit from reading this article.

What a Student can add in income when applying for a Credit Card?

What to Put for Income on Credit Card Application Student

When you plan to have a credit card as a college student, the credit card companies want to know about your source of income to make sure that to what extent you can pay with your student credit card. Your payment in the credit report will also give the complete picture of your credit score, but if you are a student and you might not have any regular source of income and doing a part-time job.

However, as a student, you can get help from your parents to get financial assistance and increase your income by any other alternative. For use, your parents can add some amount of money as a credit to your account regularly. This would be an individual or joint account having your name on it. According to the national center of education research in 2019, 60% of regular students of college don’t have jobs.    

When you add financial help to your bank account to increase your income, you can easily calculate your tuition fees and expenses. And luckily, if you get the approval of your credit card, you might think that my annual income has to be 100% fit for the credit card? And then, 30% of your credit score is calculated by the remaining balance in your account and your credit utilization. 

Minimum Income for the Approval of Credit Card

What to Put for Income on Credit Card Application Student

For the approval of credit cards, there is no fixed range of income for college students. When the card issuer analyses your earnings, he can quickly come to know whether you can pay out your liabilities or not? 

The report will show all the essential details about your disposable income that you will have upon paying your necessities such as rents and regular expenses.

You can get a higher chance to get approval for the credit card if you have more disposable income in your hand to pay off your monthly payments and to receive the higher line of credit. It means that it will be proof that you can bear any monthly burden that is unexpected. For this reason, 40% of the parents believe that in the age between 18 to 20, any student should get the first credit card, while 7% say that it is not a bad idea to get the credit card as early as possible, according to the survey by Wallet Hub.

So it is essential to show the actual income because your credit line will quickly turn into debt if you cannot pay off your liabilities. Because when you divide your monthly debt $1.250 with your monthly income of $3,000, you will get the amount of 42%.

Even if you manage to get an 18% APR credit card with the limit of $1000, maximize it and make the minimum payment of your expenditure that is $ 789, included in the extra interest. You are liable to pay it ten years. 

Moreover, misrepresenting your income is also an illegal act, and if anyone suspects this cause, you can be prosecuted. To whom you lend the money can only prevent you from defaulting only based on your credit statement; that depends on the individual. 

Alternatives of a Credit Card

What to Put for Income on Credit Card Application Student

According to your choice, you must research before applying for a credit card to fulfill your financial needs. 

So there are also many alternatives for the students instead of applying for the credit card to get started with the available balance. 

Get a partner or a co-signer

If you desire to begin with the total balance and it appears to be a grueling task, you can locate another person to function as a companion and sign an agreement to help you. Your companion will share equal liability for any credit card results and will propose to compensate you in your request. The co-signer has equal access as you have to pay the charges and payments on your credit card.

Obtain a safe credit card.

If you don’t have enough cash in the bank but still want to use your credit card, a secured credit card is an option. This credit card is applied for in the same way as any other credit card. However, there are several significant changes with this credit card. Beginners will find it simple to obtain permission for a line of credit to make the required deposit, which will be refunded after the completion of your task. Recent credit card research shows that 61% of Americans believe that your income history will directly affect your credit score.

For example, if you have a credit card with a spending limit of $4000, and you make purchases of $1000, then every month, your credit utilization will be 25%.

The case will be different if the bank permits you to spend up to $10000 and $1000 in purchases, then your credit utilization would be 10%.

What to Put for Income on Credit Card Application Student: FAQs

What do you put for income on a credit card application as a student?

You can put for income on a credit card application as an income from your full-time job, investment dividends, and most other funds that are deposited in your bank account.

What are the most accessible credit cards for students to get?

The students can quickly get these cards, Chase Freedom; discover it, Petal, Deserve, Master card for students, and Greenlight Debit card.

Should college students have credit cards?

Credit cards must be avoided except if the cardholders has a sufficient quantity of finances and can manage to pay off the responsibilities in full each month from the balance due. College students don’t have enough money to keep their accounts in good standing, so they strive to make the minimal monthly bill. As a result, university students must use their credit cards in a crisis.

ARE USAA credit cards good?

USSA is known for providing excellent customer service, as well as its credit cards usually have low costs, including no international transaction fees. These credit cards are exclusively accessible to active and retired military personnel and their qualifying family members.

What can a student include as earning source when requesting for a credit card?

A student can add the income of a full-time job, investment dividends, and the funds deposited to your bank account. 

What is the minimum income to be approved for a credit card?

An ideal yearly income for a credit card should be more than $39000 for a specific individual or $63000 for a family. Anything less than the American median annual wage. However, there is no formal essential wage requirement for credit card acceptance.

Is it possible to get a credit card when unemployed?

You are not ineligible for a credit card because you are unemployed! Credit card companies are more concerned with your income than with your occupation. Even if you don’t have a job, you can fulfill the credit criterion by providing any payment you have privy to in your application. Don’t worry if your salary isn’t enough.

How much should you make to get a credit card?

An excellent annual income to get a credit card is more than$39000 for a single individual and $63000 for a household. However, there is no official minimum income amount required for credit card approval in general.

What is a credit card co-signer, and should you use one?

A credit card co-signer can help you get approved for a credit card, assist you with the building credit, and take advantage of many benefits for using credit by signing the document of credit card application and becoming responsible for the debt if you fail to pay.


It is good to inform you that if you want to put additional input into your income to get the credit card application, student loans are a form of debt, and you should start with it.

Moreover, expanding your income only to qualifying for getting a student credit card is not a good option because, technically, it is not legal. The payment you provide for your credit card is not the same for the tax return, so as a student, you can have the eligible income to enter on the credit card application other than these options mentioned above.