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Welcome to bestfinancier.com. I am Lavinia by name, and I created this blog to record my financial journey and my monthly blog journey of $10,000 (now $20,000 per month), so I can stop overspending and increase savings to accumulate wealth. At first, I didn’t know what would happen, but in the end, the blog became a place that attracted over 100,000 people every month who read my personal finance and money tips. Whether you are looking for tips regarding saving money or making money so that you can accumulate wealth and improve your lifestyle, this blog is designed to help you do that without feeling overwhelmed.

Let me introduce myself;

Upon graduating from the University of Chicago with a degree in business, I majored in finance. My three favourite finance courses are “Financial Planning and Personal Finance”, “Investment”, and “Money and Banking”. After earning my degree in business and finance, I also completed the Canadian Securities Program (CSC®). Since 2011, I have been working as an analyst in different business areas in the finance and banking industry and have completed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 and Level 2 exams.

From my education and work experience in the financial industry, I learned a lot about financial planning, investment, capital and banking. I worked as an investment risk analyst for a large investment and mutual fund company for nearly two years too. Thereafter, I changed my career and worked for a leading financial institution as a stock, fixed income and foreign exchange (FX) market data analyst for many years.

Furthermore, I have extensive financial experience in saving, managing and investing in the financial industry for more than ten years. I have learned how to navigate the lowest and highest financial points. I have also gone through various economic and market turbulences and finally discovered that real wealth management involves more than digital and industry experience.

About Best Financier Blog

Best Financier Blog is the preferred resource for information and inspiration on debt and money management, and credit. It is designed for people who want to learn how to manage their own funds and get rid of debts without letting their lives fall into a deadlock. My task is to build a community and try to make financially sound decisions. I also work hard to educate individuals to make wise choices regarding credit and debt, investment, education, real estate, insurance, expenditures, etc. More attributes about Best Financier Blog include:


We currently live in a world where much information is easily accessible and rich, but this makes it increasingly difficult to determine who and what to trust every day. Reputable financial related information maybe not only challenging to find but also challenging to understand. My aim is to provide only accurate and reliable news so that you can make informed decisions on diverse topics through Best Financier Blog.


The pattern of news releases has changed. People read the news while drinking coffee in the morning, on their way to and from work, while waiting for their children to go to school, and even during yoga class. Thus, Best Financier Blog is committed to bringing the secret of financial success to all readers anywhere. No matter how fast the technology changes, the blog will always be one step ahead, so you can focus on creating the financial life of your dreams.


I created the Best Financier blog because I love my job. I am aware that my best work comes from aligning my interests with those of my audience. Therefore, when my readers are excited, I will be excited. If Best Financier blog is a house I built, I invite you to visit it anytime, anywhere. I am also financially conscious, so I care about and take responsibility for the content I create, and I also attach great importance to it.

Saving money

When you spend on both big and small stuff, you are more likely to invest on things that are important to you. From saving money on groceries, reducing the cost of utilities, and discovering the most significant loss of funds in your budget, you can learn how to reduce the excesses in your budget through Best Financier’s help.

Investing money

Over time, investment is one of the best ways to accumulate wealth. With Best Financier blog, you can learn practical strategies for obtaining tax incentives when investing and gain basic knowledge on how to choose the right investment for long-term goals.

Spending money wisely

Best Financier blog provides the correct methods and tips on how to spend money correctly. From learning how to use promotional codes and rebate sites for wise consumption to determining the “reasons” behind spending decisions in order to make choices that are more commensurate with your priorities, Best Financier Blog aims to provide you with all the information you need.

Through Best Financier Blog, I also help people use money as a tool to enjoy today’s life while planning for tomorrow responsibly. One of my goals, and what drives me forward, is to help readers realize their aspirations for a successful life and career while loving every minute of the journey. Money should not drive you to make life decisions. The life you want to create should drive your financial choices.

Any decent financial expert can tell you how to make better financial choices or make strategic investments to increase wealth. But few people can show you how to use financial resources to accomplish what you really want to do in your life. It is difficult to understand how to choose between equally good choices. The same goes for evaluating potential results and rationally thinking through cost-benefit analysis. It is also very difficult not only within one year but also many years from now to assess risks accurately and objectively and effectively weigh the opportunity cost and the possibility of success. In addition, the numbers may be objective, but your life is not. Your life is not all smooth sailing; things will change.

Your life, experience, values, and goals (and how these goals change over time) are entirely up to you. Your financial planning experience should reflect this too. Therefore, through the Best Financier blog, my goal is to support my readers to use their cash flow and investment portfolio to make the best financial decisions. Seeing that the people I serve enjoy greater confidence, success, and inner peace is a major reason why I continue to carry out my mission: to design systems so that readers can get more from their money and enjoy what they love doing now and in the future.

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