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Is a car wash a good investment? If you are an entrepreneur asking this question, we have written this article to aid you. Before we begin, we must assess whether or not it is worthwhile to invest in the car wash industry. The vehicle wash industry’s actual size is still uncertain.

However, statistical evidence suggests that it is beneficial to invest. The estimated number of automobiles sold in the United States every year was over 6.3 million, out of a total of 272.48 million registered vehicles. Car owners are the intended demographic for car washes.

According to another survey, a third of them utilize vehicle wash services once a month. Two-thirds of those polled wash their vehicles twice a month. Every 2-3 months, the same amount of auto owners wash their cars. Simultaneously, roughly 12% of drivers like to wash their cars once a week.

Another 8% of the time gets spent cleaning the automobile every six months. Direct vehicle wash services are the most popular, accounting for 75 to 90 percent of total revenues. The need for complex services is substantially lower (up to 9 percent).

That is, dry cleaning the passenger compartment, washing the vehicle, or waxing and washing the car. There are ten times fewer instances when the motorist seeks cleansing on purpose. The profitability of this company choice will also get shown in the previous sections. Please join us!

Is a Car Wash a Good Investment?

Is a Car Wash a Good Investment

According to a poll, every third car-owner washes his vehicle at least once a month. According to the US Census Bureau, customers spend an estimated $5.8 billion at car wash companies each year, with nearly eight million cars cleaned daily.

As a result, we may conclude that vehicle cleaning is a large industry where careful planning and investment can result in a lucrative car wash company.

If you are a new car wash dealer planning to engage in the vehicle wash market, you get advised to contact a car wash consultant. Additionally, vehicle washes are a wise investment for the following reasons:

Scalability and optimization

A vehicle wash company may be automated, streamlined, and expanded to deliver consistently rising income if done correctly. Car wash technology constantly improves, bringing new efficiencies and methods to increase throughput.

The vehicle wash point-of-sale (POS) system, in particular, provides data that may get used to optimize your operations and boost earnings. Then there’s expansion, which is a kind of growth.

Whenever a car wash manager sees that their first site is lucrative, they are interested in expanding their business. Many end up with a large number of locations, enabling them to build a strong urban car wash trademark.

Simple to invest in

Typically, car wash owners invest between $2 and $4 million, with real estate expenses being the most variable. Fortunately, you have many possibilities for obtaining startup funding.

SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loans, as well as conventional loans, are the three primary options to fund your venture. New car wash investors may find SBA 7(a) loans appealing since they need a lesser down payment, offer lower interest rates, and allow for longer payback terms.

The SBA may guarantee a loan based on predicted revenue rather than a demonstrated track record, advantageous for new car wash investors. One disadvantage is that they may take longer to approve, but you will finish up paying less.

Working capital, car wash gear, new car wash building, purchasing an existing car wash and debt refinancing are all possible uses for SBA 7(A) loans.

Potential for resale

A car wash is a beautiful alternative if you’re searching for a company that you can quickly sell for a profit or use as a retirement plan. Investors like unlimited wash plans because they generate stable, ongoing income. Weather ruled the car wash industry a decade ago.

Car wash owners were able to gain greater control and establish a steady cash stream thanks to these strategies. As a result, a successful unlimited wash program may boost the worth of our company by tenfold or more.

If you’re thinking of “flipping” your car wash, make sure you devote just as much – if not more – time into creating a solid plan subscription as you do in rebuilding or replacing equipment.

Options are many.

An investor may pick from a range of company models to find one that best suits their interests and the demands of the local client base. Car washes get divided into four categories:

Self-Serve — the motorist pays for the equipment and chemicals necessary to wash their vehicle. If you desire minimum day-to-day engagement, low maintenance, and low/no labour expenditures, this is an excellent option.

In-Bay Automatic (IBA) — when a client pulls into a bay, the machinery travels around them to wash their car. This sort of wash may need more attention and maintenance than an express exterior tunnel or full-service wash, but not as much as an express external tunnel or full-service wash. You may also operate an IBA without hiring anybody.

Express Exterior (EE) – Vehicles get washed through a tunnel. This type needs more excellent upkeep and supervision. As a result, you’ll need to get more active or employ a professional site manager.

EEs, on the other hand, can wash more automobiles since more than one vehicle may be cleaned at a time, resulting in a more considerable earning potential.

Full-Service — an attendant drives the car typically into the tunnel and washes it. The vehicle is hand-washed, and the inside is hand-cleaned once washed. This is the most time-consuming and takes the most significant effort from you.

Customers may also choose between hybrid versions, such as the flex serve, which allows them to drive their cars through the tunnel while still adding manual interior and exterior repairs.

The micro tunnel is also a considerably shorter express external tunnel (as little as 35 feet). This is ideal for facilities with a small footprint yet to manage more significant volumes.


Don’t undervalue the sense of accomplishment that comes with owning a car wash. Many car washers enjoy the challenge of fine-tuning their products and equipment to get the most satisfactory possible results. And you can always make changes to technology, price, marketing, and other aspects of your firm to help you generate more money.

Something about it gets into the blood of a car wash proprietor. You may not want to stop once you get started!

Growing your company

Perhaps you want to develop your company by recruiting additional staff and providing new services, or you want to build new shops in new places.

A vehicle wash may be an excellent investment in helping you achieve your objectives. Opening a new business with a car wash in a posh neighbourhood might boost your revenues significantly.

Keeping one step ahead of the competition

A vehicle wash may be a service that your rivals lack, or if they have, you may be able to outperform them to remain competitive.

Is it Wise to Invest in a Vehicle Wash: Dangers to be Aware of?

Is a Car Wash a Good Investment

Of course, there is nothing like free money. As a result, there are a few dangers to consider while purchasing a vehicle wash:

Weather: The vehicle wash industry’s most vulnerable point is the weather. Your yearly income might get severely impacted by a single poor month or season. Fortunately, the development of complete wash programs has dramatically decreased this risk by providing operators with an assured monthly income.

Location: You’ll have to make several selections for your car wash, but the one you can’t alter is the location. As a result, it’s critical to do it correctly. You want a place with good traffic and not many neighbouring competitors. Other variables may get discussed with a car wash specialist, who can also assist you in doing an entire site investigation.

The Curve of Learning: Car cleaning entails more than meets the eye. Based on the car wash model you pick, you might work as a salesman, marketing expert, mechanic, and more. Spend time talking to car wash operators and try working at one for a while to see whether it’s the appropriate fit for you.

With Caution, Take the Plunge: Car washing is a profitable business, but not for everyone. Make sure you do your homework and an appointment with a consultant. Make sure to do a pro forma analysis. Then, if everything points to a career in vehicle washing, go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a car wash a good investment?

Yes. Car wash is a good investment, as highlighted in the sections above.

What does it cost to put money into a vehicle wash?

Each car wash will need different equipment and site and a varied budget. Equipment for self-serve bays will cost between $15,000 and $25,000, depending on your local temperature. The construction cost varies, but the essential buildings will cost roughly $25,000.

What is the annual revenue of a carwash?

According to one estimate for in-bay automated vehicle washes, the typical car wash owner earns roughly $80,000 per year.

What is a car wash’s target market?

Owners of modern vehicles more often use car wash services. These auto owners take great interest in their cars and regularly bring them to the wash and detail shop. The objective with these consumers is to encourage them to utilize the wash and detail service regularly.


Ultimately, although having a vehicle wash at your shop may not seem to be a viable business idea at first, it might prove to be an excellent investment. A vehicle wash is a terrific chance you don’t want to miss, whether you wish to remain competitive, need additional cash, or want to attract new clients.