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Because Bitcoins is the most popular cryptocurrency in the globe, many individuals are interested in learning more about IQ mining. Many of them enjoy playing and investing at Bitcoin Casinos. It offers a wide variety of investment opportunities and using its services to generate bitcoin.

Also, you can also invest in other 150 different alternative coins like Ripple, lite coin and Monero, and many more.  In the article, IQ mining reviewwe will discuss all it, including its pros, cons, how to invest in it, so if you want to clear information, keep on reading.

What is IQ Mining?

IQ Mining Review

IQ mining is a platform that allows its clients to trade in assets and cryptos, getting benefits by flexible leverage ranges up to 1:3 to 1:100 in all strategies. You can use the IQ production system for coping with the top traders if you are new in this field.

The IQ mining mainly focuses on internet production and offers contract pledging, as it provides a robust trading platform. The analytical tools are easy to use, and the part is open very clearly and transparent.     

Pros of IQ Mining

  • Flexible range of cloud mining contracts
  • Wide range of banking options
  • Ability to mine up to 150 coins
  • The option to trade and copy successful traders and investors

Cons of IQ mining

  • You are not guaranteed a profit
  • It is not transparent

Price and fees of IQ mining

The IQ mining review aims to expose the flexibility of cloud mining contracts. The tablets you select are one year, two years, five years, or a lifetime contract. After that, you may pick from USDT, SHA-256, SHA-256 Pro, and SHA-256BSHor Ethereum as your mining package. USDT Tethering is a one-year agreement scheme with a baseline bandwidth of 1GHs and a monthly service charge of 0.0001$ 1 GHs.

After adding each agreement, you may choose between a Bronze, Rhodium, Gold, or Platinum account.


The IQ mining evaluation must take your focus away from the fact that it will not recoup your investment back, and the operational costs may exceed your returns. This is because there are high price fluctuations and competition in the market of cryptocurrencies.

The payout of mining depends on the total work hash rate, difficulty in mining, and the price of bitcoins and altcoins in the market. You are liable to pay a maintenance fee, upfront fee, which will be used to manage the hardware at IQ mining Data farms electricity admins and costs.

Trade of Bitcoin at Bitfinix with leverage 10X

IQ Mining Review
  • World-class customer service
  • Easy to use the site design
  • A surprising selection of variety

To make more money over time, some miners follow the typical process of purchasing hardware, downloading bitcoin mining software, and connecting to a mining pool. On the other hand, Cloud mining users claim that it frees up space in your house, decreases power expenses, minimizes heat and noise, and eliminates the need to invest in costly gear.

Some users love investing in IQ mining and feel it will provide a large return, while others complain about the platform’s exorbitant costs and difficulty in making money. 

Customer Services

IQ Mining review has another essential feature, customer service. It has a very transparent and slick customer department, as its live chat feature lets you land on the direct site, and their helpers are always ready to ask you how they can help you. 

Most people found this customer service very polite and helpful to get the information. IQ Mining reviews are published in Spanish, German, English, and French to help the people.


It will not be wrong to say about IQ mining review that it is a legit platform with several exciting features. The offer for selecting the contrast is beautiful, and the procedure for signing up for it is evident and accessible. 

You might not go for it because it does not offer you a healthy profit, but overall if you planned for cloud mining, IQ mining is the best option.