How to Withdraw Cash from Credit Card without Fees | Step-by-Step Guide


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Credit cards have risen to prominence as one of the essential financial instruments. Thanks to growing features and rewards, credit cards have become more of a need than a hobby. Credit cards, like debit cards, allow you to make payouts at numerous payment terminals. They also enable you to make withdrawals at an ATM. The cash withdrawal from a credit card, on the other hand, is not as straightforward. A few more items to consider before proceeding with a credit card fund withdrawal. Thus, this post will aid you in how to withdraw cash from a credit card without fees.

What is Credit Card fund Withdrawal?

In general terminology, credit card cash withdrawals get known as a ‘Credit Card Advance.’ Users may use their credit cards to withdraw funds from an ATM utilizing this service. Consequently, there are a few things to remember with credit card cash withdrawals:

  • A credit card’s primary function is to facilitate card payments. The ability to withdraw cash is only one of the many features that credit cards provide.
  • Users may only obtain funds up to the maximum amount allowed from their bank card.
  • The highest credit card cash withdrawal restriction may differ from one bank to another.
  • Users will get charged extra fees on the amount withdrawn using a credit card.
  • Credit card cash withdrawal is unavailable at all banks or credit card companies.

Charges for Using a Credit Card to Make a Cash Withdrawal

Charges for Using a Credit Card to Make a Cash Withdrawal

Because credit card cash debit isn’t a standard service of banks, consumers must pay additional charges when getting money with their credit cards. The ‘bank card advance fee’ is given for these additional costs. A proportion of the value taken gets billed as a cash advance fee every time users extract cash with their credit cards.

Banks typically take over 3.5 percent and 4 percent of the value on all credit card fund transfer transactions, with a minimum cash advancement fee of $300 to $500.

The cash advance charge will be applied to your following month’s account and appear on your charges cycle. A financing charge gets added to the cash advance fee, calculated at the same rate as the withdrawal amount. This fee will be charged when the money gets taken out until fully paid.

It’s crucial to remember that when you make many cash withdrawals using your credit card daily, you must pay a cash advance charge for each activity, calculated depending on the debit value.

How to Withdraw Cash from Credit Card without Fees

How to Withdraw Cash from Credit Card without Fees

1. Purchase prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards may get used to withdraw cash from a credit card without incurring fees. You have a few options, but the most direct and quick is using your credit card to purchase a Mastercard gift card with enough cash and extract that cash from an ATM.

The PIN necessary to retrieve the cash usually is not included with these cards, so you must approach the gift card provider to get it. They may give you the PIN over the telephone in certain situations, but you will also have to wait to send it to you.

With your PIN in hand, you may go to an ATM and get the money you need. Any costs, such as ATM, registration, and processing fees, are well below the cash advance charge on your credit card by calculating them.

You won’t be able to withdraw cash from an ATM with every Mastercard-branded gift card. Before purchasing the card, double-check the terms to ensure that this is feasible. Conversely, you may use your credit card to purchase a shop gift card from famous merchants like Walmart, Target, and other big retailers. After that, you may sell it on the internet. Card Cash and Raise are two services that purchase and sell unused gift cards.

Remember that some sites will pay a lower price for your cards. As a result, be sure the amount they discounted your gift cards is much less than the cash advance costs you’d have to pay. It’s not worthwhile if it’s the same as even more than a cash advance charge.

2. Find a Friend Who Uses Cash

If you’ve had a friend or family who is preparing to make a significant cash transaction, you may use your credit card to make the buy for them. Your buddy may give you cash or transfer the amounts into your bank account, possibly through a participant payment method.

There are no rules broken in the situation above. Many large peer-to-peer payment platforms, on the other hand, prohibit you from using their platform to obtain a cash advance from your bank card. They may deactivate your account or file a lawsuit against you if you do. For example, PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App have specific prohibitions in their contract terms.

3. Rearrange your bills

When you’re using your credit card to pay for anything you would ordinarily pay with cash or funds in your checking account, this is especially useful if you receive a new credit card with a zero-interest promotional deal, allowing you to catch up without paying interest.

Most billers and property owners levy a handling fee when paying a payment with a credit card. As a result, it’s essential to analyze your total expenditures before deciding on the most cost-effective option to receive cash.

The cost should ideally be lower than the cash advance charge you would otherwise incur. Even if it isn’t, if you don’t have to pay a higher payday advance APR, it can be worth it.

4. Purchase anything using your card, and then resell it at a higher price.

If you’re ready to shop outside, you may be able to get products at a lower price by taking advantage of discounts, deals, or credit card benefits. Then you may resell such products for a better price online or to a friend.

If you require more time to pay off your credit card amount, the profit may provide you with the funds you require, plus a little more to meet your interest rates. Of course, there’s a risk you won’t be able to market the goods or earn a profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw cash from a credit card without fees?

Yes. The above tips on how to withdraw cash from a credit card without fees will aid you immensely.

Is there a charge for using a credit card to make a cash withdrawal?

Yes. It might be a set cost, such as $4 to $12, or a proportion of the sum advanced, whichever is higher. The quantity might vary from one card to the next. You may incur extra costs if you withdraw from a credit card at ATMs or local banks.

How can you get money out of a credit card?

You may withdraw money from an ATM using a credit card in the following ways:

  • Input your credit card into an ATM.
  • Enter the PIN for your credit card.
  • Pick “withdrawals” or “cash advance” from the drop-down menu.
  • If required, choose the “credit” option. You could also get given the option of choosing between check, prepaid, or credit.
  • Input the amount you want to take out.

Is it possible for me to move money from my credit card to my bank account?

Yes. You may have your credit card money withdrawn and deposited into your account by asking the teller. The second alternative is to do the identical procedure at an ATM. You’ll use your credit card to make a withdrawal from the machine. The monies may then get deposited into your account through another operation.

How can you make an online credit card withdrawal?

To move funds from your credit card to your checking account, you’ll need to use a digital wallet like Paytm. You may also utilize mobile banking/internet financial services to make these transactions.

Is it true that using a credit card to withdraw cash impacts your credit score?

Yes. Withdrawing cash from a credit card (also referred to as a cash advance) might negatively affect your credit score. Borrowers may view this negatively since it may indicate poor financial planning. This is true, mainly if many financial advances get made briefly.


In conclusion, many credit card companies handle payment order transactions and credit card–funded wire transactions the same way they make cash advances. So, don’t be tricked into believing you’ll avoid the higher costs and interest rate of a line of credit if you use one of those methods.

To determine how these cash-equivalent activities are defined, look at your credit card contract conditions. While these options may be less costly than a cash advance, keep in mind that you’ll instead use your credit card to make purchases. If you can’t even pay off your credit card amount every month, you’ll still be charged financing costs at the standard APR for transactions.

You may be overwhelmed if your financial status has suddenly changed. Ensure you have enough credit line to make one of these movements to avoid incurring an over-limit charge. The above tips on how to withdraw cash from a credit card without fees will also be indispensable for you.