How to Start a Web Design Business with no Experience | Step By Step Guide


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Web designing is a profitable business as you can earn through different areas of the website. There are many areas of web designing, and you can earn by working on all these platforms. You can offer the following services under the umbrella of web designing. You will learn how to start a web design business with no experience. 

  • Web graphic designing
  • SEO
  • Code standardization
  • Interface designing
  • Authoring
  • User experience design

These are some basic and profitable income sources in the web design business. But you can’t start it without understanding the industry properly. Learn all about how to start a web design business with no experience. This will help you to earn without getting any experience. 

To learn all the aspects mentioned above of this business, you’ll have to learn the industry. For this purpose, you need thorough market research that’s a time-consuming task. So, to save your precious time, we’ve done this job for you. After thorough market research, we have finalized a precise method to start a web design business. So, let’s move down to explore all about this query. 

How to Start a Web Design Business with no Experience

Start a Web Design Business with no Experience

Proceed in the following way to start your web design business. 

Dig the Market Deeply

As you know, a brief understanding of the industry is necessary for an effective business. If someone starts any business without a proper understanding of the market, he may fail. Moreover, it’s necessary to learn the target average design market before taking the initiative. 

The same is in the case of the web design business. You’ll have to learn some aspects of the business for smooth working. Here are some services that you should have to learn before getting started. 

  • Corporate organization sector
  • Public facility centers
  • Business websites
  • Autobiographical websites of celebrities
  • Portfolio websites
  • Estate developers
  • Religious and spiritual guides
  • Sports organizations

These are some of the most popular niches in the web designing business. You’ll have a grip over these niches to offer an impressive service. 

Decide Your Business Type

When you research the market, you will come across many niches in the same business. A new entrepreneur can select any of his favorite niches. However, the existing niches are the only option; you can also create any new, exciting, and beneficial niche through your creativity. But keep in mind that without clearing the business type, never think about making a start. Here are some areas where you can offer your web designing services. 

Making the existing boring design of the website exciting

  • Designing posters and ads for the film industry
  • Designing posters for concerts
  • Portfolio website’s designing
  • Making designs for microsites
  • Landing page designs for websites
  • Assist the photographers in their work
  • Working with other expert designers
  • Working for freelancers
  • Work with building industries
  • Working with big brands in the market
  • Work as a WordPress template seller
  • Designing HTML template 
  • Working as a logo designer
  • Designing selling sheets for different industries
  • Working on printable designs
  • Working on business cards
  • Blogging exclusively for different companies or yourself

These are some of the ideas for your business. However, these are not the only options. You can search for any other type of interest or work on some unique and new project. Check our related post How to Start IPhone Repair Business.

Manage Your Franchise

Once you are clear about your business type, the next step is to open your web designing franchise. There are different methods to do this. You can move on through the following ways. 

  • opening your franchise
  • starting a business on partnership
  • purchasing the franchise from some old company
  • working as an affiliate company
  • investing in the existing web designing franchises

These are some possible ways to start your web designing franchise. But, of course, it’s up to you what type of franchise you select. It depends upon two factors. 

  • Your future goals for your business
  • Your budget range

You can open your franchise by considering both these factors deeply. 

Manage Funding

When you have made a business plan, selected a business type, and finalized the franchise type, the next step is to invest in this business. Next, you’ll need funds to start your business. So, manage to fund your business. 

Here is a cost estimate to start a web designing franchise. 

  • Incorporating fee: $750
  • Insurance, permits, and license fee: $5000
  • Building for office: $50000
  • Cost of equipment: $15000
  • Cost of the website: $700
  • Advertisement cost: $2500
  • Additional expenses: $1000

If you don’t have enough balance, you can go for business loans. 

Hire an Experienced Team of Workers

It’s impossible to process any business alone. You’ll need an experienced team of workers to start your web designing business. So, hire an experienced team of workers for your business. 

Select an Attractive Name

The name of any brand is one of the key factors that contribute a lot to its success. So, choose a catchy name for your services. You can get the idea of the business name from existing franchises. 

Become a Legal Entity

According to the local authorities, working is compulsory as a legal entity will progress more than an illegal one. So, it’s necessary to start a legal business registered with your state’s local authorities. 

There are different options to register your business. For example, you can start your business as a limited liability company, a “C” corporation, or an “S” corporation. 

Here are some necessary certificates that are inevitable in such a business. 

  • Apprentice certificate
  • Associate certificate
  • Professional permission certificate
  • Web consultant certificate

Once you’re registered with the local authorities, it’s easy to grab the maximum number of customers, run ads, get admission to new investors, and handle tax issues. You can grow from the initial point to capital by starting in such a legal way. So, never try to use any shortcut during your journey. 

Make a Website for Your Business

We’re living in the age of technology. Mostly, people love to solve their problems by using technology. Social media is also a trending feature of the modern world. So, the online store is necessary for any business as people tend to hire an expert for their tasks there. 

An easy way to make your online store is by creating a service website. First, manage to create a website for your business. Then, put all the content and services of your business there. When content creation is completed, manage essential SEO for your website. It will rank your website in the search engine that will bring you maximum customers. Here are the details on How to Start an Accessories Business Online.

Advertise Your Business

Proper advertisement is necessary to run any business effectively. In an age where social media is the top trend, advertisement is inevitable. Hire some social media marketer who knows how to manage advertisements. This will make your business public. Maximum people will come to know about your services. This will increase your sales. In this way, you can bring maximum traffic to your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much do beginner web designers make?

An average web designer can earn a handsome profit by selling their services. A beginner designer can earn up to $78500 annually. However, as they move on, their annual income also increases. Finally, when they become experts in their business, they can earn up to $177938 annually. So, web designing can bring handsome profits to you. 

Is Web design a profitable business?

Yes, web designing is one of the most trending businesses in the modern world. Its demand is increasing day by day. Moreover, it can earn a handsome profit margin for you. You can earn up to $78000 annually despite being a beginner. You can guess the importance of this business from these facts and figures. 

Do Web designers need a business license?

It depends upon your state or country. In some countries, having a license is necessary for any type of business. But, at the same time, some other countries don’t have any such condition. So, having a license for web designing business depends upon the country you are residing in. 

How do web designers get clients fast?

Being a web designer, you can attract maximum clients towards you in different ways. Therefore, some of the best methods to increase the number of customers are given here. 

  • Narrow down your services in the market. 
  • Initially, offer some free services to your potential customers. 
  • Then, learn the psychology of the clients. 
  • Advertise your business. 
  • Approach the potential clients. 
  • Work with freelancers and other service providers. 
  • Increase your customers by referrals. 
  • Work in a team. 

How much do I charge for website design?

As a beginner, you can put your service rate between $27 and $60 per hour. However, this rate may increase up to $100 per hour with an increased experience. 


Web designing is a very beneficial business because it has many applications. You can provide your services to many industries. So, your turnout in this career may be very high. But all this is possible through precise business planning and extensive market research. If you start without learning the facts and figures of the market, there are chances of remarkable failure. 

So, never use any shortcut while starting your journey with any business. We’ve elaborated a precise method to start a web design business without any experience. You can easily start your business of this type by following the procedure mentioned above.