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In these times, people think of different types of businesses that can be profitable and proportional to success to improve their way of life. However, among so much variety, some prefer to start an online t-shirt business. And perhaps we wonder why this and not another type of business? The t-shirt business is growing every day. It is very profitable, and thanks to the constantly evolving technology, anyone can start their own t-shirt business and, better yet, without money. So if you want to have your business, we will tell you how to start a t-shirt business without money in this article.

How to Start a T-shirt Business

How to Start a T-shirt Business

The fastest way to do this is by following the steps below:

Consider the potential of the business: it refers to the fact that the t-shirt market is growing.

Analyze the opportunity: currently, starting this type of business is very profitable thanks to technology.

Self-confidence: show your abilities.

Develop your business idea: take advantage of the creativity of your brain to develop your idea.

Retail vs. E-tail: analyze the advantages and disadvantages of reaching the current customer.

Now let’s see what each of these steps involves:

Know the potential of the business

Analyzing the business involves studying the size of the t-shirt market, to begin with.

It is better to offer the client what they need and not what you produce, so you will save yourself the task of convincing them.


For the business to survive, it must have good profitability, and so far, the shirts have.


Studying the competition is an aspect that should not be overlooked. Remember that in this industry, you will find companies that do the same thing. Therefore, it is necessary to review the economic geography of this t-shirt industry. Many of your actions depend on it, such as your business’s location, prices, and other aspects.

Study the client

Knowing what your customers want will facilitate the process of satisfying them. For this reason, inquire about their tastes, motivations, and what intrigues them. Even make your t-shirt mockups.

Analyze the opportunity

The continuous fall of human culture to consumerism cannot be avoided, which is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of. This is what we mean by analyzing the opportunity of how the t-shirt market is developing. To know how to act and direct our strategies, study start-up costs to launch your Ecommerce more successfully.

Customize T-shirt

Custom t-shirts are very common and require experienced graphic designers. This is because digital printing is a current strategy that replaces the classic methods. These classic methods take time and cost more for dyeing and pressing.

Direct digital printing on the t-shirt

It is possible to print an image since the computer analyzes the image’s digitized format until that format can print.

The printing will thus take about three seconds, and to be completed can be combined with the introduction of modernized inkjet heads.

This means that nozzles can be used to distribute the colors in the printed material employing small drops.


This printing method is about using heat to bring the inks to the product. This method is ideal for those who want to start their t-shirt business as it will allow them to obtain longer-lasting products with different colors and high-resolution quality.

By providing durable designs, images will not crack or fade even if a dozen opportunities are used. On the other hand, the sublimate method allows you to play with the designs that cover the entire product in white from seam to seam. Try to make the exclusive t-shirt design for the taste of each client.

Have Self-confidence

Work with what you have always trusted yourself; remember that you will get good rewards by succeeding in this business. Finding out how to answer the question of how to start a t-shirt business without money? It is a good characteristic of your confidence. Feed your confidence, and you will obtain excellent results in your business. Be constant in what you want and in your activities to start this business and draw internal forces and keep it successful as it grows.

Develop your business idea

Perhaps you start with the idea that will evolve and morph into any number of subgenres. Think about your t-shirt brand.

Activate your brain

Finding the perfect business idea is not linear at all. However, there are elaborate creativity exercises to activate the brain.

You can try, for example, to search for random images on the web, read advertisements, a book, online, meditate, and walk, among other activities. In this way, the catalyst for a great idea will be created.

Make metaphysical waves so that soon that raw energy is transformed into a very fruitful financial product.

Retail vs. E-tail

This refers to the retail sale that is done in the face of electronic commerce. The e-commerce business has spread because the internet has transformed sales today. It is very common for people to use the internet to research online businesses before purchasing a product.

E-tail allows transactions to be carried out through an electronic network (the web) between owners and clients.

Start a t-shirt business with Printful

The Printful setup turns out to be very efficient and effective if you want to start a t-shirt business, and it’s free. Many businesses fail due to a shortage of cash. But Printful gives access to clothing production on the spot.

Starting a t-shirt business is very simple. After learning to start this type of business and make the respective configuration, the item will be extracted, printed, and packaged whenever the customer cancels an item. And the most important thing is that the designer will not have to do anything.

Regardless of the number of articles sent, it will not be necessary to relate to the machine’s storage, supply, and maintenance, among other activities, since everything is managed. Investing in this method will soon pay off well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start my own t-shirt business with no money?

You can open an account at Printful, free, and you will not be at risk. Then determine your target audience, open the business, set up the t-shirt store for customers, advertise the business, and sell online.

Is a t-shirt business profitable?

It is very profitable and improves profitability if you do it online for its low costs. Costs will vary according to niche and marketing.

Can you make money selling t-shirts?

Yes, you can make a lot of money as it is a flourishing business today.

What do I need to start a t-shirt business?

To start this business, you must have the following available:

Indispensably a good printer, computers (including special ones to use a cutting and graphics program) I.e., PC or Mac, heat-press, graphic programs, cutter, transfer paper.

Are the printers profitable?

Annually a printing business owner can earn about $ 100,000, which makes this business very profitable.

How to avoid copyright infringement of t-shirts?

  • Using royalty-free images, citing authors in the public domain who died more than 70 years ago.
  • Introducing images as national symbols, consulting the particular rules of commercial use.

What kinds of shirts sell the best?

Black T-shirts, and therefore make more money. Those of another color are sold less.

How do I start a T-shirt maker?

Following the following 10 steps:

Find your niche, investigate the target market, develop your brand plan, develop brand designs, locate a manufacturer, acquire raw materials, investigate printing strategies, and develop a technological package to produce the shirts.

Can you make money selling t-shirts?

Yes, of course. It is a profitable business, even more so paying attention to details.

Bottom Line

Starting a business is simple and in our case, starting a t-shirt business is even easier. However, many will wonder why t-shirts? The answer is simple: every day, this industry grows and grows and is profitable enough.

When a person decides to do it, the first thing to analyze is the budget they have for it. You can also open your t-shirt e-commerce business online. But if you don’t have money, how to do it!

Well, in this article, you have the necessary information to start your t-shirt business without investing money. The information includes a quick guide of 6 steps explained one by one to help you better understand the movements you need to do. You should note that Printful is a structured system to offer all types of people the chance to succeed.

Regardless of your ethnicity, background, or experience failures, this company has the purpose of offering people. The alternatives can lead their creativity to be capitalized on and improve their quality of life and their communities.

You can use Printful out of the box and map your brand just like certain Printful superstars. Yes, the way you see it, you can successfully use Printful like Christopher States, Rich Khun, and Lindsey Ferris.