How to Sell Bitcoin SV | A Step By Step Guide By Expert

Bitcoin SV, which uses the bar sign BSV to deal and market, is among the most popular and quite well coins. It uses the SHA256 method and has shown to be effective in producing new currencies, much like Bitcoin mining. 

On November 15, 2018, Bitcoin SV was released. Lately, there’s been important cryptocurrency news well about purchase and sale of BSV and other coins like as ETH, BRC, and XRP, as well as monetary systems such as the Canadian Dollar, American Dollar, and Euros. 

The dealing technique for coins is similar to that of a forex of fiat money, such as exchanging BSV for BTC or CAD for USD. So if you want to understand how to trade Bitcoin SV, this article will benefit you.

What is Bitcoin SV?

How to Sell Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV is a type of protocol that was originated from the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and is very close to the fundamental idea of Satoshi Takemoto. It keeps the fees of transactions low and uses the large block sizes to hold the protocol scalable.

It ensures the huge scaling that keeps the project similar even if you want to transact with the other cryptocurrencies. The block size does not depend on the platform but depends on the consensus. It can provide micropayments and offers a stable protocol.

The market capability of Bitcoin SV is $2.89 billion, with a maximum supply range of 21 million coins, which is inherited from Bitcoins.

How to Sell Bitcoin SV

How to Sell Bitcoin SV

The procedure to sell Bitcoin SV is the same as foreign exchange of fiat currencies, such as US Dollars, Canadian Dollar, and euro whether it is a cryptocurrency or a Dollar for a Bitcoin SV that transacts as BSV same as US Dollar has a ticker of USD.

Sign up for a Coin Square account and confirm your identity.

To sell Bitcoins, you must first join up on Coin Square and verify your account. This guarantees that your money and account are linked properly.

Bitcoin SV may be used to finance your Coin Square account.

Stocking your Bitcoin wallet is like to put diesel in your car; it allows you go where you would like to go.

To choose BSV, use the fast trade.

The rapid trade feature is located on the left side of the currency square panel. On the panel, there is a selection of commodities you wanted to trade, and you may choose a floating currency to offer, such as BSV, Euro, or Canadian Dollar. You may sell any coin on any exchange in three clicks using this method.

Sell your BSV for the price you want.

After each purchase and sell, the balance of your assets in your holdings will be updated on your panel.

This is the simple process of selling your BSV and receiving your Canadian Dollar and Euro amount on BSV.

Withdrawal of amount to your bank account from coin square

You can easily withdraw your Canadian Dollar or Euro amount from your bank account directly from the coin square by clicking ‘’withdraw’’ on the top bar menu on your dashboard by following the instructions. 

Alternative methods to sell Bitcoins

You can sell your Bitcoins on exchanges that take your funds as deposits.

The other way to sell your Bitcoin at those exchanges takes deposits and funds but does not require KYC.

You have to make some effort on your behalf to find the trustworthy client from which you can make transaction and trade, means that you can sell your Bitcoin to the OTC broker. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the broker agreed to buy the coins for the transaction.

Last but not least is the way you can donate your coins to any trust or worthy cause.  


To sell Bitcoin SV, you can also opt for Coin Square’s Referral Program to get. And earn Bitcoin by referring your friends to the Coin square app. You will be paid in terms of Bitcoin to your Bitcoin account directly. It means that you can quickly sell your Canadian Dollars or euros. You can do it by locking the gains you get in your portfolio.

So, what do you think which option of selling Bitcoins is suitable for you?