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Want to learn how live on your own?

Loneliness can take many forms and can attack you in many ways. However, in most cases, it is a situation that scares us and generates rejection. For these reasons, we avoid being alone. We seek to avoid it at all. However, many young people seek to be independent to be able to mature and assume responsibilities.

For this reason, we explain some basic concepts of what living on your own is all about, especially in adolescence? This type of situation can torment you if you don’t pay attention to the basics. Living on your own is enjoyable, but at the same time, it requires a lot of commitment to yourself.

How to Live on Your Own: Steps to Follow

How to Live on Your Own

Have a savings plan. If you plan to move out next year, it’s best to start saving now. What you save by living with your parents will help you raise considerable capital to start a new place. The best thing is that your income allows you to pay for it with a maximum of 30%. In the beginning, there are also significant expenses such as furniture, security deposits or down payments, decoration, hardware, etc. Be aware of your credit score.

  • Organize your expenses. 
  • Apps are excellent tools.
  • Put your capital to work. 
  • Emergency funds Savings. 
  • Don’t spend what you don’t have. 
  • Treat yourself. 
  • Save each month
  • Accept responsibility—and help

Organize your expenses. 

You may have already noticed that there are repeated expenses every month that you cannot delay. Therefore, the best thing to do is make a monthly budget that will help you precisely see how much money you have and where you spend it. This way, you can see where to cut expenses or what you can stop spending on.

Apps are excellent tools.

Go for apps that help you keep track of your finances. Do all this, to avoid losing the battle for independence in the first few months. 

Put your capital to work. 

If your money is stored in the bank, where it will not generate any return, this is not an option. Remember that “money that is dormant is taken out of inflation.” So start by converting your money into investment vehicles that will help you grow financially. 

Emergency funds Savings. 

An emergency, an accident, or illness is never planned into our monthly schedule. That is why it is necessary to have a certain amount of capital available to cover this inconvenience.

Don’t spend what you don’t have. 

When buying with credit cards, you can leave zero if you do not know how to manage it. Remember, this plastic is not an extension of your salary. It’s someone else’s money charging you interest. So don’t get carried away by card promotions and interest-free months. Think about how long it takes you to pay for a TV you can buy with cash! Be aware of credit card debt records.

Treat yourself. 

It doesn’t all have (your dollars) to be saved and deprived. If you’ve already made your monthly expenses and are making a profit on an investment vehicle, a meal, or a movie, you’ll be pleased with your financial accomplishments.

If you are 17 years old and want to live on your own check this guide.

Why Being Alone Can Be Good and Bad for Your Health

Everything that has to do with loss, rejection, abandonment, impossibility, never again or no return scares us. This happens to the point of leaving us paralyzed, even in harmful and destructive situations. It draws attention to the fact that people do not know how to be alone. That is why deciding to live alone should be well thought out. It costs us, weighs us down, and bothers us, and most of us try to avoid it. 

Many people are happy living alone, but this is not for everyone. This can be very beneficial to your health. On the contrary, it can be very damaging on an emotional level. Remember that to be young is to live on a roller coaster of emotions.

Human beings are afraid of loneliness. We do not like it for two reasons: the biological origin we associate being expelled from the cave with death’s danger. It is an animal survival style that invades us. Then there is the social part. From an early age, we are educated and transmitted everywhere (family, media, or industry through advertisements) that being successful is synonymous with being in a relationship.

Our family constantly transmits to us that we do not have a partner. We associate this with failure, especially if you are a woman. There, we try to avoid it at all costs. We associate it with failure. When it comes to dealing with it, “my partner left me.” “We see it so strongly that we don’t dare to say it. For these reasons, it is important to know how harmful being alone can be for our mental health.

Is Being Alone is good for our Health?

Is Being Alone is good for our Health

When you don’t know how to be alone, you end up clinging to whoever chooses you or wants to be with you. This type of situation leads you to generate emotions such as dependency. Even if you don’t, you are fine with that person. But you can’t let go, creating an image of anxiety and depression. There are several addiction types, as you are in a not working relationship, and you do not dare to cut that relationship. On the other hand, he draws attention to the fact that we confuse loneliness with isolation.

Here the stresses that what is harmful to health are people isolated against their will. This is an image that often coincides with the elderly. These are people who are lonely most of the time against their will. This can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and degenerative diseases. So it would help if you took precautions from a very young age. Now, let’s look at the two perspectives in detail. Let’s look at the emotional perspective and the financial perspective. We hope you can find the answers to your concerns in the following lines.

Things to Keep In Mind For Living Alone

Strengthen our self-esteem to realize that we have value because of who we are. Our value does not depend on someone wanting to have a relationship with us. You are still important and valuable to others. Even if they abandon you, your value is great and important.

If you are lonely, you have to make an effort to create new social ties. Human beings depend on having other social connections with others, and we need them.

We are also doing things like writing about how we feel. This helps us to get to know ourselves better. It helps us to go into ourselves and be aware of what is happening to us.

Try to live our lives with awareness. Try to live with more presence. Feel where you are now, what we are doing at this moment. Try to be more aware of everything around us. Try to connect more with our surroundings.

The consequences of feeling lonely can range from an increased risk of dementia to contributing to premature death. As a result, most of us feel lonely at some point. The incredible thing is that this is just a transitory situation for many of us. A life transition, such as relocating to a new location or beginning a new work, might be why.

It may be caused by a lack of contact with others and the number of individuals around them. According to a study, chronic solitude might hurt your health.

The relationship between overall health and how isolation impacts scientists are still researching our physiology. However, some of their conclusions may be unknown to you throughout the years. As a result, you must pay special attention to this detail.

It can affect your brain in a similar way to physical pain.

The research found that the link between sleep disruptions and loneliness persisted even after controlling for marital status and family size. This suggests that loneliness depends on how people perceive their life, social situation and not on the situation itself.

Why Loneliness is a Problem

Why Loneliness is a Problem

While we can easily understand how this relates to depression and anxiety, some studies also look at how it increases a person’s risk of death. This is important today because we live in an epidemic of loneliness. However, we must be careful to understand that not everyone who lives alone is lonely. We must also understand that there are interventions available for those who are lonely. Talk therapy, social care arrangements, and animal-based interventions work very well.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to help people who need access to these mental health tools. However, if you live alone and find that you have mental health issues, be sure to seek help today.

Benefits of Living Alone

The comfort you experience in your parents’ home may seem incomparable. However, there are many more benefits than you might think about becoming independent and living on your own. Here are a few that, backed by science, will convince you to own your own home.

Greater self-fulfillment

Self-realization is a concept used to define the ultimate state of wholeness. Everyone needs to develop their ability to become whole, to be themselves. Living alone is the main step in achieving self-realization. By being alone, you begin to know yourself better. Why? You no longer have to listen to others’ opinions or prejudices that can get in the way. 

Stress reduction

It is true that when you become independent, you take on new responsibilities—among these, doing the groceries, having the bills on time, or doing the laundry. But, unlike living with other people, the needs of others are not your problem. It may sound selfish, but in your own space, all you need to do is focus on your priorities. This reduces your stress levels.

Take care of yourself.

Living alone is an effective way to improve the health of the body. On the one hand, people who live alone and are not in a romantic relationship often focus on improving their physical appearance. This causes their motivation to focus on more physical activity. They are also more conscious of what they consume and always seek a balanced diet, avoiding excesses. If you are a teenager and want to live on your own check this guide.

Better interpersonal relationships

The emotional maturity you gain when you become independent allows you to be more empathetic with others, whether they are family members or even neighbors. Living alone, with roommates or strangers, can help you socialize better with new people than living with people you know as a parent or partner.

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Better control of your finances

Being alone means taking responsibility for your financial affairs like, monthly living rent, utility bills, auto insurance, groceries, student loans, and many more. Whether you’re spending too much or not earning enough of this, one thing is for sure: you will learn how to make your money grow. Living in your own home and under your own rules means learning to manage your income and grow financially.

Finding housing and living on your own is one of the most difficult steps to take. But among these and many other personal, financial, and emotional benefits, you will find the path to wellness in all its aspects.

Leaving your parents’ home to become independent is a step that you cannot take lightly. Poor financial planning could delay your plans to live on your own.

Today, it is very common for young people under 30 to desire and seek independence. However, they opt to rent space with other people or “roommates.” This is because few young people in this age group earn a high enough salary to live independently.

How to Live on Your Own: FAQs

Is it healthy to live alone?

It all depends on your personality. For these reasons, the recommendation is to think it through and try to adapt to the circumstances.

How much money do you need to survive on your own?

It will depend a lot on the budget you require. Everything varies according to the country, state, region, city, or neighborhood where you live. Therefore, it is important to have financial planning.

Is living alone bad for your mental health?

Not at all! Some people do very well living alone. On the other hand, some people always need some company. Depending on your schedule, you can think about getting a dog or finding a hobby.

What are the disadvantages of living alone?


You will spend any free time you have or time you spend at home alone. You will miss your parents, siblings, and even your dog. Loneliness will hit you hardest during times of illness or stress at work.


You won’t avoid doing chores because your mom is no longer around to make your bed, sweep your room, and wash your clothes and dishes. You’ll arrive at the weekend with a lot of chores to do.

The house is waiting for you.

Suppose it was already a little difficult for you to pay the rent (unless you bought the house, well off) because all the living expenses are yours. In that case, electricity, internet, cable, water, telephone, supermarket, insurance will be important to consider.

Become a Hobby Freak!

Thanks to your extreme loneliness, you may become more manic about your affairs. This will make you feel more and more embarrassed. Therefore, find a hobby and avoid complications.

You can lose focus on your food.

You will eat whatever comes to your mind whenever you feel like it. However, this can bring you various health complications. Gastritis, obesity, diabetes, or even malnutrition and anemia are options. You will not pay attention to the nutrients you need. You will only eat what fills you up, like pizza.

Can you live off 500 a month?

It all depends on the city you live in. It will all depend on your habits – it’s a lottery. Living alone is rewarding but demanding at the same time.

Final Words

Nowadays, many people choose to live alone, even if they have a partner, as it is a decision that can have many benefits. While not everyone can afford to live alone financially, those who find it a wealth of benefits will undoubtedly find it worth exploring.

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