How to Get Free Bitcoins without Mining | 9 Best Ways to Get free Bitcoins


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If you want to enter the bitcoin business field, you will be happy to hear that mining is not the only procedure to get free Bitcoins. There are several ways to earn free Bitcoins without mining. Your options can be more or less different from one another, and at the end of the day, you will get into a completely new way to obtain cryptocurrencies. So in the article, you will learn how to get free bitcoins without mining through some of the best ways.

How to Get Free Bitcoins Without Mining

How to Get Free Bitcoins without Mining

Games and faucets

Games and faucets are the quickest and easiest way to get bitcoins without mining. Anyone can start to earn and accumulate bitcoins without mining and investments by hiring websites like Free Bitcoin.

Earn Bitcoins with CFDs

The most proficient way to get more units and invest money is to get through in trading Bitcoin business, and you don’t have to buy Bitcoins first. For trading Bitcoin, you only have to open an account through a CFD provider such as eToro, an official website that permits you to trade without paying any commission. After this, you have to add a minimum of $100 to start with, which means that you can now buy or sell when you notice that the BTC price is going up or going down. 


It is not the right option because there is a high-grade risk involved in it, but it is necessary to mention this alternative also, and most people are earning Bitcoins without mining through this option. There is no need to explain the procedure of making this method because people are likely to gamble on such websites and earn many more Bitcoins. Many online Bitcoin casinos such as mBitCasino are official websites, but you can also go to Fortune Jack.

Earn Bitcoins as payment methods

If you are running a business or using a platform for buying and selling items of different categories, you can make payments through Bitcoins. It is an exact method to go for. You only have to inform your clients that you can accept payments in Bitcoins. 

Earn Bitcoins by completing different assignments

Different sites are working that pay their clients in the form of Bitcoins. But the question arises here that what do you have to do to get settled in Bitcoins? Most of the sites say that you should visit their site and watch some ads on them. The sites will pay you in return in terms of Bitcoins. The process is simple, so it does not take much time.

Roller coin is the best website where you can earn bitcoins for free. 

Get interests payments

For those who already have their Bitcoins, it is an ideal option. In this process, you only have to lend your bitcoins to other users, which you will charge interest. You can lend your bitcoins to your known people, or you can either hire reliable peer-to-peer platforms for this purpose. 

Earn Bitcoins in the form of Tips

This is a similar method to earn Bitcoins as you make payments through Bitcoins. You can set up your blog to accumulate Bitcoins, but there are several other ways to get them quickly. 

Your regular income in terms of Bitcoins

You might not believe that many companies and firms make payments to their clients in terms of Bitcoins. As a freelancer, you can search for a job at these firms and earn Bitcoins. One of the most significant advantages of becoming a freelancer is that you can establish your own business in this way. You can request your clients to pay you in Bitcoins.

Use a Crypto Browser

You can earn Bitcoins for free by doing different activities with the help of other websites. For instance, you can earn free Bitcoins by using the internet using the crypto tab Browser.


To end up the article, how to get free Bitcoins without miningIt is evident that there are several alternatives to earn Bitcoins for free without mining. Now it is your own choice that what you can do to fulfill your purpose of making Bitcoins in a better way. So, what do you think to suggest which is the better option for you?