How to Find your Credit Card Number | Find It without Your Card


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You enter a department shop, choose a pair of running shoes, go to the checkout desk, and swipe your credit card. After that, take the bill and receipt and leave the business with your purchases. The whole procedure is simple and takes just a few moments.

Nobody has to be concerned about your bank knowing and trusting you to return the amount for the shoes. You don’t need to go to the bank for a loan or explain why you need the money. You could perhaps use your credit card to pay for anything.

This involves paying interest on revolving credit and paying off your outstanding debt whenever you choose. A credit card has revolutionized the way people purchase by allowing them to have instant credit. You may have many credit cards from different banks, and anybody may use a card to pay for products or services.

To make things easier, you’ll need to know a few key information about the card. Thus, we have made this post on how to find your credit card number.

In addition, practically all financial firms now provide a variety of credit cards. They may get used to paying for products or services at any location that accepts them. Credit cards are also used to purchase food, clothes, and accessories.

This includes buying movie tickets, ordering online, purchasing household appliances, settling utility and cell bills, and many other activities. All of these things are doable if you have your credit card number. Come along as we highlight this below.

How to Find your Credit Card Number

How to Find your Credit Card Number

If you want to find the credit card number on Your Card, follow these steps:

  • Locate the id across the front of your card. Your credit card details must be engraved or embossed on the face of your card in prominent digits. This is often a 16-digit number, even though it may range from 12 to 19.
  • Remove the first six digits from your card. The Issuer Id Number (IIN), commonly known as the Bank Identifier, is a unique number assigned to a company (BIN). This number informs retailers about the sort of card you have and the bank that issued it. Your account number does not include this information. The IIN’s initial number is determined by the major credit card company that issued your card. Visas, for example, all begin with the digit 4, while Mastercard starts with either 5 or 2.
  • Remove the final digit from your card. A check digit is a final number on your card that is not a component of your credit card details. Credit card processors utilize a unique computation known as the LUHN Formula to assess whether a card number is genuine. The procedure entails multiplying and combining your card’s numbers collectively. The check digit is also included to ensure that the final amount is divisible by ten.
  • To discover your credit card number, write down the final digits. After you’ve removed the IIN and checked the digit, the digits that remain are your account number. If your card number is 16 digits, your account number should be 9 digits.

How to Find your Credit Card Number without a Card

How to Find your Credit Card Number

The following strategies can help you locate your credit card number without a card:

  • Review your credit card statement if you receive a paper bill. Your account number and personal information may be published at the top of the bill. However, some credit card issuers only publish the last four digits of your bank details on your statement owing to security issues.
  • If you have access to the internet, log in to the system. Many credit card companies now offer
  • You may need to provide your account number if you’ve never logged in to your credit card firm’s online banking. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact your credit card issuer to get the necessary information.
  • Make a phone call to your credit card provider. If you don’t have access to a financial card and can’t locate it on your bill or online, contact your credit card provider to get your bank details. The phone number for your credit card provider should be on your account, or you can look it up online.

When you contact, you will certainly be required to give identifiable details to the customer support representative. Your social security number or mother’s maiden name may get included.

How to find your Credit Card Number: More tips

How to Find your Credit Card Number

The lengthy series of numbers on the front or back of your physical credit card is known as a credit card number. It is usually 16 digits long and appears in groups of four. It’s used to identify the credit card company and the account owner.

Credit card details are not allocated at random. They’re coded to distinguish the issuer, system, and account and verify the whole number. All of this is being done to avoid theft and fraud. To function, the credit card details must follow a complicated pattern. The following are the components of your credit card number:

The first six digits of the telephone number

The first six digits identify the sector and credit card provider. The Major Industry Identifier (MID) is the first digit (MII). Here are some well-known MIIs and what they stand for:

  • Airlines 
  • Flights and Financial Institutions
  • Financial Services and Commerce (Visa)
  • Recreation and Travel (including American Express)
  • Financial Services and Banking (MasterCard)
  • Financing and Merchandising (Discover)

The Following 5 Numbers

The card’s Issuer Identification Number (IIN) or Bank Identifier (BIN) is what this is called (BIN). This also specifies the credit card business from which it originated and the card network it connects.

The digits that identify the account holder follow the digits that identify the issuer. Each issuer has multiple numerical combinations to choose from when creating account numbers. And the numerical methods used by various credit cards are somewhat different.

The Following 9-12 Numbers

The last characteristic of a credit card number is the check amount. It’s a code that indicates whether a credit card is valid. The “check number” or “key” is generated via a technique known as the Luhn Method. It was designed by Peter Luhn, the creator of the Luhn algorithm.

The last digit

The last characteristic of a credit card number is the check amount. It’s a code that indicates whether a credit card is valid. The “check number” or “key” is generated via a technique known as the Luhn Method. Peter Luhn designed it. He is an IBM scientist involved in the early stages of the internet’s creation.

When people incorrectly transcribe credit card numbers, this complex algorithm can detect them right away. It can detect when someone unintentionally presses the 9 key rather than the 6 key, as well as a variety of other typical mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of credit card details?

The 15- or 16-digit code on the front or rear of your credit card is commonly used as a credit card detail. It points out a few things. The payment system, the institution that provided the card and the cardholder are included.

Even though the two are connected, the number on your card differs from the information on your credit account. If your financial information is compromised, for instance, you’ll be given a new card with specific credit card information but the same account number.

How can I look up my credit card number on the internet?

The procedures below will allow you to see your credit card number online:

  • Go to your online banking platform and log in.
  • Select the account linked to the card you want to look at.
  • Select Cards from the three choices under the account name.
  • To display the card information, choose the card.
  • Choose Show card number under the card’s picture to see the card number, expiry date, and CVV code.

Is it possible for me to get my credit card details before the card shows up?

Your replacement card will normally come in the mail within a few days. However, you may not have to wait a while to put it to use. You may be able to use a new credit card before receiving the actual card in certain cases.

What Is the Length of a Credit Card Number?

A credit card number is typically 15 or 16 digits long. However, you may come across ones with as little as eight numbers and as many as 19 digits.

What is the location of the credit card number?

A string of numbers in four main phases should be visible across the credit card. This is the number on your credit card. It may get found on either the front or back of the card.

Is my account number the same as my credit card number?

No. Your account number is not the same as your credit card number. However, if your credit card details are displayed on the card, so is your account number? The sector of your credit card and the card company are represented by the first six digits of your credit card details. The last digit of your bank card is utilized to validate your card information.


Finally, you may also have to know your card number to pay a payment or access your bank details if you have a credit card. Fortunately, using the methods outlined above, you may quickly locate your credit card number.