How to Find My Bitcoin Address on Coinbase | An Expert Guide


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Bitcoin wallet addresses are important in BTC trading as these are keys to your security. You will use these addresses to send and receive funds in your wallet. Whenever you register to the BTC via your wallet, you are provided with two security keys, public and private. The private key is used for safety purposes, and the public key is used for sending and receiving funds. You can generate a new BTC address by using the Coinbase platform. However, you have to learn “how to find my Bitcoin address on coinbase?” before you move on for any process. 

The public key is used to send or receive funds, so it is revealed to everyone easily. For security purposes, the wallet changes your address after each transaction. Also, you can change your address by using the Coinbase platform. To locate your BTC wallet address, a precise and easy procedure is given in the later section. 

Easy Ways to Locate the Bitcoin Address on Coinbase

How to Find My Bitcoin Address on Coinbase

You can find your bitcoin wallet address on coinbase to unblock or edit it. Here is how to perform this task.

Via Website

You can locate your BTC address on coinbase through the web browser. Here is a simple procedure. 

  • Log in to your Coinbase account by inserting all the credentials. 
  • After logging in, browse for the Crypto addresses.
  • Here you’ll see the ‘Asset’ tab. Click it.
  • Now, click the ‘Add’ tab, you can generate a QR code for any cryptocurrency here. 
  • Here you can catch the address of your concerning cryptocurrency. 

Via Coinbase Mobile Application

If you are not easy with the above-discussed method, there is another option for you. You can locate, edit, or generate a new address for your cryptocurrency. Proceed in the following way to locate your BTC wallet address. 

  • As mentioned above, log in to your coinbase account. 
  • After entering the app, you’ll see the ‘Receive’ tab. Click it. 
  • Here you will see the ‘Asset’ tab. Tap it. 
  • You will receive a list of all the assets that are operated by using this platform. 
  • Select your concerning currency, BTC.
  • You’ll see the QR code, copy it, or edit it. 

How Can I Get My BTC Wallet Address From Coinbase?

How to Find My Bitcoin Address on Coinbase

Coinbase and Binance are the most frequently used platforms for crypto trading. You can also use these platforms to manage your crypto wallets. For instance, if you want to get your BTC wallet address to share with your client, proceed in the following way. 

  • Sign in to your coinbase account by providing all the credentials. 
  • After you have opened the account, you’ll see an ‘Account’ tab. Tap here to open your account. 
  • Click the ‘Receive’ tab here. 
  • Whenever you want to send or receive BTC to your wallet, your wallet generates a unique key each time. So, when you tap on the receive tab, your wallet will create a new address. 
  • You can edit or copy it, as per need. 
  • This is the address that is used to send or receive the BTC wallet. 

Is it Safe to Link Crypto Addresses to the Coinbase Account?

How to Find My Bitcoin Address on Coinbase

Mostly, new users get confused when they link their BTC or any other crypto wallet to their Coinbase account. They think that it may harm their wallets. But it is not right as your wallet, to your Coinbase account, is safe until you reveal your private key to someone. 

As you know, the public address is known to everyone connected with your wallet. But the private key is not known to any person, so it is impossible to hack your wallet or steal the coins from your wallet. 

Also, remember that if you delete your BTC wallet address from your Coinbase account, you’ll also lose your funds permanently. When you delete your crypto wallet from your Coinbase account, you delete your private key also. The deletion of your wallet from Coinbase will finish your access to your crypto funds. So, never think about deleting your crypto wallet from the Coinbase account once linked. 


BTC wallet address is a very important factor in BTC trading. It is key to the security of your funds and used to send or receive funds to your wallet. You can easily locate your wallet address by using the Coinbase platform in the ways mentioned above.