How to Convert iTunes Card to Bitcoin | Do It Instantly Now! (2021)

It is tough to receive money from some countries due to some restrictions, and people have devised ways to obtain cash by informing the sender to buy all kinds of gift cards and send the photo. The main problem is not getting the gift card but converting it from a gift card to real cash; that is the real aim of writing the article and teach you how to convert iTunes card to bitcoin

How to Convert iTunes Card to Bitcoin

How to Convert iTunes Card to Bitcoin

It was not easy to buy Bitcoin until 2011, but there are various options to purchase Bitcoins today.

A few of ways are:

  • Buying bitcoins from ATMs
  • Buying Bitcoins for cash
  • Buying bitcoins from exchanges through wire transfer
  • Buying bitcoins by using credit or debit cards.
  • You are buying bitcoins through iTunes gift cards.

So, these are the various ways to buy bitcoins; people are familiar with all these but are unknown to the last method.

How to Convert Bitcoin with iTunes Gift cards?

How to Convert iTunes Card to Bitcoin

Paxful is equivalent to eBay for bitcoin, and it is a peer-to-peer market platform for buying and selling bitcoin-based out of New York City. Simultaneously it offers more than 300 ways for payment, including iTunes gift cards.


  • Fees: Sellers have to pay 1% to Paxful, and buyers pay to seller to convert gift cards to BTC.
  • Countries supported:   All countries.
  • Additional comments:  It is relatively unknown, but with less traction, it works.

This exchange volume is low, but you can still buy Bitcoin in conversion with an iTunes card through Paxful. You should check the Paxful review to know how to use the Paxful platform with security.

This is a very simple process because there are few options to convert the iTunes card to bitcoins. You can sell your iTunes gift cards on eBay because eBay sales are linked to your PayPal account, or one can connect his PayPal account with the simple bank account in the setting banking accounts. 

PayPal can link a bank account with other banks like Chase, Citi, BoA, and it can also connect with the bank account known as the micro deposit method. In this method, you will enter your routing number and account number into the option of adds a bank account, the section of PayPal. PayPal will make the two small accounts in the linked bank, and you can immediately withdraw them. 

When you log in to your bank account and verify the two small deposit amounts you are directing, proving that you own the bank account, they will link the accounts and approve the withdrawal.

At this stage, the funds in the PayPal account can be drawn to the attached bank account in the shape of any Fait currency, whether it is US dollars, Euros, etc. This will be your legal bank account, and you can easily use this for buying Bitcoins. 

Coin portal

It is also a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform for Ripple and Ethereum. The main objective of this platform is to buy the different cryptocurrencies by connecting the buyers and sellers, by offering secured methods of payments. The excellent feature of this option is that they offer deals where buyers can buy BTC for iTunes gift cards.

Local Bitcoins 

Local Bitcoin is another famous bitcoin platform that makes the process of trading bitcoins very easy. It was functioning since 2012 and was originated from Finland, as it is a very well-known and reputed site to buy bitcoins from sellers from all over the world. It offers more than 30 payment methods, including the I Tune cards.


From the facts discussed in the article, you know how you can buy bitcoins from iTunes cards, but these options are significantly less in number. You can expect a lot more services from this platform as it is growing day by day. 

Moreover, if you don’t find more options for these services, you can also sell your gift card in return for Fait. Then you can use the Fait for purchasing bitcoin for cash or through the bank deposits directly. Some trusted online stores are working for used and unused gift cards for reselling. I hope the information provided in this article will be beneficial to the users.