How to Cash Out Large Amounts of Bitcoin | Learn the Process Step By Step


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To find oneself with a considerable amount of profit in one’s wallet, the product of investment or profit in cryptocurrencies is the point of the business. However, withdrawing funds safely generates certain uncertainties, which can be caused by ignorance or simple fear of making a wrong operation. For this reason, we will offer you all the aspects that will define how to cash out large amounts of bitcoin.

Basic Information

How to Cash Out Large Amounts of Bitcoin

Nowadays, there is a diversity of options to sell and withdraw your cryptocurrencies. So much so; you must consider the percentage per transaction that they offer; they vary excessively and find fraudulent sites, which can be scammed, causing greater evils. Therefore, we will provide you with the methods online or sell in person, reliable and profitable today. In this way we will specify their pros and cons, to nurture your knowledge on this subject.

How to Cash Out Large Amounts of Bitcoin

How to Cash Out Large Amounts of Bitcoin

We are selling bitcoin online.

It is the famous and used method by cryptocurrency users, also called bitcoin exchange for fiat. The highlighted and used options are 3; which we will define below:

Direct; as its word indicates, it is the direct exchange of bitcoin to fiat; with a person or company. They use different web platforms as intermediaries, providing this type of service. They only require a registration in their platform, supported with your passport or driver’s license. In the United States, they offer the services of Coinbase and local bitcoins, in Europe, bitbargain and bittylicious.

A stock exchange:

Its operation is based on acting as an intermediary in the transaction until a buyer is found. The seller places a sale order, stipulating the amount they wish to receive, what currency, and the current time of the offer. Upon matching the proposed criteria, the exchange between buyer and seller takes place. The seller can then withdraw the funds to his bank account. Currently, popular and reliable exchange service platforms are: Binance and Kraken.

Geminis and Gdax:

It is necessary to verify your data and prove your identity through a legal document to use them. Withdrawal fees vary depending on the amount, and you should take precautions and consult them before making a sale operation.

P2P; is an acronym that identifies a peer-to-peer sale, where people with everyday needs can satisfy. Through the wallet or wallet, you can make purchases from another person on a particular website. EBay; provides this service, serving as an intermediary, guaranteeing the deposit and the bitcoin wallet. Widely used nowadays, the common drawback; is to use the exact amount of cryptocurrencies, which cover the purchase price.

We are selling cryptocurrencies in person or offline.

The standard method to make transactions in person without an online intermediary is through the QR code. To carry out this type of transaction, the parties involved must have a bitcoin wallet installed. In this way, the process of selling and transferring funds is instantaneous.

A recommended platform for peer-to-peer sales is LocalBitcoins, in which you advertise yourself as a seller, and he looks for potential buyers in your area. This way, finding people nearby in need of bitcoins is possible. The downside, you must make several sales where the buyer is satisfied to create a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy seller, which will show you as a reliable person in selling cryptocurrencies.

How to Withdraw Bitcoins from the Current Platforms

How to Withdraw Bitcoins from the Current Platforms

The platforms currently used by the majority of bitcoin users are Binance, Coinbase, and Etoro. For this reason, we will show you how to withdraw bitcoins step by step.

Binance, after negotiating your sale, you must:

  • Locate the wallet option.
  • Click on the spot tab.
  • Select the currency of purchase (euros, dollars).
  • Click on withdraw.
  • Choose the payment method, entering the requested data.
  • Accept the withdrawal.

Coinbase, followed by setting up your sale:

  • Select the wallet.
  • Indicate whether the transaction is in euros or dollars.
  • Press withdraw
  • Enter the amount of the withdrawal.
  • Choose the payment method, and enter the required data. (Accepts Paypal).
  • Accepts the withdrawal.

Etoro, after securing the sale of your positions:

  • In the eToro panel, click on withdraw funds.
  • Next, choose the payment method, amount to withdraw, and enter the required data.
  • Confirm the withdrawal.

Bottom Line

At this point, we have provided the necessary information to define how to cash out large amounts of bitcoin. The proper use of the material will allow you to carry out this process safely and efficiently. Thus, your transactions will be carried out safely and reliably.