How to Buy Dogecoin in NY | A Step By Step Guide by Expert


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Billy Markus in 2,013 created the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which is a meme currency that has become known after tweets from Elon Musk, Wallstreetbet, and Tiktok. In this guide, I will discuss how to buy Dogecoin in NY.

The Shiba Inu dog is the symbol that represents this digital currency. The said dog was a famous meme at the time when Dogecoin was made. To purchase Dogecoin, New Yorkers possess inconvenience. This is because of the Bit license law formed in 2015. It turns out that New York is the way to purchase Dogecoin in New York.

How to buy Dogecoin in NY

How to Buy Dogecoin in NY

You must have an account and a wallet. The process of buying Bitcoins is easy enough to be done without much effort at all. Start by logging into your Coinbase account, which will open the “Buy” tab in front of you with many different options to choose from.

You’ll enter how much Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) that you want to buy and click on “Buy now” under whichever currency or coin type makes sense for your situation.

Get a Dogecoin wallet such as Exodus wallet, Trust wallet, Atomic. Then go to Trade Now and buy Dogecoin.

First step: buy bitcoin on Coinbase. In New York, to acquire Dogecoin, you must have Bitcoin stored in a wallet. To do this, visit and buy them.

Second step: get a Dogecoin wallet. To acquire Dogecoin from sites as, you will require a Dogecoin wallet address plus a wallet. For this, we will provide you with a list of the according to Dogecoin wallets.

  • Atomic wallet
  • Trust wallet.
  • Exodus wallet.
Third step: 

in Change, now buy Dogecoin. Look for the official website of Change Now, and no matter in which country you are, buy Dogecoin. You can visit

Fourth step: on, find Dogecoin. Click on the default ETH button. You will see 200 or more types of coins from which you will select your Dogecoin and LIC there.

Fifth step:

  • Purchase Dogecoin by adding the amount of BTC to use.
  • According to your BTC amount, enter a smaller amount, considering the BTC rates.
  • Write the available BTC.
  • Click on exchange.

Sixth step: add dogecoin address. You will not get a dogecoin address without a dogecoin wallet. Some examples of a dogecoin wallet are Trustwallet, Exodus, among others.

Seventh step: make payments in Bitcoin. On the screen, you will see certain addresses. To these addresses, you should send BTC in a certain amount. After sending this payment, you will get Dogecoin. And that’s it.

Acquiring Dogecoin in a Quick Way

How to Buy Dogecoin in NY

Several steps can be taken to acquire Dogecoin quickly in New York.

The first step is to verify that you have Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet and acquire Bitcoin on Coinbase.

  • Get a Dogecoin wallet or Trustwallet, atomic, exodus.
  • Acquire Dogecoin on Exchange Now upon registration.
  • In Exchange now request Doge.
  • Purchase Dogecoin by entering the amount of BTC to use.
  • Add the Dogecoin address.
  • Buy Dogecoin with BTC.

Invest in Dogecoin

How to Buy Dogecoin in NY

It is a digital meme currency produced in 2013 based on the Shiba Inu meme. Since then, the said cryptocurrency has become famous thanks to TikTok videos that claimed Dogecoin would go to $1. Part of the credit is considered to be deserved by Elon Musk and Wallstreetbet to develop Dogecoin. Continuously the cost of the coin was increasing due to Elon Musk’s tweets about Dogecoin.

Pump and dump scheme

This cryptocurrency has a minor fundamental and does not contain the necessary technology, unlike today’s cryptocurrencies. This technology comprises NFT, smart contract, staking, among others.

The hype surrounding Dogecoin is the factor that influences the increase in its value.

Bottom Line

Finally, according to famous people who have given great importance to this currency, it is believed that it can double. However, specialists in digital currencies believe that investors should be very careful in these operations.

“How can I purchase Dogecoin in New York?” is a common query among crypto investors on the east coast. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack while looking for crypto markets that sell to New Yorkers. Unfortunately, several Dogecoin-supported cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance US, Kraken, Voyager, WeBull,, and many more, do not service New Yorkers.

Investors of the bitcoin rise that the profits of the first digital currency on the planet are protected. The fixed supply makes such protection of crypto that is proper to its code. Despite not having the best technology Dogecoin unlike other cryptocurrencies, it possesses in the cryptocurrency space the widest community.

If you have faith in the Dogecoin project, remember to invest according to what you are willing to lose. We hope you have answered the question of how to buy Dogecoin in NY.