How Much Can I Expect to Make Owning a Bitcoin ATM | Expert Guide


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Crypto trading is one of the universally liked businesses that are far more successful. Out of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is at the top as its rates are high, and also it is a fruitful currency from the business point of view. Once a person has become stable at this forum, he will never dare to leave this platform. However, profit is the foremost factor in any business, so any person, who is starting investing in this currency, will surely talk about profit. The most confusing query that always clicks in the investors’ mind is, ‘how much can I expect to make owning a bitcoin ATM?’

Different methods prove beneficial while using the BTC platform. If a person is an expert in using all these channels, he can expect a handsome turnout. It is a fact that different challenges may prove a hurdle when you are at the initial stage, but gradually you’ll learn how to handle all these problems effectively.

This article will discuss all the possible ways to earn through BTC trading. So, let’s dive deep to explore all about this query. 

Earning With BTC ATM

how much can I expect to make owning a bitcoin ATM

Being a successful crypto trader, you can earn up to $1000 or even more in a single month from a single BTC ATM. Your earnings depend on different factors. Some common factors are discussed here. 

Location – The Core Factor

The foremost thing that affects your BTC trading a lot is your business orientation. Different aspects of your business are directly dependent on the location. While selecting the placentation of your BTC business, make sure that these are effective for foot traffic, your competition is low or high, and fees or taxes are low. Mostly, shopping malls are decided for this purpose as tons of benefits are associated with this location. 

For instance, these malls remain open for the maximum time, and all essential equipment is available for you. Also, these places are safe and secure to deal in such an expensive currency. So, you may call the location king of this business, and you can earn up to $30k per month using a perfect location. 


Another factor that affects BTC trading is the fee, as the client will notice this factor when purchasing the BTC. Also, the cost of your location will affect your BTC business. Rents of the malls will be comparatively higher. So, set your charges by comparing yourself with competitors. 


Content is very important as if you are setting such an ATM that is not so commonly used, you will flop. If you have a bitcoin ATM, it will give you a higher turnout as it is one of the top-ranking cryptocurrencies across the universe. 

Best Ways to Earn From Bitcoin

how much can I expect to make owning a bitcoin ATM

BTC Mining

One of the most commonly used ways of earning BTC is by mining. Mining is the process of cracking different codes and solving difficult mathematical problems. If miners succeed in this process, they are rewarded with BTC. 

BTC Purchasing and Holding

Buying, holding, and exchanging BTC is another way of earning BTC. For this purpose, the investors have to purchase BTC, and then they wait for an increase in the price of this currency. The waiting period may be of hours, days, weeks, or even months. 

BTC Trading

If you have enough knowledge and practice, BTC trading is the fastest way to earn money. However, proper knowledge and experience are necessary to start this business. 

Once you have started trading in BTC currency, many options are there for you. You can use different techniques like day trading, arbitrage, swing trading, etc. All these methods are very beneficial and assist you in growing your economy. 

Other Ways

Some other ways are as follows. 

  • Affiliate marketing
  • BTC payments
  • BTC faucets
  • Micro jobs
  • Bitcoin forum campaigns


Many ways lead to profit while using BTC as a currency. When you have your BTC ATM and fulfill all the essentials of this forum, it will prove very beneficial. There are dozens of sources that can be used to get benefit from the BTC. So, if you are confused about your turnout after investing in BTC, be clear that you can earn a handsome profit if you have proper knowledge of using this forum. Hope you have learned how much can I expect to make owning a bitcoin ATM.