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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital asset that is used as an internet currency. Many traditional companies accept bitcoin. Being an unregulated currency, the value of bitcoin fluctuates, so; it isn’t easy to guess it’s worth overnight. In this blog, I will discuss how does the framework of bitcoin wealth club works.

Bitcoin has been a source of mystery in the finance world, and now it has begun to change our perspective about it. Due to its success, many other cryptocurrencies have gain importance on behalf of it.

So, by understanding the actual crypto framework by analyzing the bitcoin, we will know how the framework of the bitcoin wealth club works? 

We need to learn the technical understanding of crypto working and how to analyze and evaluate this currency in the market.

How does the Framework of Bitcoin Wealth Club Works

How does the Framework of Bitcoin Wealth Club Works

Choose and Exchange and buy bitcoin 

You have to choose an exchange to buy, sell or trade through bitcoin. Signing up for crypto exchange is probably the best practice because some exchange offers to withdraw direct to bank accounts or wallets.

The exchanges can be centralized or decentralized; let me explain the centralized exchanges having a point of control. In comparison, decentralized exchanges are those without a central point. 

Anonymous exchanges can help bring the unbanked population into the mainstream. 

Presently the famous exchanges are centralized. Within the United States the Coinbase, Gemini, and Binance.US are popular bitcoin exchanges. They provide significant features to their customers.

Note; “Use safe internet practice while using exchange, use two-factor authentication, and a lengthy and unique password to ensure proper security of your account.”

Safely store bitcoin

The first thing that you need to do is buy bitcoin. You can purchase it through a verified payment system either from your bank account or wallet and make the process as easy for yourself as possible by using any other type of option that suits you best.

The purchasing method might vary depending on what kind of platform where one chooses to use, but in most cases, this step should be quite simple. It will only require some basic information about oneself like name, address, etc., along with an ID card (if necessary) then how to safely store bitcoin.

Bitcoin wallets are used for storing digital assets. The exchanges also provide facilities of wallets to their users, but I suggest not using those wallets because their primary concern is not the security of the bitcoin. Instead, use a personal wallet which will guarantee that you have complete excess over it. This minimizes the risk of getting hacked.

There are many wallets some only store bitcoin, and some can store any cryptocurrency. The wallet is in two types, either hot wallet or cold wallet. 

Cold wallets are online platforms that many users use due to ease of transaction using the internet. However, these wallets have some risk of getting hacked. 

On the other hand, hot wallets are offline platforms or straightforward hardware wallets that can run on tablets and computers. These wallets generate private keys and are easy to access. 

Begin trading or mining

To benefit from the highly volatile nature of bitcoin, it’s best to start BTC trading. This method requires in-depth knowledge of the market, analysis of money-making opportunities, and capitalizing of small profits.

BTC mining was a relatively straightforward process in the past as you can mine thousands of bitcoin on regular daily usage computers. But now mining requires the latest equipment, and the method has also changed. 

You have to crack mathematical problems to earn bitcoins in reward. You give yourself a better chance you can join a group of miners.

Sell Bitcoin

Selling the bitcoin is yet another way to earn from it. You can sell bitcoin on the same platforms from where you buy it, just like the crypto exchanges and other related peer-to-peer platforms. 

Selling bitcoin is the same as you buy it. However, the exchanges charge some amount on sale. For instance, Coin base charges 1.49% of the overall transaction.

Exchanges also have monthly and daily limits on withdrawal. So, cash on a larger scale cannot be immediately transferred to the trader. 

However, you can sell as much crypto as you wish.


To begin trading and mining, you must have the required knowledge of BTC. I described few critical topics related to bitcoin, which include what bitcoin is? How to buy Bitcoin? How can you earn from Bitcoin? Or I just covered how does the framework of Bitcoin wealth works? So, go through the whole article learn all the essential aspects. If you still find yourself confused, then comment below your queries. We will answer each of them.