Electrum Synchronizing | Atomic Wallet & Synchronization Time Of Electrum

Electrum is a lightweight wallet which means that it does not have enough time to synchronize. This is because of the assumption of only loading data from the block explorer. Only the initial launch achieves a particular time. In this guide, I will discuss about electrum synchronizing.

Atomic Wallet

There is a multi-asset wallet with added exchange service called Atomic Wallet. It allows you to store and manage all your cryptocurrency assets within one interface. You can try Google Atomic Wallet.

Electrum Synchronizing Time

First, what is the synchronization time for a wallet?

Keeping track of how many blocks to go until you get to the proper sync takes time. This is if 4G is used on a wireless network.

There are two elements when updating the network:

  • The size of the Blockchain
  • The block verification delay

The Blockchain today has a dimension of about 7 GB.

Therefore, it is less important how long it takes to download it. Verification of each block must also be done. So, every transaction in the block needs random input to the Blockchain that has been downloaded.

According to the configuration you have, maybe the bandwidth does not matter. On spinning disks, random lookups are slow, and using an SSD tends to speed up synchronization. So there is no need to worry if the bandwidth is not fully utilized.

Electrum Synchronizing on PC

To make transactions with Bitcoin, all you need is a wallet to store them in. You do not forget that specific fractions of Bitcoins must be obtained. Of course, as Bitcoin is a digital currency, a digital wallet is needed to store them.

The Bitcoin wallet makes it possible to keep the transactions you make up to date also, as the total of the Bitcoins with the possibility to send and receive them.

In this article, we suggest the Electrum wallet as it is one of the easiest to use. It is also one of the safest, lightest, and fastest. For example, when compared to Bitcoin-QT, it does not require downloading blocks or updating them at startup.

This is because Electrum connects to a server far away from those available with open source code. The data sent by the servers are confirmed by a procedure synthesized by Satoshi himself.

It is light because it uses few resources or RAM, which differentiates it from Armory. Although Armory is one of the most attractive, it uses enormous amounts of RAM in the latest version. This leads to crashes.

It may also happen that it will be selected in a few weeks and if so, it will be necessary to talk about Armory.


It is secure because, for example, it does not store private keys on a remote computer compared to Blockchain. This property inspires more confidence.

With Electrum Synchronizing, the private keys are held by the user in an encrypted file. A selected password is used for this purpose.

Special properties

Although we have already talked about the exciting features of Electrum, this wallet has other special properties. It is easy to export private keys to other clients and even to other Bitcoin wallets. There is a format that has all the addresses and private keys.

This is the .csv format. Then they will be imported to another client. Also, using the seed, it is possible to restore the wallet completely.

The seed is a string of numbers and letters consisting of 32 characters. This seed must be written and stored in a secure location. Security experts recommend memorizing it, and to make this easier, Electrum provides 12 English words.

These words work as a seed

To restore the wallet from the seed all that is required is to reinstall the program. Then the restoration from the source is selected.

You can keep the same wallet on different devices; also on android devices. This way, they will all be kept in perfect sync instantly, making this property one of great usefulness and extraordinary character.

Now, do you want to install Electrum? We think you do. To do so, look for tutorials on the internet at the official website. However, here we help you to achieve it.

  • Start by downloading the installer that matches your operating system, as there are different versions. There are versions for Linux, OSX, and Windows also, for Android.
  • Run it and follow the instructions to generate your first portfolio. The instructions are in English.

For Linux, the method is the usual one plus the dependencies if required. On the same download page, everything is very well described.