Does Bank of America have a Notary Service | Steps to Get Notary Service?


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Does Bank of America have a Notary Service?

The simple answer is Yes; Bank of America offers notary services at most locations.

A notary is a state public representative. The notary abides by state notary regulations. Whether a document is notarized by a bank notary or a different notary within the same state makes no difference.

With more than 4,600 facilities, Bank of America (BOA) is the second-largest bank in the country. The banking behemoth serves 67 million individuals and companies. Additionally, it provides various financial products, including notarial services.

You can use notary services at many of our financial locations as a Bank of America customer whenever it counts. For notary services, Bank of America doesn’t charge a fee.

Notary Laws in States

States have different notary laws. An acknowledgment and a jurat are the most often used notarial actions for documents. When a signer is signing a document willingly and voluntarily understands and agrees to the document’s provisions, an acknowledgment is used. On a contract, agreement, lease, power of attorney, bill of sale, or real estate deed, this is frequently seen.

The Latin word forsworn is jurat. This technique is utilized when signing a document such as an application form, affidavit, declaration, swearing, or verifying the integrity of the statements made within. 

Some banks may refuse to notarize specific sorts of papers, such as a will since they have nothing to do with bank business and because they might drag the bank into a court battle if the will has an issue. Most banks also have rules stating they will only notarize documents for bank clients.

Some banks also offer a Medallion signature assurance service, which is not a notarial act. The bank ensures a signature’s authenticity. They contrast the signature on the document with the signature of a recognized client, which they retain on file.

Most banks have staff members who serve as certified notaries as part of their job duties. Some banks may provide free notary services to customers who have accounts there if you’re a member. Some financial institutions limit their notarial services to their clients and account holders.

Most U.S. banks, including Chase, Bank of America Corp., and Wells Fargo, all major money center institutions, employ a notary public. Most banks provide their clients with complimentary notary public services.

What does “Notary Service” mean?

Does Bank of America have a Notary Service

 According to the National Notary Association, a notary (also known as a notary public) is an official chosen by the government of the state to represent the public as a fair witness in completing certain fraud-deterrent acts relating to sign documents.” Notarizations, also known as notarial acts, are these “official acts.”

To put it another way, a notary attests that the person signing a document is who they say they are, that they are willing to sign it and that they are aware of its contents.

Notary Service refers to services rendered by a notary public who is legally permitted to certify or attest papers, take affidavits, administer oaths, and carry out other regular notary public duties.

How to Get a Notary Service for Bank of America?  

Go to the Bank of America Branch

At the American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit, the person who needs to sign the document must personally appear.

Bring the necessary documents.

The person who has to sign the paperwork must physically appear at the American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit and show sufficient documentation, such as a passport that is still valid. Bring all required signers, the documents you want notarized, a current government-issued photo I.D., and your paperwork to the appointment.

Make an appointment with a Notary Public.

There are several Bank of America notary public offices in the area, although they only operate on specific days of the week or at odd hours. For this reason, it’s crucial to call your local Bank of America branch in advance to double-check the days, hours, and services offered for your particular legal documents. Schedule an appointment online or over the phone if they can perform a notary seal for the document you need.

Pay the notary fee and stamp duty.

Bank of America provides free notary services at the majority of its locations. As a benefit to customers, most companies offer free notary services. If you possess a checking, savings, or credit card from Bank of America, you are qualified for a free notarial service.

Every Bank of America location has policies regarding services provided to people who do not have accounts. You may be able to pay a fee for any services, depending on the branch’s policies.

The next step after scheduling an appointment with a notary public is to pay the notary fee and any required stamp duty fees.

After signing, get a copy of the lease agreement.

The lease agreement serves as a binding legal contract between tenants and landlords. Thus, all parties must have the security they need from the arrangement. A strong lease agreement safeguards your interests and averts misunderstandings that can result in legal action. Obtain a copy of the lease agreement after signing.

Get all parties to sign the lease agreement.

The notary may preserve a copy of the statement signed by the credible witness after notarization, although it is not obligatory. As with all notarial acts, the notary must accurately record the notarization in their journal, and that journal entry is sufficient.

Change your address at the DMV and keep a certified copy for your records.

Names can be added to or removed from a title as long as proper legal documentation is presented. The local DMV is the best place to go for these requests. Borrowers may receive quicker service by going directly to their local DMV rather than through Bank of America.

Modify your address with the DMV and save a certified copy for your files.

How do I find the Bank of America Notary Service?

Does Bank of America have a Notary Service

Verify the identity of the person requesting a notarization.

After the paper has been notarized, the signer can email it to you. An email from containing a link to the verification portal will be sent to you. The Notarize ID and Access PIN needed to access the Verification Portal will be included in the email’s body.

Confirm that the document to be notarized is valid in your state.

The relevant party often signs a document and has it notarized as the first step in the authentication process. The notary acknowledgment is next examined by county or state officials. Finally, the paper is certified by the U.S. Department of State.

Make sure all parties understand what is being notarized.

Verify that everyone involved is aware of what is being notarized.

Ask for identification and proof of residency.

An affidavit of residence or proof is an affidavit sworn by someone living at a certain address that declares them to be living there, of residency letter.” This is frequently needed to demonstrate state residency. If there is no further proof (such as a utility bill. Paycheck stub, driver’s license, etc.), it is advised to have the proof of residency letter notarized.

Check if any important dates or information needs to be excluded from the document.

Post-dating a certificate or inadvertently inserting the incorrect date is a major mistake. To confirm the date, check the calendar. Determine whether any crucial dates or details need to be omitted from the paper.

Check if there are any limitations on when the document can be used.

Make sure all pages are there and complete the manuscript. • Verify if the document’s use is subject to any restrictions.

Confirm the location where you will perform notarization.

Verify the precise location of your notarial act.

Review and sign the acknowledgment of signature and seal after notarization.

Please wait until the consular officer notarizes the paper and asks you to sign it. Depending on the document type, the consular officer will either ask you to certify that you signed it voluntarily and with knowledge of its contents or administer an oath asking you to swear or affirm that the information on the document is accurate.

Ensure proper recording of your signature, date, and seal on documents requiring authentication only.

Ensure that your signature, date, and seal are accurately recorded on documents that need authentication.

After completing the state-level authentication, you must get your document authenticated by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Authentication.

Expert Opinion

Most of Bank of America’s locations provide free notary services. Customers and clients can utilize this service by making an appointment in advance. However, keep in mind that not all bank offices provide the same notary services.

Call the Bank of America location closest to you to check availability or book an appointment online. A notary attests to a legal document’s validity and proper execution when they notarize it. Some legal documents must first be notarized to be legally binding. A notary aids in this process. To prevent fraud, certain financial institutions need notarized legal documents.

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