Coin Base Wallet vs. Vault | Differences Between Wallet & Vault


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If you are interested in investing in different cryptocurrencies, there are three ways to store your funds, a vault, a wallet, and an exchange. All three options have different uses and have their place to keep the information and data, but the choices are slightly different for new users. Besides, when we talk about the difference between the Bitcoin wallet and the vault, you should consider many things. Here is coin base wallet vs. vault.

This article will help discover the difference between Wallet and Vault’s coin base, so keep reading to get the correct information.

What is Coin Base Wallet?

Coin Base Wallet vs. Vault

Coinbase Wallet is a bit of technology that allows users to manage a wide range of distributed innovation. You may purchase and store ERC coins, take part in Fundraisers, gather rare visual art and many more objects, explore distributed applications, and trade at cryptocurrency-accepting retailers, among other things.

As a result, it is a simple, safe, and regulated crypto that can be purchased using  usd or other regional Fait monies. You can easily store coins in it, and you don’t have to bother regarding the control of your secret keys, as coin base .com and mobile apps are present in various countries.

What is a Vault?

Coin Base Wallet vs. Vault

A Vault is a separate account that protects your cryptocurrency more securely. To set up the vault, sign in your account on coin, select the portfolio there and select the crypto you want to store in the vault from your funds and assets. Under the vault tab, click the option create a vault.

A vault can collect cryptocurrency similar to the standard wallet, but on the other hand, it can stop crypto from being drawn by the addition of selected security steps. 

  • Users can choose ownership between email accounts, and multiple users need the transaction’s approval before its completion.
  • Unapproved vault withdrawals are canceled in 24 hours and can go through a secure approval for withdrawal after it is formed.
  • You can store any cryptocurrency in your vault that is supported by a coin base.
  • Vaults are available to all cryptocurrency users, as you can make one or more current coin base accounts.
  • You can send your vault address to directly get the cryptos from the outside coin base to your vault. 
  • As the vault needs a delay in withdrawal, there is no automatic way to pull the stored funds. It is necessary to have enough funds in your spend vault before purchase and instantaneous withdrawal.  

What is a Bitcoin Vault?

Coin Base Wallet vs. Vault

The Bitcoin Vault was introduced in 2014 and coined by Coin base as it is the more secure place for Bitcoin storage than other online Bitcoin Wallets. Since that time, many companies are offering both wallets and vaults as an extra service.

You can receive rewards from the coin base wallet. If you are using the cryptocurrency eligible for getting tips, you can quickly obtain the rewards from that crypto.

Coin Base Wallet vs. Vault

Coin Base Wallet vs. Vault

Advanced account protection

In the vault, all the payments delayed by two days; during that time, the vault provider will contact the account holder. The payment will not be completed until the account holder confirms the transaction. If there are many owners in the transaction, then all of them need to verify the transaction. This happens in groups only.

Geographic distribution

Most of the bitcoin transactions are not stored on the same server. For instance, coin base Vault can hold up to 97% of bitcoins geographically placing a network of those not directly attached to the global internet.

Enterprise features

Vault accounts offer security features regularly used among enterprise bank accounts like it needs for multiple verifications for withdrawals. On the other hand, numerous signatures in the coin base wallet for Vault accounts are a feature when the security experts check it. Moreover, the new versions use the cold storage technology that the firm offers for current customers.

Additional features

Some companies offer premium features; for instance, Xapo provides insurance for all Xapo vault account holders. 


So it is clear that the vault design complement standard coin base wallet accounts. The difference between the coin base wallet and vault is the same as the traditional bank’s checking and saving accounts. It is day-to-day spending, so it acts as your vault and is like a saving account.