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One of the most frequently asked questions by such people is ‘Can I earn Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies by watching ads.’Cryptocurrency is becoming a popular trading source day by day, and this popularity attracts many investors. Nowadays, many investors have joined the crypto trading platform. But everyone has enough funds to invest in BTC or any other cryptocurrency. However, every person has a dream to become a trader through any source.

They try out many sources that are free of cost. Such methods include watching videos, advertising, and accepting or completing different challenges.

This is a debatable query, and different sources let you earn BTC or other cryptocurrencies. In the later section, we’ve discussed all the methods that may prove effective to earn different cryptocurrencies by watching ads. Let’s dive deep to explore all about this query. 

What are Faucets?

Can I Earn Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies by Watching Ads

One of the most frequently used and easy ways to earn cryptocurrencies is through faucets. Before proceeding, you should understand the different earning methods used on this platform. Here is all about this terminology. 

How Do Faucets Work?

Can I Earn Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies by Watching Ads

To earn through faucets, you have to clear your concepts about this method. First of all, you should learn the working process of this platform. It is a simple method that includes the following ways of earning.

  • Watching ads for rewards.
  • Earning rewards by completing surveys.
  • Collecting cryptocurrency by playing different games.

Out of all the cryptocurrencies, most faucets’ websites and other platforms use BTC and ETH as reward currency. You can convert the earned cryptocurrency to your local currency. There are different methods to cash out cryptocurrencies. 

It is a simple but slow and steady procedure that offers you a chance to earn your first cryptocurrency if you have enough time and strong determination. 

Such tasks are easy to accomplish, so these are called faucets, a name that resembles the drop of water dripping from some leaky faucet. 

Purpose of Faucets

Can I Earn Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies by Watching Ads

Different techniques may prove effective in ranking some particular business. You may call the faucets a similar technique that attracts people to the cryptocurrency platform. 

Though crypto trading is one of the top trending businesses all over the universe, there are still some people who are unaware of this name. The purpose behind the faucets is to assist people in earning their first coin.

It will create an interest in people to invest in crypto trading. So, faucets are a source of attracting people to these newly introduced currencies. 

Types of Faucets

Types of Faucets

Different faucets are specialized for particular currencies. Here are some commonly used faucets. 

BTC Faucet

BTC faucets work on the same rule, and a portion of BTC, called Satoshi, is awarded for completing different tasks. This faucet was introduced in 2010 by a bitcoin developer named Gavin Andresen. Initially, BTC was unfamiliar to people, so this faucet was intended to create interest in this currency. 

ETH Faucet

The Ethereum faucet works just like the above one, but the rewarded currency is different. This faucet gives a reward for completing some easy tasks. Here currency is Ether instead of BTC. 

LTC Faucet

The LTC faucet websites offer rewards for different tasks in the form of Litoshi currency.

BCH Faucet

Bitcoin cash faucets give some amount in the form of BTC Cash Tokens. You have to fill out what is asked by the provider. 

Monero Faucet

Just like the above-discussed faucets, Monero faucets also give you a chance to earn free Monero coins by simply watching ads or accomplishing some simple tasks.

ZCash Faucet

Another crypto currency’s faucets offer rewards in the form of ZCash by completing simple tasks. 

Tron Faucet

You can earn free Tron tokens on this platform by simply watching ads, inviting friends, playing games, accepting and completing challenges, and accomplishing some simple tasks. 


Different platforms offer you free cryptocurrencies to start with crypto trading. You have to perform simple and easy tasks like watching ads, completing surveys, or working on easy projects. You have to make your wallet on a particular platform.

After making your wallet, you have to register to your account, and by registering, you can earn free coins. So, it’s right to say that you can earn BTC by watching ads, although a small amount. Hope you have got your answer on can I earn Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies by watching ads.