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Best Personal Finance Books for Women | Every Woman Should Read

Female entrepreneurship is gaining more prominence in the business world today. As a result, several finance books and other content are available to serve this audience, increasingly aware of the subject. Thus, below is a highlight of the best personal finance books for women.

From these books, it is possible to extract real-life lessons, which will significantly contribute to handling your money as a woman. In addition, learning the content of these works can also shorten your learning curve and make it easier for you to understand this topic. 

Furthermore, despite the reputation of spending more than men, women tend to be much more skeptical, educated, and reasonable when it comes to dealing with money. According to surveys, they are the ones who dominate purchasing decisions in virtually all sectors and head 40% of households worldwide. 

See below some best personal finance books for women!

Best Personal Finance Books for Women

Best Personal Finance Books for Women

Rich woman by Kim Kiyosaki

Rich woman is a work by Kim Kiyosaki that is already in its updated version. In this book, the author reinforces that women no longer need to depend on men, both financially and in other spheres of life. This also entails the corporate world and the political environment.

The primary purpose of the book is for women to take control of their financial lives. Therefore, the author reinforces the importance that, whatever the environment in which you are going to work, it is necessary to prepare and study for it. With investments, it is no different.

Therefore, the book shows that the more you deepen your knowledge in this segment, the greater your chances of success as an investor.

Although the book focuses a lot on investments, you can see it as a guide that teaches women to master many other aspects of their own lives.

Women’s Finance: How to Invest and Fulfill Your Dreams by Carolina Ruhman and Samy Dana

This book portrays how impulsiveness can lead to a financial loss of control and spending on unnecessary purchases.

In this work, the authors teach the reader to deal with money with organization and discipline and choose investments best suited to her profile. Having these elements in hand makes it easier to control impulses and reduce expenses. The primary purpose is to provide tips for women to gain financial independence and build a balanced and healthy economic life.

Financial turnaround Patricia Lagers

This personal finance book proposes solid and effective transformations in the way people manage their money to avoid problems with indebtedness. This is also applicable in other areas of life.

The differential of this content is that it proposes this change within approximately six months. The author is also responsible for other Personal Finance Books for Women, which have already sold almost 100,000 copies.

In the book in question, Lagers proposes 25 challenges that you must complete each week. These are precious tips that are transmitted in a good-humored way and without complex terms.

The book’s primary purpose is that you can finally get rid of all your debts, achieving long-awaited financial stability.

10 steps to never run out of money in your pocket again by Natalia Arcuri

Natalia Arcuri, the creator of the largest YouTube channel in the world that deals with finance and investments, wrote this book.

Here, the author shows that it is possible to overcome indebtedness and uncontrolled spending in a relaxed and straightforward way. To help the reader in this process, she brings together situations and practical examples from real life.

The content has ten simple steps. And this will help you build a financial routine that doesn’t run out of resources in your pocket.

Arcuri shows how to eliminate habits that sabotage a woman’s financial health while identifying beliefs that make getting rich complex. This is, in addition to presenting modalities of investments that fit the reality of most women.

Finally, the author presents a beautiful world where money works for you, presenting a different concept for the term saving. According to the book, this has more to do with making dreams come true than simply saving money.

My personal finance guide by Maria Luque

The author Maria Luque shows, in this work, how to efficiently take care of your money, accumulating resources, and learning how to manage your investments.

Mara is a journalist and explains how her experiences with budget management, financial markets, and finance administration can build a more peaceful and abundant life.

Through various notes — some of them even very personal — the author offers readers some tricks to dribble and face an element that she considers a trap: the “generosity” of credit cards.

Reading the material is essential for anyone who needs to balance their financial budget, definitively getting rid of debt.

Earn, Spend, Invest. The Book of Money for Women by Denise Damiani and Cynthia Almeida

The authors propose to bring together essential concepts for women to manage their money. For example, there are guidelines for marriage and sharing expenses, maternity, work, allowance for the children, etc.

The book even includes anonymous stories and tips on the right tools for women to take charge of their finances. The authors propose that they have a healthy relationship with money and gain financial quality with more independence.

They also suggest working on three fronts: increasing earnings, reducing expenses, and making suitable investments.

Women and Money by Suze Orman

This is one of the Best Personal Finance Books for Women. Here, American financial consultant Suze Orman analyzes women’s relationship with money. She also brings several intelligent personal finance tips for women. As a bonus, she teaches how to interpret behaviours. This will help you to overcome personality traits that can limit (and even impede) your financial success.

According to a recent study, over 78 percent of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. But this book can aid you in growing into the 24 percent of Americans who aren’t. When you can live on 4% of your investments per year, you are financially independent. An Intuit study discovered that over 59 percent of adults said they lived paycheck to paycheck since 2019, while another learned that 28 percent had no emergency savings.

Shopping Detox: How to get rid of consumerism and rethink how you spend your money by Carolina Sandler

Finally, Carolina Sandler has excellent work that can help a lot to develop women’s finances. Who has never taken advantage of a good promotion? The truth is, few people can resist a sale. The big problem is that some do not see the need for a product or service before purchasing it.

The book’s primary purpose is to offer a reflection on how you spend your money, showing how uncontrolled consumption can be harmful to your financial health.

In addition, the work offers an actual cleansing (or detox) so that you can learn to get rid of impulsive consumption. This will also help you to use reason more than emotion when making a purchase.

Remember that she does not defend the thesis that you should not spend your money on excessive items or leisure time. After all, this is part of life. However, it raises the banner that it is necessary to make these expenses conscientiously, avoiding the purchase of unnecessary goods that will not generate any benefit for life.

Best Personal Finance Books for Women: FAQs

What are the best financial advice books?

The best financial advice books include the following:

  • Rich woman by Kim Kiyosaki
  • Women’s Finance: How to Invest and Fulfill Your Dreams by Carolina Ruhman and Samy Dana
  • Financial turnaround Patricia Lagers
  • 10 steps to never run out of money in your pocket again by Natalia Arcuri
  • My personal finance guide by Maria Luque
  • Earn, Spend, Invest. The Book of Money for Women by Denise Damiani and Cynthia Almeida
  • Women and Money by Suze Orman
  • Shopping Detox: How to get rid of consumerism and rethink how you spend your money by Carolina Sandler

What is the best book on making money?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Another great book here is best for Women: Clever Girl Finance. This book is Courtesy of Amazon Buy. And you can purchase it on Amazon via , women still earn just 82 cents to a man’s dollar, while mothers earn just 71 cents for every dollar that fathers earn. This also comes top on the 5 Personal Finance Books for Women who are in their mid-30’s Estimated Reading Time.

How can I be smart with money books?

You can be smart with money books by purchasing and reading them consistently.

What should I read to be financially literate?

To be financially literate, you can read the following books:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Power of Financial Education by Robert Kiyosaki

How can I turn $100 into $1000000 Book?

You can turn $100 into $1000000. Book through the following tips:

  • Invest smartly
  • Make a budget
  • Get a job
  • Set financial goals
  • Start a business

What is the number one personal finance book of all time?

The number one personal finance book of all time is Rich Dad Poor Dad. Robert Kiyosaki wrote this.

How can I be a millionaire in 5 years?

You can be a millionaire in 5 years through the following tips:

  • Get adequate financial education
  • Seek for a wealthy mentor.
  • Control of Your Finances adequately
  • Save with the mindset of investment
  • Get multiple income sources
  • Take adequate care of your health.


In conclusion, reading is one of the best habits you can acquire throughout life. It can provide a moment of relaxation while adding knowledge to you.

What’s more, many people consider reading habits to be one of the most powerful ways for a person to evolve and thrive. No wonder the richest women in the world have declared in several interviews that they are lovers of daily reading.

Thus, reading the best personal finance books for women can take you further. Not only will you learn to invest your money well, but you will see a complete transformation in your relationship with money.