Best Interest Free Credit Cards | 7 Interest Free Cards (2021)


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Really, who can live without a credit card these days? Buying online, or even the convenience of buying in physical stores, helps a lot in the daily rush, in addition to helping to control expenses since the deadline for payment of the bill can reach 40 days. Can you imagine having some of the best interest-free credit cards?

Furthermore, for some people, credit cards are synonymous with a headache. They spend more, can’t control expenses, and at the end of the month, they have to pay the bill. Others even wanted to have a credit card to make life easier, but they don’t. The reasons are varied: the fees, the requirements, consulting the credit protection services, interest rates, etc.

Today, many banks offer different credit cards to meet other customer profiles. The ones without interest are some of the most popular ones. These will also help you get rid of that extra bill at the end or beginning of the year.

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Best Interest Free Credit Cards

Best Interest Free Credit Cards

Today, interest-free credit cards stand as an ideal choice for many people. Thus, to help you find your perfect credit card, we have selected the best available options in the market. Check out!

  • Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card
  • Platinum Plus® Mastercard®
  • SavorOne Cash Rewards Card
  • Freedom Credit Card
  • US Bank Visa Platinum 
  • Neon Credit Card
  • Discover it Cash Back Card

Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card

In this area, this card is a fantastic choice. For the preceeding15 months, there is no charge on this card. Furthermore, the credit card offers a 4% cashback on the initial $7,000 spent at grocers. This implies you’ll be able to make a minimum of $ 170. (then Cash Backdrops to 1 percent ).

The credit card’s distinctive Welcome Bonus draws numerous Americans. During the first 3 months, you pay $1,000 and get $150 in return.

During the offer time, the Blue Cash Everyday Card has no concealed account transaction fee. Nevertheless, the card must be closed within the preceding 15 months. If you choose not to, the rate of interest on your credit debt would increase from 12.99 percent to 23.99 percent every year. Furthermore, the highest APR is applied to the majority of consumers.

Platinum Plus® Mastercard®

This card has been considered for some time to be one of the best credit cards for stretching a balance. It also offers a 0% interest rate for the first year (the first 12 full months) on account balance transfers made during the first 90 days of opening the account. There is, however, a 1% transaction fee on any credit card balances you transfer.

This fee has the potential to be even more significant, so you should transfer your balance with as few transactions as possible. This offer can even end up saving you hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, in interest charges.

Another merit that makes this card one of the best is the set of perks it offers. The Platinum Plus® Mastercard® provides travel insurance for accidents and interruptions, insurance for public transport and car rentals, as well as insurance for the loss or damage of your personal effects when renting a car. This is exceptional, considering that you will have all of these benefits at no annual cost.

SavorOne Cash Rewards Card

The SavorOne Cash Rewards Card is a fantastic card that offers no charge for 16 months. This is in addition to a slew of other perks. Food and beverages expenditures earn you 3% Cashback Rewards, while grocery store deposits earn you 2%.

The card is useful for individuals who love purchasing meals from the comfort of their own homes using special phone deals. You may receive hundreds of dollars returned with SavorOne Cash Rewards.

Other benefits include a $150 incentive after using $500 in 3 months and no international processing fees (you can repay with a credit card in other regions).

Credit Wise is a free feature in the Capital One smartphone app. This is a credit checker that is completely free. Simultaneously, Credit Wise’s Credit Score is updated within seven days, which really is unusual for other creditworthiness monitoring services.

Freedom Credit Card

This is one of the greatest equity credit cards available. Many individuals have benefited from the well-known credit card, which has helped them endure many tough times. You receive 15 months of no interest and 5% refund up to $ 1,600 (rebate – $75).

Furthermore, if a client fails to use a credit card for an extended period of time, the financial institution will often offer him discount checks for 17 months at 0% APR. You may send a bill for anybody (even yourself) and merely pay for the transference, which is normally 3 percent to 5% of the check’s value.

US Bank Visa Platinum 

These cards offer the one and only, but once-in-a-lifetime benefit of a 20-month equity term. As a result, it’s ideal for making big, pricey grocery shop purchases on a regular basis.

Let’s imagine you spend $ 5,000 on a new tumble dryer for your home and divide the repayments over a promotional period. It is preferable to avoid delaying debt payments for another 20 months and instead establish a goal of paying off the debt in 18 months (at $278 monthly).

When the incentive time ends, the APR will go to 13.99 percent – 23.99 percent, rendering the card completely unusable. As a result, it’s important to phone the bank right now and have them shut the account.

Neon Credit Card

Neon’s credit card is one of the best interest-free credit cards on the market. To enjoy this, you must have a Neon bank account, which is fully digital. You can also have complete control through the mobile app, where you can access invoices, and limit and keep an eye on your expenses.

Another facility is to place the credit card bill in the automatic debit of the account. That way, there’s no danger of reaching the end of the month and getting scared with the card bill. Furthermore, the Neon Credit Card has no maintenance or monthly fee.

Discover it Cash Back Card

One of the greatest interest-free bank cards is the Discover it Cash Back Card. It also offers a 14-month 0% APR on all transactions and debt exchanges. Also, Discover gives 5% Cash Back on special products up to $ 1,400 once a quarter. Gas, taxi services, and transactions at selected clubs, for example, are subject to greater profit.

The Discover card stands as a philosophy in and of itself. It takes a long time to go through all of the advantages it has to offer. Some individuals have only had Discover credit cards for a few decades and have gotten the best out of them.

Remember that Discovery and American Express credit cards aren’t as popular as Visa and MasterCard. As a result, you may find yourself in a scenario where your card is not accepted for payment at some point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any zero interest credit cards available?

There are many zero interest credit cards available. They also come with diverse merits for every user. Some of these zero interest credit cards available include:

  • Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card
  • Platinum Plus® Mastercard®
  • SavorOne Cash Rewards Card
  • Freedom Credit Card
  • US Bank Visa Platinum 
  • Neon Credit Card
  • Discover it Cash Back Card

Is 0% APR better than no annual fee?

Both the APR and annual fees are essential factors concerning credit cards.

Are 0% APR car deals worth it?

Yes. 0% APR car deals are worth it if you are the buyer.

Does 0% APR mean no interest?

A 0% APR means that the money you are borrowing will be made available to you at no extra cost. When paying back, there will be interest if you pay the balance before the expiry of the APR period.

Can you get 0 interest on an existing credit card?

Yes. You can get 0 interest on an existing credit card by paying the complete balance within every billing cycle. This act can also increase your credit score significantly.

Should I pay off 0 APR credit cards?

It is advisable to pay off a 0 APR credit card.

Should I pay off a 0 credit card early?

Paying off a 0 credit card early can increase your credit score and lower your interest payments. 

Do credit cards charge interest on every purchase?

No. Credit card issuers only charge interest on your purchases if you carry over a balance to the next month. This can affect your credit scores negatively as well.


In recent years, the offer of credit cards without interest has grown a lot. Today there are countless options for all types of consumers, from those who want to save to those looking for a more robust portfolio of benefits. For this reason, we have made a complete analysis of the best interest-free credit cards available on the market. With these, you can further get the most out of your money!