How to Transfer Money from an Emerald Card to my Bank


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Prepaid debit cards like the Emerald card work similarly to other widely used cards. The card can transmit money, pay bills, make online purchases, and transfer funds to banks. It is one of the most widely used prepaid debit cards with several advantages. A prepaid card is the easiest way to handle transactions without obtaining a bank account or credit card. Prepaid debit cards are popular because they offer a less risky method of money management. So let’s learn how to transfer money from an emerald card to my bank.

How to Transfer Money from an Emerald Card to my Bank

How to Transfer Money from an Emerald Card to my Bank

Set up your emerald card

First of all, set up your emerald card

Top up your emerald card

After that, top up your emerald card

Set up an alternative bank account to receive money

Next, set up an alternative bank account to receive money

Request a transfer from an old bank account to a new one

Then, request a transfer of money from one bank account to the new account.

Check if the money has been received.

After that, check if the money has been received in the new account.

Deactivate your old account and activate your new one

The next step is deactivating your old account and activating your new one.

Remove the card from an old bank account and add it to the new one

In the end, remove the card from the old bank account and add it to the new one.

How to Apply for The Emerald Card?

How to Transfer Money from an Emerald Card to my Bank

The Emerald Card application process is simple, and you can complete it online. The following prerequisites must be met to apply.

  • Identifying information
  • Number for social security
  • Amount of tax refund from the prior year

Your phone number, postal address, and email address make up the personal data. With Emerald, depending on your credit score, you can access an advance of $350 to $1000.

Applying for the card would be easier if you were around the age of eighteen. You watch for delivery at your address if the application is approved.

Always remember that you must link your card to a bank account when applying. The majority of your daily transactions take place in this checking account.

Go to the add bank section of your Emerald prepaid Mastercard and enter the account and routing numbers for your bank to link a bank account. Once your bank account has been successfully linked, you can make any necessary money transfers to the account.

Here is a comprehensive tutorial to walk you through transferring money from your Emerald Card to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I move funds from my Emerald Card to my Bank Account?

By logging into Emerald Card Online or using an ATM, you can transfer cash between your Emerald Card® and Emerald Savings account.

How do I remove every penny on my Emerald card?

You can access cash with your card over the counter at a financial institution or through an ATM (but not one outside of the United States). You can also access the money in your card account by asking for a cheque or an ACH transaction on your behalf.

How quickly can the money be transferred from an Emerald card?

Please give the money two to four business days to appear in your associated bank account.

What can I remove from my emerald card in a single day?

The Emerald card has an impressive daily ATM limit of $3,000 available. Most cards have daily ATM withdrawal caps of $1,000 or less. However, Emerald’s $1,000 cash load cap is less than usual. The average is close to $2,000.

Emerald Card and the cash app are compatible?

Yes, transferring cash from your Emerald Card to your Cash App Card is possible without any trouble.

What bank does the Emerald card have a connection to?

You appoint MetaBank, N.A., the company that issues the Emerald Card, as the custodian of the money in your Emerald Card account. MetaBank can deposit your money at one or more programs as a custodian. 

My Opinion

The Emerald card is very beneficial as its Prepaid Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid debit card that you can use to load money or receive and use your tax refund. Moreover, it’s very easy to use anywhere that accepts Mastercard debit. It can be used.

Another thing is that this card is an easy, secure method of saving. You can start safely saving money with an emerald Savings account for unexpected expenses, a trip, a car, or a house. You can easily open an account with no cost and as little as $25.

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