How to Start an Undergarment Business | 8 Steps You Must Follow


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Just like any other type of business, if you want an undergarment business, it is essential to know about your target market and customers before setting your products to put for sale. A good business plan can identify your way to go on the road to success in the underwear business.

The bulk of individuals, particularly women, like wearing and investing in high-quality underpants on a daily basis. I recall seeing this on an edition of Sex and the City. Carrie, who is played by Sarah Jessica Parker, has said that she would not want to be associated in any way wearing revealing underwear. This demonstrates that, like all women, males are concerned about investing in high-quality underwear.

Although it is an excellent business to start with, it also needs your hard work, dedication, and investment. So if you want to know how to start an undergarment business? This article will give you the right ways to proceed.

How to Start an Undergarment Business

Start an Undergarment Business

Of course, everyone likes to wear something as an underwear that is both comfy and elegant, even where nobody can see them being worn. That’s something that’s uniquely yours, and wearing underwear such as apparel that correctly suit your physique will be nirvana for your physique. Putting a foot into this company is the finest approach to grasp its entire procedure.

The estimated minimum cost for starting a lingerie business is $4195, and the maximum cost is $59422. You have to follow few steps;

  • Make perfect business plan
  • Create Vision 
  • Target clients
  • Research the local competition
  • Apply for permits
  • Stock your inventory
  • Start marketing your business
  • Raise money for your undergarment business.

Make Perfect business plan

You must create a lingerie business model in order to manage a successful underwear company; there are many crucial factors to take into account. You must create a business strategy for your new venture and enlighten yourself on the ins and outs of it.

It would be beneficial if you went lingerie window shopping to notice various trends and styles, as well as designs that you might utilize in your company later on—research for client wants and fashion that they are discovering in their underwear. To gain additional important ideas, you should read related articles and view trendy videos.

Vision mission

As per the Department of Statistics, jobs in the garment manufacturing business in the United States has decreased by much more than 80 percent in the last two decades.

Is it referring to the way you wish to operate your company? What principles would you like to instill in your company as it grows? What are your future expectations for your firm, and what services and products will you provide to your target clientele, among other business ideas?

Target clients

Who are you going to market and create underwear for?

  • Females, such as teens, young professionals, grandparents and mothers.
  • Homosexuals including lesbians and gays.

Usually, your target clients will be everybody because it is a need of everyone.

Research the local competition

To identify the existing lingerie shops, visit the area shopping centers, including large corporate lingerie retailers. Look through the inventory, detailed cost listings, as well as possible sectors and specialties. Lumpectomy bras, plus-size corsets, and motherhood bras are just a few examples of underwear which might or might not be a sector in which your rivals compete.

Make a permission application.

As per the regulations of Internet-based Moms in the web title “start a lingerie company,” you’ll need a licensing, a tax identifier, and a retailing permit to get your company off the ground.

To reach your prospective consumers, you’ll also need specific approval to sell lingerie at trade exhibits, internet shops, and thrift shops. In addition to all these documents, you have to purchase liability insurance.

Stock your inventory

To purchase underwear merchandise and stock, engage the private brand creators, distributors, and producers listed in the lingerie shop and stylish web page. Buy different sizes, patterns, underwear retail products, undies, garments, bathrobes, and souvenirs, particularly for weddings shower presents and dinner parties, to gratify your broad range of clients’ preferences, which include conservative and frilly linger Underwear.

However, between 1987 and 2010, labor production in the US industrial sector increased. In addition, the fabrics industry in the U.s. has a work efficiency that is more than twice that of the rest of the world. The swimwear, nightwear, and bridal industries are moderately concentrated, according to a report published by IBIS World.

The four biggest firms account for 43.1 percent of the overall share of the market in the sector. The L brand, with a customer base of 36.1 percent, likewise leads the business, according to the research. Small to medium-sized businesses supply specific and specialized items in the surviving corporations.

The representation of the four largest companies has 43.1 % of the total industry market share. The report also shows that the L brand dominates the industry with a 36.1 % market share. The remaining companies have small to medium-sized participants that provide niche and specialized products. 

According to the IBIS World estimate, over 85.0 % of all firms and companies are non-employers and are operators without hiring employees.

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Start marketing your business

Request that your customers join up for your internet magazine when making purchases to advertise and promote your company. Notifications of future deals, images of fresh and inventive styles, and fashionable and client rewards program rewards should all be sent out.

To sell, customer experience provides your clients with access to vanity sizing, underwear consultation, and bridal bundles. recommends sending direct emails with catalogs as another strategy to advertise your items.

The reality that this enterprise is extremely successful is one of the aspects that encourages entrepreneurs to establish an underwear firm and possess an exceptional manufacturing firm.

Your items may be sold both nationally and internationally. The lingerie industry is gaining popularity because it provides opportunity for company owners and entrepreneurs to build a brand from the ground up and have it recognized globally.

The advanced computer technology and software make the task easy and bring leverage in this industry to make innovative designs and styles with the help of software. The designers can reach their clients efficiently through the internet for selling their products.

Raise money for your undergarment business.

Raise money for your undergarment business

The following are some essential ways to raise funds for your lingerie business.


Many business people adopt this approach while planning for their undergarment business, whether they are short of money in the form of cash or a handsome amount to start with.

This strategy entails raising finances only through your own efforts, without the assistance or capital of others, and reinvesting your profits back into your firm. It also entails starting a company from the ground up and investing personal funds and profits into it.

Venture capital investment

It is a more time-consuming and conventional method of raising funds for your company, but it is much more successful. VC financing is an acronym for venture capital companies, which invest in businesses in exchange for stock.

They may be a single person or a small group of people that invest in your company, and they usually need considerable equity to get a value for money.

If you want to establish a company with a significant initial investment, this is the ideal option when you realize that you won’t be able to acquire finances and cash on your own and need to take loans.

You can use this method to raise funds if you are confident that your firm is able and that you will be putting all in place and putting together a slide deck. Market issues and answers; choose the proper VC to support your startup or firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much would it cost to start an underwear business?

The cost of starting any business varies and depends on the size of the business model and location. If you want to start an underwear business, it will need somewhere in the range of $120,000.

Is men’s underwear profitable?

The global men’s underwear market size estimates about 31.25Billion in USD terms in 2019 and expects to reach USD 33.07 billion in 2020. 

What constitutes a good conceptual model?

Eateries and cafés, Web portals, agribusiness and farms, and realty investing are all fantastic business concepts.

How much would a bra cost to make?

The initial bra-making cost is $350, with successive bras costing up to $250 each.


The reality that this enterprise is extremely successful is one of the aspects that encourages entrepreneurs to establish an underwear business and possess an exceptional production process.

Your items may be sold both nationally and internationally. The lingerie industry is gaining popularity because it provides an opportunity for company owners and innovators to build a brand from the ground up and have it recognized globally.

You may put quite so much time & expense into your company as you want, depending on your preferences and needs. You may establish your own lingerie company on a small scale and handle all sorts of activities if you have expertise and talents in this industry.

With the use of software, sophisticated computer applications make the process easier and provide influence in this area to create creative shapes and patterns. Creators can market their items more effectively by using the web to reach out to their customers.

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