How to Start a Watch Business | A Step By Step Guide


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Many of us don’t want a watch on our wrists to know the time anymore (our smartphones can), so why do individuals still use timepieces and why do watch companies exist? In this guide, I will teach you how to start a watch business.

Wearing a wristwatch currently is much more about elegance, trend, and socialization. Consider starting a wristwatch label if you’re searching for a company in which you can concentrate on developing a unique blend that your target viewers can relate to.

Do further study before deciding on a model if you do not really comprehend much about timepieces other than how they indicate the time. Let’s look at how to establish a watch company.

When creating a watch brand, you need to research everything about watches as they are made up of many different parts, so it’s helpful to know the basics before you start working on them. It is also important to know what types of watches there are so that when you create a watch brand, you know what kind of watches you want to produce and sell.

Each type of watch has a different function, which usually affects its features, its appearance, how it is made, and who uses it. It is also ideal for building a competent team, finding a responsible watchmaker, and finally, a good sales strategy.

Why Make a Branded Watch?

Why Make a Branded Watch?

People don’t buy a watch because they need it.

And that’s a good thing. People buy watches because they want to wear something that shows the world around them that they are sophisticated, stylish, fashionable, sporty, or know and appreciate high-quality products.

This means selling to consumers who have disposable income and appreciate high-quality products, a lucrative market.

This should not imply that your timepieces must be as costly as Swiss timepieces or that your items must exclusively cater to prestige customers, but rather that they should attract individuals who aspire to be premium buyers.

This allows you a lot of leeway in terms of creating a unique brand, which is a wonderful point in starting a watch company if that’s your thing.

If you are interested in watches and are passionate about watchmaking, this is also a good reason to start a watch brand.

Any wristwatch company was created by individuals who had a direct stake in timepieces before starting their firm, thus it’s totally viable to launch a business based on your love.

How to Start a Watch Business

How to Start a Watch Business

You may understand what sorts of wristwatch you want and don’t want, you may understand the basics and perhaps have a somewhat more expert understanding than the common citizen, but that shouldn’t guarantee you know how to proceed with your own watch company.

It still doesn’t mean you can make or manufacture watches, so where do you start?

The steps to start your watchmaking business are as follows.

Understanding the basic concepts

Understanding what is and is not allowed when starting a business is a good first step. The following concepts are the most basic when starting in the world of watchmaking.

Bezel: the outer perimeter surrounding the dial of a watch.

Case: the inner part of the clasp that holds the dial, face, and other internal movements.

Caseback: The rear of the wristwatch that may be detached to enable accessibility to the interior of the wristwatch is known as the case back. It is possible to etch or write on the casing rear.

Crown: The crown is used to spin the wristwatch and is normally seen on the exterior of the wristwatch.

Crystal: The dial is protected by a translucent cover on top of it called a crystal..

Strap: This is the strap that secures the watch to the wrist.

It is made of various materials such as metal, precious metal, ceramic, leather, fabric, and wood.

Usually, two straps are attached to each arm, but it is also possible to attach a continuous strap to the back of the watch case, which covers both arms. You may wish to follow a course and progress gradually.

Team building

Whether you are starting a home or office bell business, you will need help starting your business from scratch.

In addition to administrative tasks, you’ll need people to manage your social media, website, operations, and accounts. 

If you’re working with a production company, you’ll need someone to manage the process and ensure the product is flawless.

If you decide to make your watches, you’ll need a team of experienced watchmakers to bring your vision to life.

It is best not to set up a watchmaking business on your own as you will quickly fall behind. If you need to hire staff, be prepared to set aside a significant amount of capital to ensure you have the resources needed to pay several months’ worth of salaries and benefits.

Do Hourly search

Getting a custom manufacturer might be difficult, but it is well worth the hassle it takes to locate the greatest manufacturer.

If you want to develop and manufacture your wristwatch in China, be certain the craftsman is authentic, skilled, knowledgeable, as well as kind. If you choose to engage with an international craftsman, keep in mind that you will not be able to manage the manufacturing procedure.

On the other hand, if you do not make your watches, you need a reliable watchmaker to buy your watch.

Finding the right company can take many months. It can also cost a lot of money.

Determining the price of a watch

When setting up a watchmaking company, the style and price of your watches are important. It sets the tone of the brand and helps you find your ideal customers. If you plan to sell expensive luxury watches, take a close look at the most popular luxury watch brands.

This will help you find out what they sell, their prices, their marketing strategy, and who their suppliers are.

If you want to sell more affordable watches, consider your target market and how your customers dress. Do they like minimalist style, avant-garde style, or sporty watches? First, offer different styles and prices to see how your customers respond and what they like.

Then, you can refine your offering according to their needs.

Create Budget

In general, this includes the following expenses for building your business model: time. Manufacturing prototype watches and purchase of supplies you can also try this:

  • Creating a team
  • Website development
  • Marketing campaign

Calculate Profit

Most manufacturers set the selling price of a new watch at around $60. This price is still not very profitable, but it will give you more exposure.

You can offer watches at lower and higher prices to create variety to build a customer base.

With a larger customer base, a watch business can make many profit margins in its first year of operation. If you want to increase your profits, you can design and manufacture your own unique OEM watches. Try to check out Daniel Wellington’s business model.

This requires more work, but the company can sell truly unique watches. Also, watches can be more profitable if they are different from other popular models in the market.

Create a marketing plan.

In the wristwatch sector, there is a lot of competition. Make preparations to contend with DW, Cluse, MVMT, Mark Hewitt, and other large corporations if you start a mini-company.

You contend with grocery chains, jewels, and even shops as a distribution center. That’s why having a solid business model and email promotional strategies is crucial.

From digital ads and consumer promotions to community events and exhibits, there are indeed a plethora of ways to advertise your watch company.

The idea is to demonstrate to your consumers the value and uniqueness of your brand. Make up a narrative about your company and how well it got introduced.

Working with a professional individual to make this move is not a bad idea.

Having a good sense of fashion does not imply that you are well-versed in apparel delivery. You may continue to develop as per your company strategy if you meet your target sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a watch?

A good watch with a basic movement can be estimated to cost around $150-300.

How can I create my product line?

  • Create something different.
  • Choose the right clothes.
  • Find a unique marketing approach.
  • Encourage your customers

What is a good business idea?

  • Dropshipping companies.
  • Selling custom printed t-shirts.
  • Selling digital products.
  • Become a blogger.
  • Sell freelance services.

How much does a watch designer earn?

Take a look at designer salaries in the US. The salary of a watch designer in the US ranges from $72,500 to $72,500. Their salary ranges from $72,500 to $79,380, with an average salary of $75,940. Half of the watch designers earn $72,500, and the top 75% earn $95,256.

How can I sell my watch?

There are several ways to sell your watch, such as directly to retailers, auction houses, classified portals, or online forums.

How can I sell my watch?

You can work with your staff to develop a sales strategy, or you can outsource the sale of your watch to a specialist company.

What is an OEM watch?

A watch OEM is a company that manufactures watches according to a customer’s design and specifications.


Beginning a watch company may be both thrilling and hard, but with a little commercial know-how, the proper goods, and a solid business strategy, everything is achievable. To create effective partnerships, ensure to have a trade license and team members.

These tips will help you create a successful and recognizable smartwatches brand that will keep customers coming back and telling their friends.

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