How to Start a Diamond Jewelry Business | 10 Step Guide to Start a Diamond Business


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In this advanced age, most people find interesting and promising opportunities to set up new and innovative businesses and compete in the market worldwide. The options are limitless with the broad industries, but the question arises: which business is excellent for favorable conditions and profit. From many business diamonds, the jewelry business is one. In this guide, I will discuss how to start a diamond jewelry business. 

The diamond industry is one of those businesses where you can make a lot of money, but many risks exist. It is a big gemstone and is famous for its high demand and great value. When it comes to gemstones, buyers are always on the lookout for unique and rare pieces.

The demand in this industry is promising because people want their jewelry or other items decked out with top-of-the-line gems like rubies which have been known as a sign of good luck since ancient times!

How to Start a Diamond Jewelry Business

Start a Diamond Jewelry Business

Jewelry is a favorite item from the very beginning, and you can use it for your personal use and a gift purpose. The beauty industry is a cutthroat and competitive world. Many new businesses enter the market, but it’s also lucrative for established ones like Estée Lauder or L’Oreal to grow their business even more by launching products with different branding to attract customers from all over who want something unique for themselves. 

To avoid falling behind, these companies will struggle just as they did before; however, there has never been such potential now, thanks largely to its recent shift towards digital technology, which makes marketing easier than ever before! You can start up the diamond jewelry business with the proper marketing skills and innovative and unique designs. 

The value of the diamond industry depends on its valuable supply, as its supply will be very high because it is rarely found, and its demand and value are significant. For the business of diamonds, the prices are very high, up to 400% for one carat in the past years and for pink diamonds 180%, blue diamonds by 7%.

There are many good ways by which you can start this business very quickly and compete in this field. You can either form your designs through the manufacturer or select your designs or sell the premade designs. Either way, you have to set up your own successful business if you do the following essential things.

  • Follow the rules and regulations.
  • Complete Paperwork
  • Raise Capital 
  • Learn the basic knowledge about diamonds
  • Find your niche
  • Set up your business plan
  • Register your business
  • Create your product
  • Do marketing your business
  • Role of diamond jewelry business in sales and revenue

Follow the rules and regulations.

The first thing you need to understand is that there are very strict rules and regulations regarding diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. In many countries worldwide, this industry has been taken over by cartels that have made it almost impossible for an individual or small business owner to enter the market. 

This means that unless you already have plenty of capital behind you, then it might be better to give up on the idea of starting a diamond business right now before you waste time and money getting started only later to find out.

There is no way for you to make any money because your competition will easily crush you out of existence with their huge company resources.

The best thing you can do to start a diamond business in the USA is to buy recycled diamonds and gemstones from other companies that have already gone out of business and therefore no longer need them to keep their inventory up for sale. 

For example, if somewhere along the way to closing down your jewelry store was forced to sell off all its diamonds for whatever reasons, then these could be very valuable second-hand stones. It might be beneficial if you did not simply let them go at an extremely low wholesale price but instead kept them to resell later when you get started with your online diamond store. 

This means that even though they won’t appreciate brand new stones, there would still be a small increase in what they are worth over time because they were already expensive at the time of purchase. By reselling them for a small return on your investment years later, you will be making back some money that would otherwise have been lost.

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Complete Paperwork

In addition, you can also buy Diamond reports and certification documents for the diamonds that other companies once owned. These are important as they will tell you their quality, but they will state exactly how many there are in total. 

This information will help you to assess not only how much money you could ask for them if you do decide to resell them later. But it should make your decision easier about whether or not to invest in buying them firsthand and using them for your online diamond store.

Even though they might initially cost a lot of money upfront, certain things might be good investments because, over time, they can help cut your costs considerably. For example, rather than just relying on tables on free hosting sites to list your products, you might want to consider buying your private website address that is only dedicated to the sale of diamonds.

That might cost a few hundred dollars, but it will save you money compared to what other kinds of businesses typically spend on advertising themselves.

The more business savvy you are, the better your chance of success you start a diamond business in the USA. So if you do know about these kinds of software tools already, then apply them to what you are doing and consider them when planning how much it is likely going to cost for each step necessary for setting up your online store. 

It can be done fairly quickly and cheaply if need be, depending on how big or small your budget is, so familiarize yourself with what it takes to do the job well enough so that you will be ready when it comes time to do so.

Raise Capital 

Diamond is one of the most valuable and expensive gemstones in the world. It’s not an easy business to start on a small budget, but with some careful planning, anyone can find a way to make it work. Here are some tips for starting your jewelry store without breaking the bank!

The diamond market will always be more profitable than other gems or precious metals because of its high demand. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save money while you’re getting started. There are several ways you can cut expenses while still providing customers with beautiful pieces of jewelry. 

One of the easiest ways to save is by considering cheaper stones or synthetic diamonds. This way, you don’t have to pay full price for all of your gems. You can also cut costs by using cheap metals like titanium, aluminum, or even plastic!

Regardless of which jewelry you’re making, there are ways to make it look beautiful without spending too much money. For example, you could try using different types of gemstones in place of diamonds or creating unique designs that aren’t found anywhere else.

There are also other ways to get materials for cheap rates, such as buying discounted stones online.

Let’s say you already have experience making custom pieces but don’t want to go into business on your own just yet? Well, there are plenty of things that jewelers can do while they’re still working at another store. Have an idea for a new piece? 

Ask your boss if you can try to make it. Get involved in the design process so you can show the big boss how much of a difference your ideas could make! Even if you cannot get permission for your designs, you can still suggest them and show more of your talents by suggesting new materials or techniques.

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Learn the basic knowledge about diamonds

Learning fundamental knowledge about diamonds includes the cutting effects on the appearance of diamonds, clarity that includes the number of natural imperfections, color factor means that diamonds are not colorless and carat, the weight of the diamonds.

The grading system used globally by the Geometrical institute of America sets the four aspects to help business owners know about the price and quality of diamonds in the marketing field.

Find your niche

Yes, it would help if you understand your niche and stick to it to stand out in the crowd. You should learn everything about the field and do your best. This is the natural way to be successful in the field of the diamond jewelry business.

To shape your type of niche, you need to make sure the style of diamond jewelry you are providing will be more trendy and timeless. When you step into this business, you will know about the average cost of the jewelry in the target market.

Set up your business plan

Setting a business plan is an essential tool for the growth of any business. The aspects which you should consider in this regard include:

  • The place for your business that influences your rental amount
  • Purchasing and overhead costs for raw materials
  • Insurance for the diamond is a high gem product, and you need to make sure that you will cover the loss in the case of theft. 
  • Basis tools in the manufacturing of diamond jewelry like magnifiers, loupes, and engraving tools 
  • Ongoing costs include overhead costs like labor costs, electricity bills, insurance, and rent of the location.

Register your business

Your business will be completely legal if you register with the state revenue department and the internal revenue service. Different states have different needs for registering a diamond jewelry business in your specific area or location. It also means that you have all essential licenses and permits to operate the diamond jewelry business. 

Create your product

You can create your products in the diamond jewelry business by following the three ways.

Making your diamond jewelry needs creativity, innovation, skills, precision, accuracy, and patienceYou have to make such products that can compete in the international market. If you are good at shaping and cutting, you can make a good name in this business and create your products. It is a well-expensive method, so you have to buy the proper tools which are not so cheap.

Produce by the manufacturer

This is a suitable option for those business owners who have ideas about new designs but do not make the designs themselves. You have to draw the designs and give them to the manufacturer who will produce the jewelry in your place. 

Sell the ready-made jewelry.

This is a suitable option for those who do not take an interest in selling diamond jewelry, and they can buy the premade jewelry at reasonable prices and resell it at the market for profit.

Marketing of your business

Marketing your business is necessary because you will let people know about your products and diamond trading business. You can market your products well by introducing them on social media platforms.

You can either run the ads for your products or market them to social media influencers, as it is essential to increase the visibility of your product. A good alternative for marketing your products is magazine features, YouTube, and television.

Role of diamond jewelry business in sales and revenue

The diamond jewelry business is a large part of the global economy, as it brings in $70 billion every year. Over the past few years, sales have increased by 100% due to international customers from 26% of UK and US citizens who love purchasing expensive gems for themselves or spouses on top anniversary gift lists each December. They do it during holiday season celebrations. But compared to last year, we notice more clients opting for engagement rings and bracelets for their events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a diamond jeweler make?

The diamond jeweler can make up to 1 to 15% or on the average of 5% when a wholesale broker sells the polished diamond to other wholesale brokers. If he sells it in retail shops, profits are 10 to 30 % or about 20% on average.

How much does it cost to start a jewelry business?

You can start a small jewelry store by investing $20,000, but it depends on your location, and it may cost up to $100,000 to get started.

How much money do you need to start a diamond jewelry business?

In a small jewelry store, you can start for 20,000$; however, depending upon your location, it may cost up to 100,000$ to get started.

Is the diamond jewelry business profitable?

Yes, it is lucrative, since a diamond jewelry producer may generate Thirty to 40percent in terms of net profit on a raw diamond to a finished diamond. By that period, the refined diamond has been sold to another wholesaling broker. His profit might range from 1% to 15%, with a mean of 5%.

How much does a 1-carat diamond worth?

A 1-carat diamond can cost up to $2000 on the low end and 25000$ for maximum. It means that at 11K, you’re overpaying. But this doesn’t mean your budget should be 12k or more! The range of prices is between 10%-12%. Good quality and good value diamonds should cost up to 4500$ to 6000$.

What is the value of a one-carat round diamond?

A 1-carat diamond may cost from around $1,800 to $12,00, as per diamond Pro. A decent-grade diamond, on the other hand, doesn’t really boil down to size. When determining the value of a diamond, four variables must consider coloration, cutting, carats, and brilliance.

Can diamonds become worthless?

Diamonds are intrinsically worthless, according to De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer, unless they satisfy a serious mental need. He favored unexpected propositions in conjunction with diamond engagement rings.

How much money does a diamond seller make?

The commodity broker’s profitability is 1 to 15%, or a mean of 5%, by the moment he distributes the refined diamonds to other commercial brokers. Profits range from 10% to 30%, or approximately 20% on median if she distributes to retail stores.

Owns a jewelry store profitable?

Yes, the jewelry business remains so profitable that a business intelligence group reports that, unlike most, the industry didn’t even falter during the recession.

How much do natural diamonds worth?

The cost of natural diamonds is between 1800$ to 12000$.

What are good business ideas?

The excellent business ideas include restaurants and cafes, agriculture and farming, e-commerce website, and real estate investment.


The diamond jewelry business has been getting trendy and exponential growth in the past few years. This is an excellent business idea and opportunity for business owners who are designers and artists looking for competition in fashion and jewelry. 

It is a profitable business, as it needs proper planning to make your business successful. Most people who stepped into this business said there was a massive opportunity for them, but they were not 100% sure at the time of their entry.

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