How to Start a Billboard Business | Follow 9 Steps to Start Billboard Business


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Billboard business is an effective way of making money as no business runs properly without proper advertising. So, those who offer billboard services earn a handsome profit by serving their clients. The job of such companies is to display ads for the advertisement of their clients’ businesses. They hire or buy small patches of land to build boards for this purpose. Having an idea of such a business, you can earn a handsome profit margin with a little investment. But all this needs special attention and research. Before starting such a business officially, you shall learn all the facts about how to start a billboard business. 

Only buying land to build boards to show ads is not the business of billboard companies. They may also purchase a built billboard from owners to run ads or sell to any other company with a reasonable profit margin. Such deals prove beneficial for both the owners and the purchasers. But handling all this is not as easy as it sounds. It would help if you had thorough market research to start your business in this niche. Also, you’ll have to learn the method to start such a business. 

How to Start a Billboard Business

How to Start a Billboard Business

Once you have picked a business idea, the next step is to do it practically. If you learn basic procedures to start a billboard business, it’s quite easy to proceed further. Here is a precise guide to starting this business. 

Make a Thorough Market Research

Market research is the key factor to the success of any business. Without proper research, you can’t understand the relevant industry. Without a proper understanding of the industry, it’s hard to succeed in any business. So, never try to use a shortcut to start any business. Instead, go for deep research. 

The same is in the case of the billboard business. You’ll have to learn the basic billboard constitution ideas. Also, having an ad runner, a planner, and a monitoring team is necessary. You can learn all this by visiting the old experienced businessmen of this field. They can guide you properly on how to get started. Moreover, when you dig the market, you learn many facts and figures about the relevant industry. 

Make a Business Plan

Proper planning also contributes a lot to the success of any business. There are more chances of success for a preplanned business than an unplanned one. Having a proper idea about your work, you can move on without any confusion or hurdles. But if you start haphazardly, you may face many confusions and hurdles. 

Plan your billboard business before you start as an official. Planning is just like a guide. Once you plan any of your businesses, this plan acts as a guide for you. Try to write down whatever you plan about your business. In this way, you can take help from this written plan whenever you face any difficulty during your journey as a billboard businessman. While planning your business in this niche, you can consider the following basic aspects. 

  • What is the startup cost for this business?
  • What’s your target for your business?
  • Who will be your potential target clients?
  • What will be your prices?
  • How to improve your business?
  • What will be the name of your company?

These are some basic questions that you can add to your plan for your business. This planning is based on our market research. However, you can also add any unique idea or exclude any of them according to your situation and thinking. 

Choose a Catchy Name for Your Billboard Business

Suggesting an attractive and precise name is important in any business. However, this task is also challenging for the owners. Mostly, people have a unique naming idea about their businesses. If you have any unique idea, name your business by following that particular idea. However, if you don’t have any such idea, you may search for unique names for your services. 

Register Your Business

Registration and essential permits are very necessary to run your business smoothly and fearlessly. To register your business, you’ll have to finalize the business type. You may start your business according to the following structures. 

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Cooperation

Starting any of the above businesses will help you to earn a handsome turnout. However, try to start your own business rather than going for a partnership. After selecting your business structure, register it to your state authorities.

Besides business type registration, you’ll have to register your business details for federal taxes. If necessary, also go for some permits and licenses according to the policies of your state. 

Business Insurance

Along with many other business necessities, booking an insurance policy for your business is also important. Having such a policy, you can run your business smoothly and fearlessly. It prevents any danger of loss or unlawfulness. You can book any policy according to your budget and business type. 

It’s easy to book an Insurance policy for your business. However, if you face any difficulty while filing documents, you can consult an insurance agent. He will proceed on your behalf. 

Build a Website for Your Business

Building a website may be very beneficial for you as it will bring you, maximum customers. Also, in the current era of the latest technology, people love to book their favorite services or products online. So, manage to build a website for your services. Put all your services and essential content on the relevant website. After you’ve created a service website, hire any expert SEO who will do SEO on your website. This SEO service puts your website in the Google search engine, and you can have a maximum number of customers. 

Advertise Your Business

Though you are going to start an advertising business, essential advertisement is necessary for your business. This will put your business in the social circuit of the people. 

Also, we are living in the age of technology where people spend most of their time scrolling their social platforms. So, advertising your business via social media platforms is a great idea. So, hire such a person who knows all about social media advertisement. He will manage to advertise your business. 

Manage Funding

All the above planning is possible only if you have enough credits. All this needs a handsome amount of money to get started as an official. So, manage funding via any of your resources. If you don’t have enough funds, you can also apply for business loans. This will help you to get started with your favorite business. 

Get Started

After you’ve made all the essential arrangements, it’s time to get started as an official. Start providing your billboard services to the people. You’ll gradually learn many facts and figures about this market. Never stop learning, as it will help you to improve your business strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do billboard makers make?

Billboards are used extensively in the modern age for advertising. So, these sources can earn a handsome profit for you. According to a survey, the annual income of a top-rated billboard company may reach up to $75500. However, the average income is also up to $39293 annually. 

Do you need a license for a billboard?

Having a license to run a billboard business depends on your region or state. Some states demand such a license while others don’t. In most countries, running such a business without a permit or license is considered illegal. So, you have to move on along with your license. 

How much are billboards worth?

Here is an estimate of average and high worth of classic as well as digital billboards. 

Type of Billboard Average WorthTop Worth

Can I build my billboard?

No, you can’t build your billboard in America as it’s considered the state’s property. 

How much does it cost to erect a billboard?

The cost to erect a billboard may range from $26000 to $300000. 

How do billboards get customers?

There are different methods to get customers on billboards. You can do that by advertising your business, creating your website, spreading flyers among different companies, and so on. 

How do I sell my billboard advertising?

You can sell your billboard advertising in different unique ways. Some methods are:

  • managing advertisement of your service
  • putting your services on the website
  • advertising the billboard service on the billboard itself
  • spreading flyers and sheets among the companies

Are billboards worth it?

If you or your company has enough budgets to rent billboard advertising, it’s a great way of advertising. It may increase the sales or services of any particular company.


Billboard business can bring a handsome profit margin to you as no business runs effectively without proper advertising. However, it would help if you had a certain understanding of the market to effectively start and run such a business. We’ve formulated a precise method to start a billboard business. You can follow the steps mentioned above to start your business in this niche. 

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