How to Print on a Pre-printed Check | 6 Steps You Must Read Now


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People used to print checks on plain paper, which had no quality, which created many difficulties afterwards. It has resulted in pre-printed checks, which have all the check information pre-printed. The account number, route number, and layout are all included. Thus, we have made this article to show you how to print on a pre-printed check.

Using cloud-based check writing and printing tools, printing on pre-printed checks is a breeze. On the check, you may input and change the information you need.

Most of the information will be available on the checks since they are pre-printed. While learning more, pre-printed checks with the payer’s name and bank name will be available. They generally have the address printed on them as well.

Bank routing numbers and account numbers are two more pieces of information that will be encrypted on pre-printed checks. Customers may sometimes request that the payer’s name be put on pre-printed checks. There will be no need for more checks after the check transaction with this payer is completed. And it all ends up being a waste of money.

Difference between a Pre-printed Check and a Blank Check

How to Print on a Pre-printed Check

As mentioned previously, a pre-printed paycheck is one that contains non-variable information put on it. On such paychecks, the bank identity, location, payer data, and bank account details have already been printed. The ABA routing information is also written on the column for MICR.

Checks are frequently pre-printed with some variable information, such as checking digits. The only areas you must input are the payee’s identity, date, initials, monetary amount, and comments. You may personally fill up these fields or use drawing and publishing software.

Pre-printed checks have already been designed. The complete format has already been created and printed on the checks, allowing users to make quick payments by only entering a few data. Customers must pay a fee to get pre-printed checks from the bank. If you want to print checks on your own, three options exist.

You may either buy blank check material and publish it all personally, or you can get pre-printed checking material and publish certain sections of it. Starting with blank check material, publishing all non-variable sections and data, then entering the rest data as required is the third approach.

How to Print on a Pre-Printed Check

How to Print on a Pre-printed Check

Check printing from scratch may be a pain, requiring specific paper, magnetic ink, and a lot of effort. Printing details on pre-printed checks, on the other hand, is significantly more straightforward. Basic check templates are available at most office supply outlets.

Pre-printed checks are also available at copy shops. Then all you have to do is fill in your payment details, print it off, and sign it. Thus, below are the steps on how to print on a pre-printed check.

Step 1: 

Examine your printer to determine that it can produce checks. A regular check is 3.5 inches by 7 inches in dimension.

Step 2: 

Place the pre-printed checks in your printer’s paper feed.

Step 3: 

Put check-printing software on your computer. This makes entering and formatting all relevant information and printing numerous copies a breeze. Software is available from diverse providers online.

You may also print your checks using ordinary word-processing software (such as Microsoft Word); but, this will take more time. You’ll need to gauge where everything belongs on your checklist using a ruler and generate a document where you manually match everything up. To get everything in the right spot, you’ll probably have to do some trial and error.

Step 4: 

Fill in the blanks with the relevant information. This would be the receiver’s name, the dollar figure written longhand, the value written numerically, and a remark on a regular check. If your pre-printed checks do not already have your name on them, you will need to add them.

Step 5: 

Select “Print” from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: 

Use Hand-sign the check. Most banks do not accept a printed signature.

Advantages of Pre-printed Checks

Advantages of Pre-printed Checks

Pre-printed checks provide several advantages. Here are a few examples:

Helps you save time and effort.

Individuals may save a lot of time and work using pre-printed personal checks. Pre-printed checks may also help businesses save time by making payments quickly. Their personnel also don’t have to bother about rewriting checks every time. They can prevent mistakes and reduce waste this way.

Improved quality

In regards to quality, pre-printed checks outperform cheques. They do have the necessary safeguards in place and a MICR line. Because the format and graphics have already been published, you do not need creative skills or even check to make technology to produce your paychecks.

A check-writing program for pre-printed checks, on the other hand, might make your task more straightforward if you wish to fill the amount of data.

Managing financial duties effectively

Revamping tasks is a must for firms that want to be successful, particularly when it comes to financial management. Another important consideration is the use of pre-printed check printing for personal checks. Personal checks provide convenience while also successfully managing financial responsibility.

More money in your pocket

Pre-printed checks are, in fact, significantly less costly than alternative means of getting checks. Many businesses now use pre-printed checks to save money over the long term. You can put the savings to better use in the industry.

It also provides flexibility since the checks may be produced whenever needed. This is more convenient than going to a bank and ordering them. You won’t need to print new checks if your address or other information changes whenever you use check printing software.

An excellent method of branding

Every company desires strong branding that allows its customers to recognize it. Preprinting your checks can benefit you if you wish to brand your business. Branding the checks with your emblem and message demonstrates your degree of devotion and attention to excellence.

Thus, your consumers will have a lot of faith in you. Paying close attention to the minor details may make a big difference. This also gives your company a more authentic vibe, giving you more credibility when interacting with customers.

Your safety is assured

Pre-printed checks, of course, enhance the security of your company and reduce the possibility of the check bouncing. If a check is misplaced, it may be sent. As a result, further potential annoyances will be avoided. It also makes it difficult for someone to counterfeit the check. And it’s simple to establish data backups.

Stores financial information 

Personal information and private banking need a high degree of secrecy. This indicates that you should strengthen your security from every angle. If you print your checks, all of your information is protected. This is a sound practice that you must follow to ensure the company’s long-term success.

If you’re in a business partnership, explain the advantages of pre-printing your checks. This will help you take your company collaboration to new heights. Specific inspections that may be needed urgently may be completed quickly. These methods have been tweaked to provide the most reliable assessments possible.

You can count on convenience

It may be pretty stressful when your firm runs out of checks; consequently, investing in pre-printed checks is a crucial step. You’ll also lose a considerable amount of time waiting for blank checks to arrive.

Pre-printed checks are convenient and straightforward to get. Furthermore, you can never run out of checks, which would obstruct your business process. Because you keep checks on your premises, you’ll have easy access to them. All of your requirements will get satisfaction under one roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print on pre-printed checks?

Yes. You can print on pre-printed checks through the tips highlighted above.

Is it possible to print checks on any printer?

Yes. Checks may be printed on practically any printer, including inkjet, LaserJet, and even offset printers. Watermarks and even thermochromatic ink are available on certain check printers, enhancing the security of your checks. You may, however, use any standard home-office printer.

In QuickBooks, how can I print a pre-printed check?

The steps to print a pre-printed check in Quickbooks are as follows:

  • Select the File menu
  • From the Form drop-down menu, choose Check/Paycheck.
  • Select your chosen Printer name and Printer type from the Settings menu.
  • Choose the Check Style you’d like to use.
  • Check to see whether the Print business name and address option is selected.
  • You may also alter the orientations of your pre-printed checks to ensure that the margins and spacing are correct.
  • When you’re finished, click OK.

What is the purpose of a MICR laser printer?

Security checks & banking details are printed using a MICR laser printer. To dissolve MICR toner into check paper, it uses laser technology to develop safe MICR digits and other revenue sources. MICR cartridge is a kind of magnetized toner used to prevent check fraud and rejection.


In conclusion, pre-printed checks come with various merits. And if you desire more help on how to print on a pre-printed check, the tips above will aid you immensely.

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