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Moving out on your own, leaving your old home, or moving to another city is a tough decision. Whatever else you have in mind, it’s often one of the most important decisions you can make in your 20s. Living alone is a hard thing to do. It would help if you dealt with learning many things where it didn’t even cross your mind. These kinds of experiences enrich a person’s maturity. This age has its complications. However, let’s try to see the best thing to do if you live independently at 17. In this guide, I will guide you on how to live on your own at 17.

How to Live on Your Own at 17

How to Live on Your Own at 17

Apply for the emancipation process

Independence is, surely, the most awaited moment for every adult. Leaving your parents’ house allows you to achieve a sense of freedom. This only gives you not to explain what you do or do not do in your life. No matter if you go to university or are a worker, or you will live alone or with a roommate. Becoming independent is a big step that brings to light your biggest flaws and your lazy and clumsy side during the early years.

With increasing age and maturity, of course, comes the need for independence from your parents. This brings with it some pros and cons. Therefore, you should know before making a final decision. You are a minor and, therefore, still subject to parental control of your parents. If you leave without their consent, they can force you to return to the family home.

Therefore, you can apply for legal emancipation from your parents if you are over 16 years old, also on the grounds of marriage, parental leave, government agency, or court order.

As you indicate in your application, this would be the last option you would have to present to the court. In this way, you raise the differences you have with your parents.

You cannot be charged with any crime concerning your friend (if you freely and voluntarily reside) with him. In other words, you are considered to have sufficient powers to make decisions.

Emancipation orders are customarily created through proof-of-life registration with the legal system. There, potential emancipated children must demonstrate that they meet certain qualifications, including meeting all requirements for school and education, participating in physical activity, receiving medical care and nutrition advice, and providing financial contribution. Emancipation letters may also be sent to the legal Free School.

This application can be made to understand that the parents will always be there for them. They can live in peace and haven’t because their son or daughter lives now where they can see more of the world and learn about other cultures.

This is a great opportunity for them to experience different areas of society, culture, and life to grow as people while also exploring their spiritual growth. The teenager gets full use of all the features of this application, including music, videos, games, books, etc., yet remains independent and free from any parental control.

The idea is that they can have more control over their own lives.

However, think this all through before you decide:

Decide what you want to do.

Do you want to live alone? Or with someone! Do you plan to work, study, or both in real-time? Which neighborhood? Would you like to move to a small apartment, or do you need more space? What is in your best interest to leave? These are all valid questions to ask before making a decision.

Calculate your income

Are you going to earn the same every month or some months you do and some months you don’t? If your incomes are low, living on your own will be impossible, also the services bills don’t give you away, consider getting help. If you are not going to have income, wait until you have a good situation. As you know, living alone is pleasant but difficult.

It is important to do these calculations. It would be best if you took into control all your activities and credits.

Save some money

If you rent an apartment directly with a landlord, you should have at least two months’ rent in advance. It’s four to six months for real estate—all this, not to mention the things you will have to buy. Living alone carries a great deal of responsibility. Getting sick is one of the most complex situations you can experience, especially in times of pandemics. Watch out the Credit card debt and credit card expenses.

Read about laws, and know your rights. So, no one will take advantage of you. Living alone is awesome (in most cases), but it takes responsibility.


Yes, we insist on the monetary issue, but it is important to know how to budget. Calculate your expenses per month on rent, expenses, fixed costs (cell phone, internet, etc.), and utilities (electricity, gas, water). What you have left is what you have left to eat, move around, go out and breathe. Managing yourself well is one of the keys to success. Look for this term: security deposit. You will thank us later!

Find your place

Many sites allow you to search for properties by city, neighborhood, price, and building type. By the way, it will guide you with prices. Make a list, get your bearings and find out.

Finding the right place is one of the most crucial activities. It is a healthy activity. Having a nice place will give you peace and comfort. Finding your home is a fundamental activity.

When you go to see an apartment, check everything.

Have a friend accompany you or one of your former students, and check everything. Check that the faucets, toilet, and shower are working. That there is no dampness and that everything works as it should. So consider the following details:

  • You like the place.
  • It has light.
  • There is heating or air conditioning.
  • You have a cell phone signal.

Try to think about the area. Ask about things like the situation with the means of transportation, if it is safe, etc. Ask everything because every detail is essential.

Be careful with the contracts you sign.

Even if you have a great opportunity, it is important to stay calm. Please read the contract carefully and ask someone else to read it as well. You should know many things before you sign: How many months of the commission will you be charged if you rent through a real estate agency? It’s usually two. The property must have a registry.) Check, ask for everything and hesitate if something doesn’t fit. Remember, the contract is subject to interpretation, and when that happens, the one who loses is usually the tenant. 

Learn the basics of survival.

Do you know how to sweep, clean, and tidy? Watch how they prepare basic dishes. Washing and ironing? You probably don’t have to do this if you wear non-ironed clothes. However, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with how it’s done? We always learn something new, and at the home, there is always something to do. Consult public health experts to know more about staying healthy.

Take an inventory

Some things are must-haves (fridge, computer) and some are not so important, but they help (TV, microwave, vacuum cleaner). Count what you have and write down what you need. Above all, check things in the kitchen: if you don’t have anything, now is a good period to restock. You’ll remember when you eat out of a bowl with three forks and no knife. Take precautions now.

Ask for help on your social networks.

I don’t just mean Twitter and Facebook – are you looking for an apartment with a direct landlord? Ask your family if they know anyone. Don’t have a fridge or microwave? Find out at your work if anyone sells used ones. It’s also helpful to search the internet, of course. Need help moving? This is where your friends come in.

Plan the move

No, you can’t put all your stuff in just one bag on moving day. Write down everything you’re going to pack and prepare everything from the week before. The organization is vital to being successful in life.


It is a great activity, but it takes responsibility. You are having your place (even if it’s small and rented), and you feel great. Have a drink, champ. You deserve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to live alone at the age of 17 with parental consent?

No, the application for emancipation is not available without the parents’ consent. The government has to apply for this permission first to access your data. Then, you must contact us and provide all the information we need to apply for emancipation.

If you live in the UK, you are eligible for this right from the age of 16, and you do not need consent. You only need a court order. Learn more!

Can a parent kick a child out at 17?

No. They have a legal responsibility for maintenance until the age of majority. However, there are some exceptions, but mostly it is by custody modification.

Can you live with a friend at 17?

If this friend has the means for support and a minimum of security, it may be possible. However, it is best to have parental consent. So it may not be a very good idea in the end. But remember, every case and every family is different.

Can my parents call the cops if I leave at 17?

Yes, because they are responsible for you until you turn 18. It is their duty as parents. Yes, they can call the armed forces if they feel you are in danger or do not know your location.

Can my parents call the cops if I leave at 16?

Yes, they can because they are your caregivers. The only way they can’t is if there is already consent in court / federal government. Also, they can fear for your safety. Parents are supposed to always look out for the best interests of their children. Send messages to them. Let them know where you are.

Can my parents make me pay rent at 17?

Technically no! Unless you already have children or an additional family burden. Remember that they have legal custody of you in front of the government.

What is the earliest age you can get emancipated?

The age is 16 if you live in the UK. However, in the United States, it is 17 years of age or older. With a few exceptions, you can apply for emancipation from the age of 16.

Can a 17-year-old move out without parental consent in Iowa?

The age of consent in Iowa is 18 years old. This means that you are the responsibility of your parents until your 18th birthday. If a person under 18 leaves their parents’ home without their consent and the parents do not agree to leave, they can be marked as a runaway. There, the parents can call the police to find you and return you to your parents.

The short answer is that you are a minor. Everything goes through your parents. You may want to talk to a family law attorney to help you emancipate from your parents. However, we recommend contacting someone to discuss your concerns. An attorney can explain your legal rights in your specific situation.

Final Words

It’s important to take the time to plan your life. Whether you’re looking for a break from friends or family, taking the time to plan your life can be helpful. Making sure you have enough food, sleep, and money together can be difficult, but it’s often not difficult.

There are three options for dealing with problems at home: 

  • With a power of attorney 
  • As guardian or 
  • In-person guardianship of a minor is the most stable and legal option, as it cannot touch any children more than something over 6 years old.

Emancipation of a minor can be accomplished through any means, including choosing to monetize them, activating their civil rights, removing all obstacles from their path such as family members who are currently in prison or taking appropriate action like moving them out of the house.

As you know, living alone at 17 comes with great responsibility. We human beings need to train and develop ourselves constantly. Therefore, living alone can be the demanding and rewarding experience we need. But you have to look at your particular case and think it through. Parents are always there for you, and well, it all depends on your particular situation.

Therefore, requesting emancipation requires certain conditions. It is always better to have the consent of the parents to accompany you on the way. Every family will like to accompany their children in their growth processes. That’s the main idea. 

Being able to live alone at 17 will give you a lot of maturity and learning. So you should give it a try if you live in the right conditions. Know your rights, and talk with your family first. Don’t be part of those dysfunctional families we have all over the world.

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