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You cannot cash a blank check, but they are far from totally worthless in approving automatic and direct payments. As a result, we’ve put together this guide. This will teach you how to get a blank check from the bank. Checking accounts aren’t only for writing checks.

They may also accept direct deposits and make automatic payments in most cases. These transactions may help you organize your money by allowing you to have complete influence over your withdrawals and deposits. You can set up automatic transactions online in certain circumstances.

In other cases, though, you’ll be required to complete paperwork and give a blank check. This will include the routing number for your bank and your account number.

What is a Blank Check?

How to Get a Blank Check from Bank

The word “blank check” has numerous meanings. A blank check may refer to any unfilled and unsigned check tied to a particular bank account in the literal sense.

It’s merely prospective paperwork for transferring cash out of your account to someone else unless you sign it and put a sum on it. When someone is unsure of the amount they need to pay or reimburse someone, they may sign a blank check.

If you send a buddy to the shop to pick up a few products for you, you may offer them a signed blank check to fill in the amount, and ideally not more, as a kind of repayment.

It is termed a blank check until a signatory, and an amount is written on a check. Of course, if you give someone a signed blank check, they have the option to put in whatever amount they like.

You might end up with an empty bank account if you didn’t have enough money in your account to pay the amount. As a result, the term “blank check,” sometimes known as “carte blanche,” has taken on a more symbolic significance in business.

How to Get a Blank Check from Bank

How to Get a Blank Check from Bank

Banks and credit unions will provide you with a limited number of blank checks that are preprinted with simply your routing and account information. However, if you’re seeking to sign up for a direct deposit or insurance payments, this may not be enough.

As a result, you can request that your bank print your name, address, and other necessary information on a blank check. It may also include your routing number and account number. However, not all banks provide this service, and there may be a charge.

When should you Use Blank Checks?

When should you Use Blank Checks

For certain operations, a blank check may indeed be needed to verify your financial information. You’ll mostly probably be asked to fill out paperwork with your route information and bank details, and a duplicate of a blank check, if you must provide this data.

Set up a dedicated deposit or automatic payment system.

To establish  an automatic with an enterprise, you’ll usually need a duplicate of a blank check. Although you’ll be asked to fill out paperwork with your bank wiring and account numbers, your company’s hr department will almost definitely also demand a duplicate of a blank check.

This method allows your employer to deposit your pay or expense refunds checking account. You may be required to present a blank check when opening an account with a payer.

Create a system for automatic bill payments.

When setting up automated loan payments, such as a mortgages, personal loan, or automobile loan, a blank check is often necessary. Recurring charges frequently result in an increased rate, so the extra effort of establishing auto pay and sending a blank check may be worthwhile.

Automatically set up digital bill payments.

Other types of automatic payments may need a blank check. This may involve things like setting up automated payments. You may require a blank check if you opt to utilize bank transfer from your checking account for lease, utility bills, or phone contracts. This may also be useful if you save more money. When you established direct debits with several insurers, for instance, you may save a lot of money.

Allow a government agency to directly deposit your benefits.

Just like a salary, you may establish up a proper deposit and send your welfare benefits to your checking account online. Additionally, for entitlements, direct payments do not impose any additional fees. You might also ask for your tax deduction to be paid right away.

Correct any errors

It’s natural to make errors, and if you mistake one when writing a check, using a blank check is often the most convenient way to fix it. However, keep in mind that a check is worthless until it comes up for sale or is presented to a paying bank. If you need to cancel a repayment on a check which has left your hands, phone your bank.

Instead of a blank check, there are a few more options.

The most straightforward approach to enable direct deposits or auto-pay in many circumstances is to use a blank check. If you don’t have a supply of paper checks or don’t want to waste one by leaving it blank, you’ll have to develop a different solution. You may be able to give the following instead of a blank check:

An authorization document for direct deposit: When filling out this paperwork, ensure you don’t make any errors when entering your bank’s routing number and account number.

A blank countering check: A blank paper check looks like the temporary or starter checks you got when you started your account. You can get a counter check from a teller at any of your bank or credit union’s branch locations if your bank or credit union offers them. The word “counter check” comes from the attendant’s window or counter.

Printed deposit slips: Your banking information is preprinted on a deposit slip. Some printed deposit slips may be bonded into the stack underneath the checks in your check supply too.

Overall, which of these alternatives you’ll be able to employ is determined by:

  • The services provided by your bank or credit union, 
  • The requirements of the receiver,
  • Your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to re-use a blank check?

Yes. Companies requesting a copy of a blank check must confirm your bank’s account id and bank details. There’s no need to look for an additional blank check if you need to deliver a blank check to various institutions since this data is on every check.

Is it required that you sign a blank check?

You are not required to sign a huge check, and it may even be better not to. A blank check is used to validate your financial information. The requester just needs your name, bank account information, and check routing number.

How do you get a blank check without a checkbook?

If you will not have a blank check, one of the simplest solutions is to go to your commercial bank and request one over the counter. They may draft these checks for you and contain the same data as a standard check if you want it. This contains your account number as well as your route number.

Why do businesses need a blank check?

When establishing direct deposits, businesses use a blank check to ensure accuracy. Delays and extra expenses may result from a typographical mistake in the route number or account number.

Is sending a blank check through email safe?

Email security isn’t always guaranteed, and mailing emails puts your personal information at risk. Consider encrypting the blank check and transmitting it as a PDF. Anyone without the password will be unable to see the text as a result of this step.

Is it possible to obtain a blank check from my bank?

Yes. Your bank may issue you a blank check if you ask for one. For this stuff, some financial institutions charge a fee. 

Is a direct deposit forming the same as a blank check?

No. While a blank check and direct deposit form are often needed and include comparable information, they are not the same. The blank check works to double-check your routing and account numbers.


In conclusion, there will be times when you will need to write a blank check. For example, if you wish to set up automatic payments, you’ll need to give a blank check. You may also invalidate a check if you had an error while filling it out, preventing any transactions with the check.

This is particularly vital if you want to keep your account safe from scammers. You may also use a blank check when you wish to set up direct deposits with your workplace. This will relieve you of the stress of visiting the bank to make a deposit. We have also shown you how to get a blank check from your bank in the sections above.

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